Looking for baby names, any suggestions?

I have 2 boys just found out im having a girl :heart:

I loved the name lilianna but my husbands sister ended up naming her daughter that. So we have an evanna illianna and a Alanna on his side of the family.
Anna is my grandmother’s sisters name so I always wanted to name my baby something with Anna in it. I suggested Avianna and my husband doesn’t like it.

I need help finding a name also I really want her middle name to be Bliss.


My daughters name is lianna :slight_smile:

We are thinking of Annalise

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We are thinking of Annalise

Leanna Bliss?
Anna Bliss sounds cute on its own to be honest


What about Alianna bliss?

My daughter’s name is Adrianna💜

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Giulianna :grinning: Julianna

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Julianna, Brianna, Aiyana, Elliana

We were going to use Ellianna had our last been a girl

My nieces name is Karianna (pronounced like Car EE Ah Nuh)


My daughter’s name is abryanna

Annalise, annais, adalynn

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I’d be annoyed she took the name :joy:

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Why not just Anna Bliss?

Bliss? That’s not a name. Poor baby.

Not with an anna but Chevelle would have been my daughters name this pregnancy but we are having a boy lol

Tatiana, Julianna, Annabelle, Annamae, Arianna

Totianna Bliss, Marianna Bliss

Annalise Vivianna Adrianna

Love Aubrianna or Audrianna

Gracie Bliss or
Ellie Anna Bliss

I have a niece named Avianna! Love the name❤️ it’s unique and elegant I think:)

Adrianna, Annabelle, susanna

My daughter’s name is Ameliana

Adriana Bliss or Laura !!!:wink:

Kianna Bliss, Tianna Bliss, Brianna Bliss

Linora was going to name a girl but ended up with 3 boys

Julianna Bliss, Kalianna Bliss, Teanna Bliss

My granddaughter is Lilliana & my niece Arianna

Laurana , Anna , Arianna

Name her Naveh its hevan spelled backwards

I love the name Annaleigh :heart: that’s my next daughter’s name.

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Annalise, joanna, Julianna

My daughters name is annabella

My bf suggested the name Gordianna because his dads name is Gordon :flushed:

Viviana, Vivyana, Tatiana, Tiana, Aryanna, Audriana, Katiana, Daliana, Dyana, Deanna, Emiliana, Gianna, Jiliana, Jordana, Malana, Melana, Milana, Raeana, savana, Silvana

I was going to do Avianna, but decided on Arianna (I pronounce it Airy-on-na)

My daughter name is juliana. I also loved liliana and iliana but didnt use those

Try out baby name sites. They come up with some creative choices.

Breanna bliss
Juliana bliss
Shanna bliss

My daughter name is Aiyana

What’s wrong with just Anna Bliss

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Audrianna, Aubrianna, Arianna, Brianna, Julianna, Vivianna, Annalise, Anastasia or Annastasia, Ellianna, list goes on. Search up “girl names with Anna in them”

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Check oit nameberry.com

My daughter’s name is Arianna

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Anna-Ray Bliss ? If I ever have a girl her name will be Lydia-Rose

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My sister has an Aveianna (a-vee-ah-na) and an Analeiah (an-uh-lee-uh)

Rosanna, Tiana, Amilianna, Graceanna, Leanna, Deanna, Julianna,Lucianna

A girl I work with daughter is Arianna.

My Husband’s grandmother was Anna. Our daughter is Adrianna. We thought adding the second “n” would cause people to say “Anna” but they call her AdriONNA… I also like Annalies/ Annalise (Anna-lease).

My neice is “Kaliana” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My cousin named her daughter Annalena.

Annabelle Bliss would be beautiful

Brianna, viviana, bivianna (a friend), leighanna, Melanna

Heavenly Bliss
Penelope, Mailani, Leann, Pheobe, Alaina, Hannah, Grace, Anastasia, Mia, Amelia, Lilly or Lillian,

Belle means beautiful :slightly_smiling_face:

My nieces name is Aiyana pronounced ayanna

Savannah, Annabelle, Hanna

Our AveryElla was almost an Averyanna at one point :joy: for real though there are so many names with Anna in it that hopefully it won’t be too hard for you and your husband to find one you both love.

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My daughters name is lylianna ( sounds like Lilly Anna ) but I almost named her leighanna , Lilith is a beautiful name

I was gonna name my daughter Anasofia but bf didn’t like it so we stuck with Sofia

My daughter’s name is Lyanna. Pronounced Lee-an-na

Rosanna Bliss
Tonianna Bliss
Bellanna Bliss

Arianna !!! So pretty .



Alayna it’s my grand daughter name

Julianna, Adrianna, Annalise

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Ryanna. Can also spell it RaeAnna

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My niece is named Annelie. Pronounced Anna-Lee


Elianna bliss

Avianna I like that it’s different :grin:


My one daughters name is Anya


Someone I know named their daughter Avrianna

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What about just Anna? I love simple names tbh hahaha
I have an Eloise and Jayde.

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My daughters name is Annleigh. Some ppl have AnnAleigh with an a in the middle. My daughters middle name is Brielle.

Brianna, Savannah ellianna, Adrianna, adryanna, tatianna, Hannah,

Keianna… Pronounced (key anna) that is what i was gonna name my daughter but my ex fucktarded husband said he couldnt say that name and my goofy ass changed it. Lol but keianna is a cute name.

Mine was a boy so anakin but if we would of found out we were having a little.girl annakin

My friends daughter is named Marianna. Marianna Bliss.


My girls name is Leilani! Pronounced Lay-Lonny! Very close to Lillianna ! Her full name is Leilani Alexandria :sparkling_heart:

Marianna, Arianna, Annabelle/Annabella, or Julianna.

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Kami, Skylee , Vanna Mae, Anna Mae, Grace Anna , Anna Grace,Kimber, Moranna,

We just named our daughter AnnaBelle, I also liked Annabella

Ellianna “Ellie” for short. Ellianna Bliss :heart:


I like shorter names like Aria, Anya (on-ya), Ava

My two girls are Madalyn Reese and Cora Rose

My daughter’s name is Savanna, it has Anna in it!


Kianna (Or Kiana - My niece’s name)

How about Anna Bliss it’s got both names

How about Annabelle? :heart:

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Just put them together sounds cute

Evianna (ev-ee-on-a)

Name her Avianna and let him give her a nickname

Just remember your child will have that name forever!! Even as an adult!!


Annabelle Julianna Vivianna Annaleigh

Arianna Brieanna Deanna. Luna. Or violet lol jst cuz that name is awsum

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AdriAnna, BriAnna, DriAnna, OliviAnna, AriAnna, DiAnna, LeAnna