Is this normal behavior for siblings?

Teenagers right! Where do I start 15-year-old son 13-year-old son? They are always at each others throats. Is this normal? My 13 year old praises his cousins who aren’t great of influences and completely disrespects his older brother. Again I ask is this normal? Anything I can do to help them bond and make a better connection?


My sister and I hated each other for almost our whole lives growing up. We are 22 months apart. I haven’t hugged her since we were tiny children. It’s weird when she’s nice to me. We tolerate each other now. Nothing ever happened to make us mad at each other other than sibling rivalry lol. We definitely aren’t close.

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I have WWF going on at my house between the boys who are 10 and almost 8 and the girls who r 3 and 5 in 12 min lol

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Yeah thats normal, both have a lot of testosterone going at that age. Think of it like two gorillas showing off dominance. Just make sure they don’t get into it physically and help them make good choices. They’ll either out grow it or not.


Yup…normal. My boys are 23 and 25. They treated one another growing up…but was always at each others throats. It took my oldest coming back from Korea and seeing my youngest in the hospital with Crohns disease to start to get along. They still bicker often…but lots more laughs!

My brother and I are 3 years apart & were always physically fighting until I was about 14 & him 17. we are now in our mid 20s and cant be in the same room for very long before we’re arguing! Idk always been that way.

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Yes my 5 4 and 2 yr old is already like tht

We are a blended family. My husband and I have been together for 9 years. We have 5 children, ages 15, 14, 13, 11, and 10. They all fight. ALL. THE. TIME. :roll_eyes: My brother and sister are 11 and 12 yrs older than I am. My ex husband has 3 brothers. He’s the oldest, and he says that its completely normal. However, I always ask my friends how they get their children to love each other… I can’t even get mine to like each other lol :laughing::smirk:

14 yr old boy and 11 yr old girl fight nonstop. Like literally knock down drag out style. I have had to replace a bathroom door and both of their bedroom doors, holes in the walls. My son even locked my daughter out one day while I was at school and she kicked in the front door. There is literally no stopping them. Take their phones or grounding them makes them bored and fight more.

I have 2 brothers and I’m the middle child we NEVER got along growing up until we moved out of our mom’s house. My older brother moved out and we started missing him then when I moved out I started missing my little brother too it was weird but now after a couple years of not living together anymore we all are actually pretty close. My older brother chased me around the house with a knife and I used to choke my little brother when he pissed me off and now we laugh about it and cant believe we ever did that to each other! Its pretty funny looking back

Yes definitely normal! Me and my younger brother are 3 years apart and would constantly fight. Him and our youngest brother are 3 years apart and do not get along at all.

So normal. How boring would it be if we all agreed on everything and got along always? We’re different personalities backgrounds etc.

I have a 19,16,15(autistic) yr old boys the 16 n 15 yr old argue 24/7 one nags while the other is sarcastic vise versa I get along with my siblings even when a long time ago we shared rooms it was nothing like this but… The other side of his genetics siblings hate each other so I honestly don’t know but to me I think it’s somewhat normal. I do believe as they get older it will pass.

My two grandson are 1 year apart and they did same thing so your boys are good l well pray thing get better.

Yes, my girls fought at that age, only a year apart, I’ve had to literally play referee a few times, but now they are 16 and 17, and have grown out of it and matured, and get along for the most part. They don’t really hang out together alot, but they get along.

Let em out in the yard and have em fight it out. Survival of the fittest.

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My boys are only 8 and 12 and I don’t remember the last time they actually got along :joy::joy: Probably before the 8yr old could talk :joy::joy:

I have an older sister and a younger sister, me and my sisters still don’t really get a long, and we are 29, 31 and 33

My kids are 19,15,and 11 and the 19 and 15 year old never got along till my oldest moved out and now he ask to pick his brother and sister up from school and to take them to hang out with him and his wife and baby at his house.So yes it is every normal.

Mine are 7 years apart and still fight nom stop. Hubby ignores it! Drives me crazy!

Hate to say it…but moving to a new area put my kids all together because they had no one else. Haha if you can’t move haha take them on a trip. Let them bond due to no one else around. Explore new stuff. …no cousins or other friends or cell phones to bully each other. We go to Lake of the Ozarks…not sure where you live. Best times ever. With my brothers… then my kids.

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Holy crap! I totally could have written this myself. The ages are just one year off.

