Just needing a little encouragment to get through the day

Hi, my name Amy. Today hasn’t been easy; I’ve just been feeling defeated by so much. My kids are so amazing to me, no matter how bad I feel. I feel horrible that they have to see me like this…I am very sensitive to pretty much everything. I hate that I feel that way every day. I don’t have my parents around. Not that they’re gone, it’s just that we don’t talk as much anymore ever since they both moved on with their lives. I was wondering if I could get some encouragement to help me get through the day. Thank you so much


Thank God for well placed angels, kids can be angels too. Breath and do what you can and put a pin in what you cant .

Your doing the best you can and you are the best mama you can be u will get through this …I am wishing you the best n u got this

You are strong,beautiful and worthy! You are the world to your children.

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Whats really wrong amy. What are you missing in your life.

I say this all the time and then I continue to tell myself to think positive. Remember our minds believe what we tell it. So tell your mind to think positive on all levels

I dont know u but 12 years ago I went home alone with a newborn a 1 year old a 2 year old a 8 year old and a 15 year old no money felt so defeated but I had friends who helped me through it so just know you will get through this just do the best you can I wish you happiness and good luck !!!

Don’t give up stay strong g I ywish you the best
U can do it

Stay strong, you have your lovely kids and they need you, make more time to see them and have some fun nites as a family, and let them know how you feel, it will make all the difference to you all :sparkling_heart: God bless xxxx

Sending you love & prayers of peace & comfort. Tomorrow is another day. This too will pass. Try making a blessings list, it always helps me when I’m down

Remember to take things one moment at a time…and if that’s too rough… Try one min or one Second at a time…try and only think about what is going on in that particular moment…turn on some music you love and dance around like a fool with your kids… It will help you and be fun For them as well…take a deep breath and and remember there is always Something to be Thankful for… If ya want a fun project… Tape everyone thumbs down… And try to do differant activities like tying your shoes etc… Afterwards… You will be greatful that you have thumbs lol… And get some good laughs also… Think outside the box… Do something fun… Messy and crazy with the kiddos… Like paint g with your toes etc…hang tough… Some days are better than others and life can be down right roughr

Hold your head high and know that your ready to tackle anything, your a momma and that in itself is your reward for whatever life throws your way!! Stay strong, stay fierce, and just do the best you can. Remember your human, and sometimes it’s ok to not be ok.

You will be fine. Do something that makes you happy because you deserve it. Talk to your friends, play with your kids. All mothers go through a breaking point in their lives regardless of the reason but you’re a mother you have that superpower in you and eventually, things will be alright. I feel you deeply and know that you are not alone. Stay strong and believe that things will get better.

You sound like a strong person you can get through this . Get help from your doctor if you haven’t already

Somedays are better than others…just keep showing up mama…you got this…from one Amy to another :heartpulse::muscle:

Talk to them on phone, I am sure they miss you.

You need to seek help! Therapy or medicine, whatever will help you! Do this for you!! You deserve to be happy too, momma. Anxiety and depression affects parents too! We are human beings just like everyone else. You deserve happiness too. You deserve to be freed from your shackles

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God will challenge you. Put your trust in him and he will lead.

I get that way too. I don’t know your religious status but prayer helps me. Try to take things one at a time. One day at a time.

Your children love you. That’s a plus.
Is there a neighbor, friend, pastor, co worker, spouse/significant other you can talk with.
But please know that yes Facebook is here. But we don’t know you as well as those close to you.
Perhaps reach out to your patents. Or is there a former teacher that can guide you.
I’m an OLD mama, so this is a long post. Been there done it.

Your a Mom some days the struggle is so hard but if you have a roof over your head and a bed to. Sleep in food on the table be happy because there are people that don’t have that hug your children play a game laugh at them hug them a little longer because children grow up so fast and soon they will be grown and living there own lives and moments can be lost don’t fret about a dirty house enjoy your little children hug them squeeze them and try to feel better about things soon God Bless and Keep your Chin up your loved and that matters

It’s ok to have a rough day. Have a good cry and get back up dust off straighten your crown and carry on!

I understand the feeling. But trust me as long as u try your best and do the best of your abilities for you and you kids then that should be the first thing that u thank god for every night. And always remember no matter what your kids will always love you.

