Is this normal or could I be pregnant?

I stopped taking my birth control in August, I got a period in September, 2 periods in October, and so far nothing in November. Is that normal or more than likely pregnant?

Everyone’s body is different… it could just be because you stopped taking birth control. My body took a couple months to get back on track once I stopped taking the pill. The month you got 2 periods were they both normal? Or was one lighter then normal? I would take a test in like a week to see if anything shows up just in case.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Is this normal or could I be pregnant?

Take a pregnancy test if your late


Could be nothing but won’t hurt to take one

Your body is filtering the birth control out an adjusting to prepare for a period but take a test could be anything :heavy_heart_exclamation:


And why aren’t u consulting with your doctor??? Do u have more faith asking Facebook for advice ?


Some people are just rude and love to leave nasty comments on here. It’s obviously not that important or she would be at the dr. Or maybe she’s waiting on a dr appointment and wanted some HELPFUL ADVICE. Take a test. But it could just be your body adjusting to being off the birth control.

You may be twinning. I say this because…your chances of twinning right after going off birth control are very high because your body is trying to get itself back hormone wise. Happened to me. And the 2nd period could have been implantation. Take a test.

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you’ll only get an actual factual answer by taking a test :woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming: not asking a bunch of strangers on Facebook


Your body is adjusting to being off BC. If you’re not using any form of BC, yes, it’s possible. Take a test.


Probably the double in October will throw this months off.

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You’ll have to take a pregnancy test or go see a doctor , we have no idea if your pregnant or not


Lotta y’all comments are rude. Maybe she’s trying to ask if anyone has experienced the same thing and what was your outcome. Smh I hate this group. I’m out.

If you’re just coming of birth control and have been on it for a while it may be your body trying to get back to “normal”

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Take a pregnancy test or maybe see a doctor?? Dont know how anyone on Facebook would be able to help you


Take a test and find out? :sweat_smile:

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Nahh normal, two in oct…you good til Jan😝
Well December :wink:

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The amount of times I see post like this in a day is mind boggling :woman_facepalming:t3: as if strangers on the internet can tell you if your pregnant or not… take a test and you can answer your own question!


I was on the pill. Never missed a day… I had an irregular period… Was pregnant with my #2 daughter. I have heard when you go off the pill you are very furtle… I would do a testm

Birth control effects everyone differently. Your body is either filtering out the birth control and trying to regulate OR you could have had implantation bleeding the second time in November.
When was your periods and how heavy were they?

My period was just 9 days late. Took 2 tests not pregnant… had spotting and then a heavy period for 1 day and then barley anything after that. Our bodies suck! Also I have endometriosis so that definitely plays a part. Just take a test

If you are able to get pregnant and have been having vaginal sex with someone who produces semen, you may be pregnant. Get a test.

Ok Page Admin, I think we’ve had enough of these “thinking out loud about whether I’m pregnant” posts ~ tell the next person to go get a test kit :woman_facepalming:t4:


Pretty normal after coming off the pill.

Let’s ask fb because they’ll know if I am or not :joy::joy::joy:

Go take a test or go have a blood test done. Lol


My ex partner would skip about 2 or 3 periods a year. Go see a doctor

Normal, but also you can be pregnant that happen to me and the next month I bleed again I make a pregnancy test because I tho I may be pregnant right after the last time I bleed and I was pregnant like 6 week all healthy

Not to be rude. Why would u not just buy a test instead of asking fb? Fb doesn’t know everyone’s body is different.