Looking for a English/Spanish baby name. Any suggestions?

Hey mamas i need help!!
I’m 30 weeks pregnant with our first but it seems we can not agree on a name. We’re looking for a boy name that works in English and Spanish and has a cute nickname. I’m in love with the name Mateo but hubby doesn’t like it :weary: Help!!


This is something only the 2 of you can decide on. Good luck.

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Dont stress… the minute you lay eyes on your son you will know. :blush:

My question is, why does it a name need to have a nickname?

My sons name is Eli :two_hearts:

I wanted my son to be peyton

Alberto! Beto is such a cute nickname!

I like Eliseo so Eli. Javier so Javi. Alejandro so Alex. Abraham so Abe. Benjamin so Ben. Antonio so Tony.

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We couldn’t agree either, even after our son was born. So he wrote <10 names on an index card, and I crossed out the ones I could not agree with. Then we wrote out first/middle/last of the ones we both agreed on and that helped us decide.

My son’s name is Matteo.

I’m in the same boat! 33 1/2 weeks and we have two names in mind but we aren’t sure about them :grimacing:

Also didn’t have a name for my son until 2 days after he was born. :woman_shrugging:

1 of my sons is Nicolas in Spanish the nick name is, Nico. Another is Gregorio nn Gollo(goyo). Since my kids dads from Mexico, and doesn’t know American names, we did names that are used in both places.

Okay so when I was pregnant I really like the name from that kids movie “brother bear “the guys name was “kenai” and the little bears name was “koda” and I watched the movies in English and Spanish and they sounded so cute to me in both languages but my SO didn’t like them plus we had a girl but just an idea :blush:


Dominic nick name Dom,

Antonio and I love Mateo!!

Haha my babies dad and I couldn’t agree either I would say all these name and he would go oh na then I told him to decide in the end and a couples hours before I had her I asked what her name was going to be and he decided with one of my name’s and his choice of middle name, it will work out in the end and we love it, you’ll love what ever you come up with.

I like the name Felix. I think its adorable.