One day at a time. It’s ok not to be ok all the time

You look at yourself in the mirror and say “I am worthy. I am enough.” You say it til you believe it!

Hi gotta take it ez one thing at a time. Think of happy things u have to be strong for ur kids n urself.

Your important you matter you can do it you got this

You are stronger than you know! You got this!

Don’t try to appear “strong” to your kids. They need to understand that we don’t always have it easy and sometimes we get feeling down, and that it’s OK to feel down. You won’t feel down forever. Just try to appreciate what you have, and if you don’t have something you need, you’ll find purpose in working towards that goal.


Amy if you need someone to listen then IM me…we have all felt defeated at times and some days are harder than others…IM me I will listen…huggs


Hi Amy! Just know that you are special, loved, and a rock star for reaching out for what you need! That shows strength. Just know that life sometimes sucks, but YOU are worthy, YOU are enough!


You need the Rock that is higher, Jesus Christ if you haven’t received Him as your Savior. I felt once that I had to lift my hand over my head to reach the bottom. It literally felt that way. I felt I had no moral, emotional support. It was then the Holy Spirit came and as the person He is, the third of the Trinity, full of love and strength for you will come into your life and heart. I did not ask Him to come, He came of His Own choice drawing my heart. Call on Him, Jesus Christ. He will hear you.

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Hang in there! Remember that you are loved and appreciated! The things that have you feeling down, its all temporary!
Private message me if you feel like talking! I’m here for you


Stop thinking negative about yourself first if all. Stay negative with covid and positive in life .


Dear Amy,. You are your children’s first love and hero. That is such a blessing. Now you need to be your own hero. Work hard to live a life that makes you happy. Be a role model to those babies. Maybe start by enjoying the little things in life. A few of mine are: 1st cup of coffee watching the sunrise, my morning crossword and cleaning to rock and roll. Hang in there. Baby steps to happiness.

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Dont know your problems but hang in there. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. It may seem is getting worse but believe it will get better. Have faith whatever that is. Everything you feel bad remember the good things in your life. You might think there are none but there are.

I was feeling the same but found out that i was going through menopause, i prayed and ask god for help and he did he sent me to.the doctor to make suree that what it was , keep praying God is good and will answer your prayers keep trusting and praying…you are in my prayers

Do you have a close friend , clergy member or relative you can talk with? Is there anything you especially like doing? There are support groups that can help you. Please get some help.

I repeat what my mother taught me sometimes a hundred times… This too shall pass. I love them… today harder than most. I am a nice caring person. Tomorrow at washes today away.

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Maybe you are having depression that needs to be treated. Talk to your doctor and see what he/she thinks. Maybe you need a referral to a counselor or psychiatrist. Good luck!

Chin up , you’ve got this. Everyone is feeling isolated due to this covid. Breathe, go for a walk, read a book, play games with your kids. Continue to talk to neighbors, friends or even people you meet.


Amy…your children love you, you are a beautiful human being…if you need to talk, please PM me…I’ve been through A LOT in my 46 years on this earth and can most likely relate, even if I can’t I don’t judge and I believe sometimes people just need to be heard!!!..Aside from that, I’m always here as a listening ear, shoulder to cry on, whatever…thank you for reaching out to the community. P.S. as I said before if you ever need a caring ear, please feel free to PM me anytime!!! In the meantime I will keep you and yours in my thoughts and prayers!!!


Every day you put your feet on the ground is a great day. You have your amazing kids be amazing and live to the fullest. You rock and can overcome anything.

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You have this. You are a great mother who’s doing an amazing job, it is reflected in your amazing kids.

Perhaps a counselor can help. Worth a try. Nice to have someone to vent to. A different perspective can help. It did me.

You just need something to perk your day up. Maybe someone could trade out a few hours with you to babysit your kids and then you could watch hers. Would give you a little time to yourself. God bless you​:baseball::heart:

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Sometimes we have to put ourselves in situations that we know we could never be in LIKE RUNNING THRU THE MALL BUTT NAKED(did it make you smile):smiley:

Get moving, do something! One thing at a time. It doesn’t have to be big. Get out there and make some friends. Everyone’s busy and you can’t expect them to make you happy. You have to find that yourself and it may be a arduous journey, but you’ll find it if that’s what you truly want. Show your kids you are the commander of your own ship!

