Is thick mucus normal when pregnant?

I have a question I’m 22 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child now please no bashing or rude comments just wondering if anyone had something similar. Okay so my son is 15 months old and since I had him I have has thick mucus yellow discharge n since I got pregnant with my 2nd it is a lot more now I have been checked for every std n infection when I 1st got pregnant with this pregnancy. n I even had them check me a 2nd time I have absolutely nothing. They did swabs, urine samples, and blood work I have no infection or std anyone else have this? I’m not worried about it just curious lol I also found out I have a retroverted uterus Idk if that matter but anyone else have this? I’m pretty sure it’s just hormones I’ve had exams and ultrasounds I just don’t know lol like I said I’m curious as to if I’m just a freak of nature or if anyone else has it. Also I have no other symptoms lol


Yes i have it im preg with my 3rd and since the start ive had discahrge midwife said its quite normal im going threw 5/6 pads a day :frowning: joys of pregnancy unfortunatly xx

Discharge is pretty normal but if it’s painful or smells bad you should worry


Hormones and i have a retro verted utures iv had 3 littles every pregnacy diffrent and doc told me some have alot of discharge in pregnancy

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This is my 6th pregnancy and have the same thing totally normal

Mine was a greenish color. They still arent sure why it was :woman_shrugging:

Yes I delt with that with my last pregnancy it stopped shortly after having baby

I have yellow discharge and there’s nothing wrong. My doc says it’s normal to have discharge. Don’t worry. when its really bad wear a panty liner.

There just some gross parts of pregnancy that unfortunately are normal mostly​:joy::joy::joy:

Soooooo you’ve been to the doctor…

Yep totally normal but if your worried about it call up your doctor.

Just hormones changing be mindful of soap as well as other products Do not ever douche or use soap in that area

Excessive discharge is normal in pregnancy. Sometimes to the point where a full blown pad is needed. As long as it isn’t odorous or painful/burning, I would say it’s normal. Especially if they tested you for everything already. This is one part of pregnancy no one really talks about.

Check with your doctor because I’m not sure of use during pregnancy but probiotics help tremendously with that.

Very normal in pregnancy!

Discharge can be normal with or without pregnancy and you are not a freak of nature lol, a lot of women get it… they just dont talk about it

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Its normal with pregnancy… Annoying but normal

Im pregnant with my 2nd as well right now and i have the same thing. Its normal & as long as their is no odor or itching your fine mama :kissing_heart:

Could possibly be a PH balance issue?

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Or could be bv, bacterial vaginosis x

Very normal! Half of my female friends have this!

Its normal once its not itching or smelling…

It’s normal it’s due to the hormones

I had this too it would come out in gobs and land on my leg when I went to pee. Perfectly healthy baby, so chin up and embrace the weird things your body can do.

It might be yellow because of it drying in the air but if your really worried talk to your ob at your next appointment

I described mine as “kooter snot” but i did find that it normalized by increasing my water intake I’d drink 10, 16oz bottles daily when Prego.

28 weeks and went to triage last night because of excessive discharge that felt like gushes and it was slightly greenish. No infection , nothing abnormal. Just pregnancy I guess haha

It should get clearer with hydration…try drinking a pedialyte and then nothing but water

Just wear some pantliners and keep yourself fresh lol sounds normal

Im 33 weeks pregnant with my 2nd and have also noticed more discharge then usual ive also had test done to make sure it wasnt a yeast infection or anything else… must be normal?!