Is this considered cheating?

Is planning to go cheat but not going because you are too drunk to drive still cheating?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is this considered cheating?

Yeah… even the intent to cheat is enough…


Some of these questions can’t be real … The answer is yes.


What did I just read? I hope this is a joke. The fact you’re even thinking about cheating should tell you enough. Leave instead of cheating. The relationship is already doomed once you want to step out of your relationship :woozy_face:

Yes. Well intention to cheat so you’re still guilty

It’s still a person that doesn’t value you and plans to do you wrong so why would you sit around and wait for it to happen?

Yes. The intention is still there!

Technically…… no.
But hella yes!!!

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The intention was there, what’s to say they won’t follow through when sober

Absolutely yes !!! :woman_facepalming:t2:

Guilty by association type deal

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Wtf kinda question is that? Grow up


Yes. They had every intention to do it meaning they’ll still go do it just smart enough not to drive drunk.

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The issue, as I see it, is that the only reason cheating didn’t happen was because the person couldn’t get there on his or her own. The person clearly intended to cheat. Can you trust that the person will not try again? I think the person is eventually going to cheat. Is that something you are ok with? If not, get out of that relationship right NOW!

If you are the cheater to be, why are you in a relationship???

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Ummm your joking? Yes of course. It’s cheating. If he is trying to say it’s not, throw the whole man away. Don’t even entertain this type of stupid question. We don’t need to tell you something you already know.


You’re kidding right

Heck yes it is entertaining another person in a romantic or sexual way is cheating whether in person or online

Sounds like if you could of you would of

Girl… yes. The intention to go cheat is still cheating.


Planning to physically cheat, or even talking about doing it, is cheating in my book. It means the desire to do so is there, you just haven’t followed through, yet.

that’s just some fuckin tom foolery to me

Serious issues, regardless.

It’s enough to tell a MF to kick rocks if that’s what you’re asking!


Lol they’ll just do it when they’re sober

Why be in a relationship at all if you have interest to cheat?? You have intent to do it so yes.

Technically Speaking, planning to cheat Is NOT actually physically cheating. But it is premeditated So i wouldn’t be trusting that person again.

Why does the reason it didn’t happen matter? If anything it makes it worse being too drunk to drive was the barrier. The only acceptable barrier is coming to your senses and realizing this isn’t what you want. No matter the circumstances it’s still an emotional betrayal.

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Someone will be sober and cheating soon. Someone else will still be questioning it.

Wow how stupid are guys

Why is this even a question…yes

Half porch lady, is that you?? :face_with_monocle: :thinking:


Is this actually a Question?


You don’t have to be physical with someone to label it as cheating, they were wrong the first time they entertained the idea.

Some of you are being hella mean for literally no reason. For all we know this person could be being gas lit to hell by their partner and they need us to help them keep their thoughts straight. Be nice! There’s no context.


Common sense really is lacking :woman_facepalming:t2:

Uhm well it’s all kinds of messed up and obviously the intentions was to cheat. So I guess when they get sober?! Not ok.

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It’s the fact that even thought about smh

Now you got me thinking :thinking:

It’s bloody close enough

Is BLUE still blue and RED still red and WHITE still white? Lust is defined as sinful longing - the inward sin which leads to the falling away from God ( Romans 1:21 )“Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” Genesis 2:24 “Lust, the origin of sin, has its place in the heart, not of necessity, but because it is the center of all moral forces and impulses and of spiritual activity.” In Mark 4:19 “lusts” are objects of desire.

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Stay off the internet…

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Your intent was to cheat, so yes, kinda. Had you not gotten to drunk, you would have. To me it’s in the same ball park…

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Not cheating but it will show they 100% will cheat on you when they can and the only didn’t cause they drank to much.

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The thought and intention was there. Soooooo…

It’s called emotional cheating, and yes, it still counts.

Drop the loser. If they were planning to cheat, chances are they either already have previously or they will soon… when not intoxicated.

Chantelle Grahn in mom groups yes often LOL

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Yes it is cause of you wasn’t to drunk to drive you would.of

Hmm did you want to cheat before you got drunk?? :thinking::joy:

Lol why do these questions get posted?


Is this a real question? Oh my

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The intention was 100% there therefore I’d say yes

If you even have a thought of cheating, time to go.


what?? yes. Planning to cheat is just as bad as actually cheating. I think that’s the question here


Jfc. He planned too. He planned on meeting up with this chick. You know they sent pics back and forth I’m sure. Yes, it is.

Cheating takes on many forms. Time, energy, physical, mental, emotional…so yes.