The first great thing you did was reach out for some help. next turn to God or whatever your higher power is and ask to be relieved of your burden. Have faith for this shall pass.


I feel the same :sob::pensive: my husband passed away and I liveby my self.i miss him so much. It so lonely your not the only one who feels like that


Amy just remember we all try to do our best there’s nobody who is perfect we’re not Superman or super woman we take it one day at a time and just realize as long as you have your kids you have your health you have a roof over your head you’re doing OK remember it’s not about stuff it’s about the loved ones try to play a game with your kids try to sit down and tell him a story have them tell you a story just enjoy each day

Go see a doctor maybe he or she can proscribe you some medicine you might have depression and not realized and it’s hard to deal every day and talk to your parents call them find some group that have some problem like you do search on line to find help blessed you

Try sitting down and have a little talk with Jesus who said l leave with you a comforter , The Holy Spirit, who will never leave you.

Know your never alone. There’s always someone here who will hold you up when you don’t have it in you. It’s hard choosing not to be sensitive but I bet that’s also a special quality of yours as well. Take a deep breath… it’ll be OK

Amy you are awesome and you need to know it. It is a hard and lonely time right now but it will end. Can you make a plan to play games and cook with the children? Keep yourself busy and get fresh air. There is a saying fake it till you make it. There is something to that. When you get down think of something that makes you happy. The more fun you have with your kids the better you will feel. Take care. You are loved.

We are living though very difficult times never before has the world been in the state it’s in now and I am sure it will get better but we don’t know when. I believe that watching the news doesn’t help and that can drag you down, I try not to listen to it so much. My children are a help to me but indeed they have their own families with the worries that our situation has brought to us all. Try to talk to them for your sake and for theirs.x

Just remember that you will never have experiences that you have to handle alone. It doesn’t even matter what the trials are that you face, because God is available to walk beside you at all times, and He will help you. So reach over and put your hand in His, and smile as you move forward.

Amy you are an awesome mom, and a beautiful person. We you look at your kids you should see yourself and God loves you .

Praying that God lifts your spirits up high. I’m sure you have no idea just how much your kids look up to you (Most of us moms dont) and love you. Stay with the Lord and Everything Will Be Alright!!

I know how you feel. I get like that too. Then I remember the great son I have and his two kids. Then I feel blessed. I have so much to be thankful for and I am sure you do also. Hang in there.

Reaching out was a great start. You got this!! When having a bad day remember that this too shall pass. You are not alone. Big hugs

Every day is a struggle in this world now. You are blessed to have miss who love you and are there for you. Stay strong and take one day at a time. God is with you everyday.

sure you can we all need a shoulder to lean on once in a while.

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amy ask the Holy Spirit for comfort and protection then enjoy His warmth. i will also ask Him for you! you matter!

Find something that interest u, pick a day to have a me day … also try and reach out to a love one and let them know how u are feeling and see if they can stay in contact with u on a daily basis, I m a mother of 3 so I completely understand!

Amy I don’t know if you know Jesus or not but he’s the best friend you will ever have get on your knees talk to him just as you would any one else tell him how you feel what you need and then asked him into your life boy what a difference you will see and feel …May God bless you…

Every day is a new day… With your lovely children I no this may sound daft but gather your children to gether most days set aside a time and start singing with them… Good or bad it will be funny and will make you laugh and feel better… Good luck you are not alone… :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Its ok to feel this way some times.If its happening more than 3 x a week maybe you can go to a therapist.Maybe theres a medical condition thats causing these feelings.It can be depression .No matter what it is you can get help.You can feel back to normal.Sometimes just speaking to another adult helps alot.Do something really nice for yourself.Like a new do or just do your nails.Or play your favorite song .Its even ok to go in your bedroom by yourself and have a good cry.But remember you must take care of yourself in order to be able to care for your kids.When Im feeling down I put on my favorite music and dance around my room singing along to the music.It always works for me.And let me tell you my voice is horrible lol but it helps.Are there mommy groups in your area you can join?Im sure you will find many moms and dads are feeling this way right now.It helps to talk to others going through it.I wish you the best and know that this you did right here was a move in the right direction.Reach out .There are many places you can call.

The rough days get better. Have faith, find something to laugh about. Go for a walk, play with your kids.