My older sister and I fought like crazy growing up. Like we actually threw fists and all. It wasn’t until I was around 17 that we started becoming close. Maybe they’ll grow out of it

I have twin boys they are 6 one is severely autistic. The nt boy is so sweet and gentle with other special needs kids…his brother? He will push him around and wrestle him til he will fight back I am constantly yelling at him.and punishing for him being rough.

Maybe less of cousin time an do activities that the brothers have to do something together…teens are hard !!


Yes and no. They will connect when they get older, don’t worry.


me and my brothers and cousins used to BEAT each other. all love now. :sweat_smile:


Yes its normal mid-teen thing

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Pretty normal for siblings.

I hate how people praise others who arent great influences either, that bugs me big time.
Perhaps putting them in those get-along t-shirts would really make them get along😂


My 3 kids two boys 16 and 8 and my daughter who is 12 can’t even be in the same room with each other with out fighting lol it’s normal

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Omg!! Had 3 teenage boys. Welcome to the world Testosterone Hormones!!
Take heart, mine are very close as adults now, but then phew


Yeah it’s normal. I was like that with my siblings and now we are all close

Yes so normal I have a 15 year old about to be 16 and one that just turned 14 everything is a fight ! I have to seperate them alot . Hormones are a holes please excuse my potty mouth . But I’m 5’3 the 15 year old is 270 almost 6foot and the 14 year old is 5’5 173 and little ole me has had to get in the middle of the heat . I try distraction sometimes chores or tell them to.go to seperate spaces anything to get some cool down or at some points I take things if it’s really bad … but yes totally normal … I have 4 boys oldest is almost 18 and ge was the same they do grow out of it to some extent thank God :blush:


Normal even for daughters


Yes normal sibling behavior

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My boys are 13 & 11 with an 8 year old sister. Yes. They do things regularly to piss off each other. Then they try to parent each other. The ONLY time my boys are on each other’s side is when it’s them vs. their sister.


Just because they are siblings they don’t have to get along. I was closer to my friends than my siblings at that age. And to this day I don’t really get along (just my brother and kind of 1 sister), the other sister has a personality i absolutely DESPISE…and I’m 38. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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My sister and i are 3 years apart shes older and in our teen years we never got along we would fist fight constantly once we got out of the teen years we became best friends. So i think its 100% normal

Same! My boys are the same ages and it’s NEVER ENDING!!! they seem to have their moments & I’m guessing/hoping they’ll be close when they’re older

I’ll tell u, I have an older brother and a younger brother… an with me being the only girl I fought my battles. We fought, we cried, we laughed, we bonded…an even though we are all older now we still argue and cause problems for each other. Its what siblings do. They fight like hell but let someone catch their sibling being bothered and they will protect and defend. Its absolutely normal for them to fight. My advice is that if they truly want to fight get them each a nerf gun and a round of nerf bullets and only allow them to use them when in arguments. Then that way they get their anger out and could potentially change an argument into a fun time

This is completely normal. My sister and I basically hated each other our entire teenage years it wasn’t until we were both graduated from high school that we literally became BEST FRIENDS now I can’t go a day without calling her to just bs and chat

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100% normal. I swear its their life’s mission.

My 13 year old daughter and 11 year old daughter hate each other they never stop fighting even on family trips doing something fun they always find something to fight about

I have 6 kids. Every one gets along great except 3. The oldest of the 3 purposely does things to piss the other 2 off and when they defend themselves hes then the victim. Makes me crazy.

Yep normal a good 90% of the time they argue lol

My son turned 3 in feb an daughter 5 in May. …im not excited for teenage years​:sob::sob::joy::joy:

100% Normal. I am one of 4, we constantly fought growing up. If it makes you feel better we are all friends now & enjoy hanging out together. Just give it time & try your best to maintain your sanity through it.


Normal I’m 2 of 4 I currently am not talking to the oldest because of some bs but I can be around the younger 2 all day every day I’m even planning on getting a sister tat with the youngest of us

I think that’s both teenagers and siblings in general these days. My kids are 17, 17, 12 and 7. They all fight constantly. It’s worse when they’re all in the car together. It drives me insane!!

I’m 5 years older than my brother and growing up we had our ups and downs, especially in our teenager years. But now that we’re both in our 20s we get along so much better

I was the youngest of 4 girls. Growing up, my “sisters” always seemed to have it out for me. Picking on me, getting me in trouble just because, and for no real reason that I could ever tell. Throughout my teenage years, I fought to stay away from them because I just couldn’t take the torture. The distancing myself from agony, them trying to start fights, and siblings just constantly talking shit to my parents caused for my parents to throw me to the wind like trash like I never existed.
I said al that to say this, sibling not getting along is normal. Family teaming up against a single family member is not. Don’t like your one child and his little clan chase your other child off. Don’t turn your back on either kid. And take a switch to all those kids’ asses that disrespects your oldest. Take a switch to their mommas ass for allowing her kids to be disrespectful. Stand up for your kid. That’s your kid and make it known(family or not) that he will not be treated poorly or disrespected as long as you breath. Siblings and family won’t always get along or be friends but common decency, manners, and respect are things literally everyone should display in everyday life.

