Little one diagnosed with a dust allergy

My little one was diagnosed with bad dust allergies. Other than the typical change furnace filter, vacuum more and washing bedding more frequently… what household cleaning supplies do you use that work the best for dusting I use the swifer cloths. This is first my 4th but first with allergies this bad any tips/tricks that’ll help me keep the dust down in my house?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Little one diagnosed with a dust allergy

Norwex! Check it out, hope it helps!:slight_smile:

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Get rid of rugs. Leave shoes at the door to avoid bringing the dirt in, in the first place.


I make sure I dust with a damp cloth so I’m not swishing dust up into the air. I clean my air-conditioner filter once a week. Only takes a few minutes. I actually make sure we all exfoliate in the shower with a loofa every few days because our dead skin cells do make up some of the dust around us. And vsccuum very regularly. All bedding washed once a week.

Change all bedding to hypo allergenic dust mite proof. Make sure the actual mattress is less than 10 years old. Less that 5 if possible.

Dust allergies are actually allergies to dust mite fecal matter. Your never going to get rid of dust mites, but you can and should reduce their ability to live around where you’re child frequents. Especially places their face goes. Bedding is going to be crucial.

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Invest in really good air purifiers, especially in your little ones room.

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We removed all carpets and rugs and curtains are washed weekly


Get rid of any carpet, and anything that just sits or hangs around and holds lots of dust like drapes or decorations. Also, look into using All Free and Clear laundry detergent and associated products. It claims to kill and remove 99% of top allergens - to include dust mites.

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Get rid of pet allergens.

Rainbow or Sirena vacuum - both water vacuums. Debris/dust goes into water - rather than floating around in the air.

Air purifiers - remove carpets/rugs if allergy is severe

Zippered mattress and pillow covers

All of the above plus don’t forget stuffed animals. They harbor lots of dust mites.

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Have your actually heating ducts/vents professionally cleaned… They build up a ton of dust bc people rarely clean them

Clean fans consistently

Get an idapt air oasis air filter system. That’s what my doctor recommended

We use a Rainbow sweeper. It has a water tank instead of traditional bag/canister. It works as a sweeper and air purifier (when nor being used as a sweeper). Has helped tremendously in our country/pet household.

We use Norwex cleaning products

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No carpets, only rugs. Less decor sitting around and pics on walls. Air purifiers will become your friend. No blinds, use shades. Stuffed animals gotta go.

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If you use liquid laundry detergent in water. It’s great for dust repellent.
Also get an air purifier

I had to dust every week. You can’t dust, sweep, vacuum with the child in the room.

Its sucks the dust and dirt into the water then you dump the water

I know a person who sells them

Teddy’s are dusty collectors can get a air filter?

Buy a good air purifier system and change / wash filter once a week , Wash you vacuum filter & parts once a week ,don’t use a broom but something like a Swiffer

Get rid of carpets and cloth window treatments. We removed all carpet and cloth window treatments and switched to Pergo and vertical blinds. We dusted regularly and our oldest’s dust induced asthma attacks decreased to almost non existent. Had the occasional attack but it was no longer a weekly thing. Best of luck and may you find the solutions that help your child.

Get rid of the curtains if you have any. Clean blinds regularly, they hold dust. Wipe down ceiling fans regularly, people forget about those. Clean other fans often. Vacuum furniture. Make sure you’re using a mattress cover and pillow covers. Not just a pillow case but a cover you can wash with the pillow cases like a mattress cover.

We have a special UV light that goes on our hvac system we had installed. It helps our allergies a ton.

Get a good air filter system, use humidifier and clean with a damp cloth diluted vinegar and water.

Pledge multi surface anti bacterial spray.

Heal the gut! Google healing a childs gut. Simple ways to heal the gut.

