Laundry List of health symptoms Please send help!

Please help a girl out…I don’t even know where to start. I’ve had bloodwork checking my
Vitamin D
Female hormones
And more And the doctor says I’m fine. I drink 100 to 150oz of water a day I’ve added more vegetables to my diet. Cut most starches and most processed foods. I’m mostly dairy free. I have a terrible grazing problem and love candy…but the habit hasn’t been any worse than in the past. I even started using plexus products in January with no resolution. I have 2 small children making it rough to get a good nights sleep in. I’m frequently woke during the night. My house is tiny so getting a work out is hard also. Here are my symptoms and I dont know what else to do. Gained 25lbs in the past year…8 or 9 of those since the beginning of 2022 Hot flashes Easily irritated or overwhelmed More exhausted than I should be. Feel panicky over silly things like a lost sippy cup or dishes in the sink I don’t feel right around ovulation time of the month; producing enough discharge that I have to wear a panty liner mid cycle for a few days and I have blood tinged mucus. Sometimes urinary incontinence/overactive bladder symptoms that even wake me at night. And since I went and got the blood work done I now have a bald spot on my head about 1 inch in diameter and I think it’s getting bigger. I went back to the doctor and was told to see a dermatologist. Has anyone dealth with these symptoms and know what caused them? Tell me which doctor to see. Give me snack ideas, strategies to stop grazing, I’m currently watching calories and macros and am frequently ravenously hungry. Anything so I can get back to feeling like myself again.

The weight gain and bald spot on my head are the things that are bothering me the most.