Is this normal after getting the IUD?

Hey mamas, I have a question. So I got the Kyleena IUD (a sister of the Mirena) last week, and it, of course, cramped going in, and after that, I had no issues with it -I forget it’s there. Today I have had faint cramps, and I’m lightly spotting, but it’s barely anything so far. Is this normal? I don’t go to see my gyno for a follow-up for it until Fri, and I just want some peace of mind for now. Please, no rude answers…I’ve never had an IUD so idk what to expect or what’s normal/not normal. Thank you!


I had the same, lasted both 3 months before the cramping stopped!

Was normal with me when I got the Mirena happened for a few days every few months and it would only be for like an hour of each day… so it would be like M-W intermittent spotting then nothing for a few months.

Yes. It can cause it for a few months after insertion! But after that should be no periods really.

Yup super normal! I’m on my 2nd Mirena. It can take up to 6 months for everything to stop. Just depends. My first one I was good after a few weeks my 2nd on it took about 4 months.

Oh yes it’s different for everyone tho but I have the IUD and sometimes I’ll spot or have a full period or no period at all I’ve had it for for three years I can take it out at five years or put a new one in

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I got the Kyleena almost a month ago and it’s been great. I had light cramping for the first day and then it was gone. I’ve been spotting ever since I got it, but I was told to expect bleeding for 3-6 months. I had my first period last week and it was heavier and longer than normal, otherwise no issues so far :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m year 4 with my Mirena. Had no issues when it was put in, no pain or cramping, but I was coming back from a severe postpartum pain with stitches and everything, so I probably wouldn’t have felt anything anyway. I had spotting a few times in the last few years but nothing serious. Now I’m looking into my options as I round to year 5.

Yes very Normal your gyno should have told you to expect for 3to6 months. Mine
Lasted on and off for about
4 months before my periods finally stopped.

Yes it’s normal and if you have any doubts you should be able to feel the strings up there to make sure it didn’t dislodge

Normal. The mirena can make your periods a little out of wack for awhile. I always have light bleeding between periods for a few months and then eventually they stop completely aside from light spotting once or twice a month.

Super normal😊 that happened with mine too!

I have the mirena. Light spotting is normal.

Could be Normal for some and not for others. Don’t be alarmed unless you could fill a pad or something along those lines within an hour.

Everyone’s different… sounds like it’s normal

It can take 6 months to settle.

I had a IUD several years ago , and I don’t recommend them at all ! Spotting until I’d go to MD and get a shot to stop it . Finally after about six months I said take it out . They didn’t want to , but they did . I was told afterwards that it had started growing into the uterus and in another four months or so I would have need a my uterus removed !!


Normal for me. You should be good until your next apt. If you’re bleeding more heavily and the pain gets hella bad, then I would seek care. But it sounds like you’re okay. I’m also not a Dr. :hugs:

Yes. Breakthrough spotting is normal as is minor cramping anyways but I will say that’s what my periods are like to be honest. Spotting and cramping. I dont bleed enough for anything more than a panty liner.

I cramped and spotted three months with my first one. It was awful but well worth it.

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It’s normal to expect cramping and random spotting/ bleeding for the first 6 months.