Amy so many people share your feelings. The answer is to trust Jesus to give you peace and encouragement. Life is good, but sometimes circumstances suck.The good thing, circumstances change all the time. Be strong in the Lord and know He will see you thru

Try to remember depression is a physical as well as mental problem. Please talk to a Dr. Anti depressants really do help.
Until do something you like, read, watch a tv show or movie, if you can go for a walk with your kids. You can get through this.
Also take it hour by hour, minute by minute or second by second. You got through this minute you can get through the next.

What works great for me to do something for s0meone that has a need, even if it’s just a phone call, a visit with someone else that is lonely.

No storm lasts forever, think good thoughts and tell yourself that you are going to have a good day and make it happen!!

Amy…you might find this kind of silly but trust me it has brought a lot of people together as online friends…first do you have an ipad? If so download from the app store a game called PetBuddies…sounds silly and my family have been laughing at me for 5 years now since I started playing. Most of the people on there are adults of all ages and from around the world. It has brought me so much pleasure decorating which I love and meeting neighbors and sharing experiences on and on. So many people have confessed to having been so depressed and this has snapped them right out of it. I love this game and have made some very special friends on the game that I have never met…trust me you would love it and thank me someday. Please check into it…good luck and keep your chin up tomorrow is a new day! :heart::dog: I had to come back again an urge you to please give this a try…you will love it and enjoy with your kids too if you like. You forget all your worries and actually enjoy it! Look me up HD27 is my neighbor number…hope to see you soon!

Hang in there Amy. One day at a time!

One foot in front of the other…keep on trucking. And soo…you reach your destination.

You are special and you are stronger than you know! Keep your faith in God and do your best! :heart_eyes:


You are enough! You are doing your best and that’s awesome!! You are a great woman and mother. Be proud of yourself!! You are a rockstar!:star_struck:

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Hi Amy, some days just suck, but there are many days that are good. Sorry that you’ve been feeling down lately. When I’m blue I try to find something to do for someone else. It makes me happy to do something nice for someone else. Anyone in your neighborhood that you could bake cookies for? Anyone you know who is struggling to put food on the table? Make them a meal. Or just make some peanut and jelly sandwiches and give them to someone homeless person. And don’t forget to do something extra nice for the most important person - YOU. Take a bubble bath, make an extra special meal or go buy that perfect shade of lipstick. You are important and worthy!! If you have a friend you are close to, let them know that you are having a hard time, maybe they are too. My grandmother always told me “This too shall pass” and she was right. I will be praying your spirit lifts and tomorrow is a better day. Keep reaching out to others, it will help you and maybe them too! Sending you love and light!

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Everything well be Alright tomorrow well be better a new day. :pray:t3:. You seem like a great person.

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You are beautiful and wonderful! God created you for a purpose! Remember that great mother you are! You are loved by your children and by God! You got this mama!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray:t3:

Well, not knowing you, I recommend prayer. The Lord is a miracle worker. All knowing and always there for you. He loves you!

Dont give up because I’m in the same position today.hold your head high.Have Have a Blessed day

Amy , you have got this. It is ok to feel down just don’t stay there. Praying for you.

Hand it over to God! No one loves and understands you more!

Hang in there. One foot in front of the other. Your kids will be fine. You will be fine!!!

Always remember you are enough, and you’ve got this​:heart::heart::heart:

YOU ARE WORTH IT!!! Keep pushing forward. Please reach out of you need to talk to someone

God is always with you. Lean on him and He will help you through! :pray::pray:

Hey baby girl . Grab the kids and run through a mud puddle. Have a cup of hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream. Shoot that whipped cream from the can in you alls mouth. NOW DANCE WITH YOUR KIDS all through the house. Tell me now how you feel. Start again tomorrow with some more dumb fun stuff. Now put on your grown up pants and get on with it. Now do it all over again. God loves you.

You are a strong mother you got this

You got this, you’re a strong woman!

You are amazing by just being you

Breathe. One day at a time. Keep the faith.

Prayer changes things. I will pray for you Amy.

I understand that your parents deserve their time. What i don’t understand is them not spending time with their grandkids. Why have they moved on and left you in the dust. I love my time with my friends and doing things. What I can’t imagine is not wanting to be with my grandkids too.

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You got this. God has your back.

Hi Amy, do you know Jesus as ur Savor?

Talk to God, lean on Him! He will carry you through!

You can do this. It’s hard. You can do it even so.