I have an 15, 11 and 8 year old boy and they cant stand to be in the same room as eachother lately, when they are in the same room all i seem to do is shout at them for fighting, very frustrating, ur not alone

God yes, completely normal my 2 boys 12, 14 are always at each others throats. It does stop eventually but my god its hard work.

Very normal. Me and my older brother were the same way but as we got older it got better

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My husband had 2 brothers all with 3 years they were horrible to each other even stripped the cloths of thier 13 yr old brother. tied him up and left him on the back porch of their house they wee always fighting there dad told them to go utside and settle it. my husbband said when they got outside they decided no to fight each other

Raising teenagers is like nailing jello to a tree.

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Shoot my girls are 4 (5 next month) and 3 and are at each others throat every day :sweat_smile: I feel like it’s being close in age because my sister and I are 10 years apart and have always got along really well.

Teenagers! They start to get adult hormones and the only thing they can see and think about is themselves. They seem to loose their minds and you hope to keep them from distorting themselves until they find it again. My wife and I had three sons by our 4th anniversary so I understand what you are going through. Yes it’s normal. You have to try things and see what works best for you. Give rewards for good behavior and remove them for bad. Do things together or separately. The best is if you can find some way to realize that their behavior reflects something about themselves not the other person. That if you want to be respected as a grownup you have LEARN how to be strong as an adult. Strong in mind. It takes more strength to be kind and have self control then to lash out from your first feelings like a child.


My sister and I fought like crazy growing up (15 months apart). Now, we’re best friends.

Normal. Me and my sister use to be at each other’s throats 24/7. Fighting, throwing shit. Absolutely hated each other. Until we moved away from each other.

Totally normal. My sister and I hated each other when we were teens. We’re in our mid-late twenties now and we’re best friends :slightly_smiling_face:

Both are normal. And they’ll probably be perfectly fine with each other , once one of them moves out when their older.

Yes it’s normal… my sister and I are 31 and 29 and we still go at it majority of the time. We’re complete opposites personality wise so we clash a lot.

Typical sibling rivalry, most outgrow that. It is all about competition. My 2 kids would argue, fist fight, take each others things but nobody else had that right to do what they did to each other, that bond doesn’t allow that. It’s tough to deal with, but they are finding out who stands where. Mine found out the oldest (boy) is the brain, the (girl) the fighter. They will be 39 and 40 this year and are still very protective of each other and will do anything possible to help each other out. I thank God everyday for the love and bond between my two kids…all will be fine.

my sister & I are 18 months apart & we used to beat eachother & argue constantly. now she’s my best friend. I wouldn’t try to push them together, let them learn to work through it themselves.

Welcome to the teenage years

I should be following this lol i have a 6 year old an 4 year old boys an they are always wrestling always fighting

Normal. My sister and I are 2 years apart. We fought alot as kids. It stopped when I turned 16 and just wasn’t around much.

Me & my siblings use to have war. Now that we are all grown it’s all love. We still argue but not like we use to. Lol. It’s normal. When you’re around someone 24/7 there is going to be arguing and fighting. And being siblings, it’s nature lol.

i got lucky mine didnt fight but yes its normal

Dont force them to be brotherly. They have to work it out for themselves. Only intervene if it becomes violent and toxic. Just encourage them loosely. Maybe encourage time and space for them both.

It will stop when they turn 20 mone are best friends now

Our boys are 14 and 12 and act as if they was to kill each other at times. Bickering, fighting, fist fights…it doesn’t feel like it should be normal but it is, sadly.

Completely normal. I have 3 boys, currently 14, 15, 20. I’ve just been a referee for the last 15 years. Lots of bumps, bruises, and whatnot. They sort it out eventually.

Me and my brother were at each other’s throats till I was about 20 and him 17…literally fist fights, cops called,etc. started when I was 13 him 10. Now we some what don’t piss off each other no where near as much as we use to.

It’s definitely normal. My sister and I fought like crazy, and I honestly think it’s because you’re stuck with the sibling for awhile so you just get annoyed. It’ll fade as they aren’t around each other as often.