The intention was there so doing it or not you should probably have a conversation about either opening or ending your current relationship.

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Your joking right…110% cheating

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Tf? Yes. It 100% is.

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Um yes it’s cheating. Bring out the trash girl. :flushed:

Why is this on this page? What does this have to do with parenting?

Yes. It’s cheating.


Yes my ex done that and I left that same day he was to drunk to go meet her and they had been texting and sending pics so after I got my kids and my stuff packed and was on way out the door I messaged her and told her to come on over and bring her stuff I’m out you can have him once a cheater always a cheater

I had. A place to go and money :moneybag: so we we’re good . I got her name and number off of my Ex’s Phone .

Is planning a robbery then walking into a bank and pointing a gun then walking out considered a crime? You sound dumb


Yes you got it on his

Intent to cheat so yeah pretty much

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Everybody has their own definition of what they consider cheating… But I’m going to say that if you or your partner would not be okay with the act of even considering it then yes I would say it was cheating


Yes. It was already planned out and even fantasized about. Just thinking about being with someone else is cheating. Idc what anyone says. And the “you can look but not touch” bs…whoever made that up probably never had a long or solid relationship.


Seriously…just leave your damn bf now. Ugh :persevere::tired_face:

Wow, you’re sad. I feel bad for your spouse

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Is this a real question???

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what a dumb question Yes


Ugh, with all due respect … but not really, shit like this don’t deserve anonymity. Admins, time to create a sister group – call it : Expose-A-Hoe

Damien Lane This is the post lol

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I hope this is your dudes perspective and not yours?? Cause wtf kinda ? Is that. Of course it is!! It was pre meditated cheating lol and will obviously go to do it again. It was wanted, communicated and planned. The only reason was getting too drunk? Like wow.


What kind of question is that.

Yes. It wasn’t just a fantasy or a thought, it was about to be put into action. Attempting to cheat is just the same as cheating itself, they just didn’t get to follow through with it.

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Yeah? Why is this a question? The intention is still there.

Get dumped loser. Who the fuck asks this kind of question? 100% yes because intent.

This has got to be the most ridiculous question I’ve seen. Of course it is. The intent was there. The only thing that prevented it was intoxication, which ironically, is what people usually use as their excuse for cheating.


Wow. Yea. For sure. Its like, not murder…its attempted, premeditated murder. Same difference.

:joy:Omg! I’m dying over here!!

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I think that varies on each individual. Personally, talking to someone behind my back or deleting/hiding messages etc is cheating to me. If you’re comfortable enough to have inappropriate conversations with another woman and hiding it from me, it’s only a matter of time before you act on it. So if it were me, I’d consider that cheating. He didn’t go, not because he realized he was wrong and about to fuck up his relationship, but because he was too drunk. That says volumes about his respect and feelings towards you

Uhhh yes. What kind of question is this

If she’s asking a question like this imagine the relationship she’s in!!! As women we have to do better instead of judging someone… He probably tells her hella shit and sadly believes him- “Well babe I actually didn’t cheat so it’s okey” no none of this is okey… You need to get out now, that man don’t value you sweets :two_hearts:

Well didn’t actually cheat so no but because they want to you should leave them if you’re smart

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If they intended to go, I would say so. The Bible says to look at a woman with lust in your heart… you’ve already done it. And adultery is grounds for ending the marriage.

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Yes it is…and there will be another time without alcohol and it will happen…

It’s the intention that matters at the end of the day. His heart intended on hurting you and he will have that intention again . Next time he might not be to drunk to drive. Why wait for the heart break . Save yourself, he doesn’t care.

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Lol is this a serious question?? Drunk. Sober. Doesn’t matter, if the THOUGHT to cheat is there- then GOODBYE.

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MY man does sexting to women showing his junk !!!
Sorry anything disrespectful is cheating

Depends. If you die, are you dead? Or is this pet cemetery part 2. :thinking: if the intention is there, then yes


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You cheated when you let them in your mind like that! You don’t just meet up with someone to cheat unless the seed had already been planted. Text, flirting, phone calls, intimate conversation. Yea definitely cheating

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:woman_facepalming:t2:…yes, absolutely.

Yes. The term is called micro cheating. No bodily fluids or physical touch happened, but you had been in contact with someone and planned on doing it had your driving not been impaired

If you think about murder but don’t kill anyone…is it still murder?

Lmao y’all better knock it off


Yes this is 100% cheating…

Even wanting and making plans to go have sex with someone else is cheating. BYE

This page is getting trolled today lol wtf


So if you wouldn’t of been “too drunk” you would’ve gone and it would’ve literally happened. So yes, cheating was the intention.