I had my air ducts professionally cleaned throughout the house. It made a huge difference for my daughter

I an my oldest has severe dust allergies. She is mostly grown out of it, my flares up durrung certain seasons. Cheese cloth on open windows, plastics zipper bed cover (duct tape the sipper when on the bed, same with pillows( can be purchased at Walmart) if your child has a special stuffie make sure it it thrown in the dryer every morning to kill the dust mites. Wash bedding every other day. Vacuum every day(sweeping makes dust airborn) It’s time consuming but works

With a dust allergy you should be wet dusting so it’s not flying around.

Make sure he has vitamin C it builds up immune system they have chewys get an air filter machine they also have a machine you put on socket like a night light an air ionizer or somthing like that on amazon

My daughter has this same issue we were told: Pillows in the dryer once a week, stuffy toys washed once a week, couch had to be covered with a sheet or blanket that could be washed once a week all the bedding had to be washed weekly, dust covers on your pillows, pinesol and water in a spray bottle and wipe down your dusty surfaces with a microfiber cloth to keep the airborne dusts at bay as well.

Get an allergen cover your child’s mattress, and get rid of carpeting if you can.

I have a horrible dust allergy. Claritin pillows helps tremendously. Don’t use furniture polish as it attracts dust. I have found a product called norwex and it traps the dust and keeps it gone for longer than any other product. It also doesn’t allow dust into the air while dusting and that also helps tremendously. If you need help feel free to PM me

Get you a water filtration vacuum no dust comes out of it. It’s all trapped in water which you just dump out and rinse. You can find them on Amazon. Similar to the rainbow but way cheaper. I got mine for $125. It’s now $165. You can vacuum every part of your house, blinds, behind and under tv stands, under couches. It never loses its suction.

An air purifier will help a bit

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Use allergy friendly mattress and pillow covers, keep animals out of bedroom, wash linens and clean windows and coverings frequently. Remove all stuffed animals from room except for one if they insist and wash it weekly, No carpet and swiffer and dust daily if possible.

I just bought a rainbow vacuum. It’s not the old school ones we use to use. It has an air cleaning feature. I can tell right away how it cleans the air. Lmk if you want my guy to stop by and show you. Very affordable.

Years ago my daughter was real bad with dust allergies , we got her a water bed no carpeting no stuff animals nothing down like pillows or coats , we used cheese cloth covering the heat ducts

Check out homeopathic remedies for dust allergies. It slowly builds up tolerance against allergies. Safe for kids, work well long-term on chronic conditions.

Your insurance may have an alternative/complementary medicine program or you can go to a health food store and ask the staff to help you find the right homeopathic remedy. Generally you want to take only the one for a specific malady; the more ingredients the worse it works. People at Mom’s Organic Market near me have all been super helpful. The folks at Whole Foods have been helpful or not—it varied by store.

Also negative ionizers keep particles out of the air by making them drop, but then you have to really clean the surfaces. On the plus side, they’re supposed to improve mood too. Machines work best, but those Himalayan salt lamps confer some benefits.

I had allergy shots for years and they never did me much good, but some people swear by them. I control my pollen/hay fever with Pollinosan homeopathic remedy. It’s the only thing that’s helped. As long as I take it consistently March through October my allergies don’t bother me.

Is your child truly miserable or do you think s/he could build up a tolerance over time if exposed to dust?

As a general rule of thumb omega vitamins are anti inflammatory which helps with allergies and asthma however it also works buy helping build up the skin and almost making an environmental barrier. Therefor reducing skin symptoms associated with the allergy itself if this is something they struggle with. Unsure if his symptoms were skin/respiratory related.

No curtains wooden floor in their room…

My eldest has that which sets his asthma off. We hoover his mattress wash beding hoover carpets hoover teddies and WET dust with a baby wipe or wet cloth. X

Vacuum mattresses, get mattress covers. Remove extra pillows, blankets, stuffies, carpets, curtains, anything fabric and any clutter… Clean furnace and use vent filters. Dust before and after vacuuming… can also use an air purifier. Open windows… ?? There is specific times, not to… cannot remember… maybe only in early AM… before traffic is busy, when not windy, after rain…? Cannot remember… :pray: