Is this normal for thawed breastmilk?

I exclusively pump for my baby and have been storing milk in the freezer … here’s my question I thawed some breast milk according to the guidelines and ended up with what looked like melted butter in the milk; I gave it a shake and mixed easily, but then it would go back up it doesn’t have a bad smell I also tasted it, and it was fine!!! Is this normal has any pumping mommas have this happen to them??


Perfectly normal. It’s just the separated fat.


Yep totally normal, the colostrum seperates(good fats and Vita) from the milk.

Yes it’s just the fat :slightly_smiling_face:
You might like to know also you should never shake breastmilk swirl instead as it denatures the molecules and breaks up the proteins which would typically protect your babies gut lining x

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Yes, it is normal. It is the fat in the milk.


Milk fat!! Shake it up and feed it! :partying_face:

Totally normal gotta shake it up

You give that baby that quality fat!!

Yes! Perfectly normal and totally fine!!!