Looking for baby names, any suggestions?

Mary-Anna, Jo-Anna, Kirianna, Dacianna, Reyanna, tatianna,

Oveanna like “ov-e-anna”

Tatiana, Ariana, Yoseanna (almost like Joselyn.), Aliana,…

I named my daughter Avianna​:heart: Long (A)-(vee) (aw)-(nuh) :crown:

You could use Anna as a middle name.

Aryanna Bliss (Air-re-aw-nuh

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JoAnna Bliss
Annabelle Bliss

I like Anna Bliss. Mary-Anna Bliss
Kassie-Anna Bliss
Annabeth Bliss

Brianna. Marianna. Joyanna. Annamarie. Annabeth Bliss. Annalise Bliss .

Ellyanna, Bellianna, Annabell(a), Theanna, Tianna, Melianna, Evianna… seems like a pretty combination with almost anything

Why not just Anna? After your gm sis, or what’s ur own nans name?
Most my children hv ancestor names :slight_smile:
7 of them do & one after a woman who helped us through our struggle with my brothers cancer.

My daughter’s name is annaleez… Pronounced anna-lease

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Arianna, Annais, Annalaine. Congratulations :heart::heart:!

Regardless of others, choose one you originally wanted or you’ll regret it later. I wanted Lauren but had a boy. So my sil had a girl next and named her Lauren so when I had a girl I named her something else and have been sorry ever since. I felt there would be two Laurens and that wasn’t good. So they lived far away so it really would not have mattered.

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My nieces name is abrianna and I always thought it different

Elizanne Ceanna Maryanne. Deanna (my daughters middle name) Her first name is Eden , Then I have Elysha and Emi-lee. I have a friend who Name her daughter Jonanna or Johnnianne . Can’t remember how she spelled . You can add Ann to almost any name

I picked my daughter’s name for the same reason you did. Analeigha. My grandparents raised me so I wanted to use their middle names as one. Ana-For my grandma’s middle name being Ann and Leigha-For my grandpa’s middle name Lee. Ann-a-lee-a is how it’s pronounced. I’m not big on double letters together which is why I spelled her name the way I did but Annaleigha Bliss has a good ring to it.

Ahlianna, AnnaLynn, Shyanna, Milanna, Lily-Anne, Hannah, Ana-Marie, Anna-Maria, Savannah, Anna-Beth, Annabelle, Lana, Elana, Brianna.

My granddaughter is called Avyanna x

Livianna Bliss
Anastasia Bliss

My little girls name is Evalyn Aviana and I feel like they are quite fitting. Her middle name came from the name Avianna but it didn’t sound quite right with the rest of her name so we changed it to Aviana so it would be pronounced differently xxx

Speaking as someone who had to deal with such an odd name… Please don’t! Just name her Anna

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Tatianna bliss. Breanna. Savannah, Hannah rose, Shavanna.

Annalease, Adrianna, Trianna, Brianna, Darianna

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If you call a baby girl, after an English Queen ( alive or dead) you can’t go far wrong.

Use Anna as a middle name

There’s always my name. But I’ve always struggled having a unique name.

My daughter is ellyana

Annalise… Annabelle… Ann-Marie… Anna-Maria Annalyne… Annika… Roxanne… Annetta… Lillian… Annaliee… Dianna, good luck with your pregnancy journey and I hope you find a name u luv x

Julianna ,Arianna ,Breanna :relaxed:

The name Rose is coming back as well As Emilia, Grace.

Annalise/ Anneliese, Anastasia, and Morganna are some of my favourites.

Or maybe iwanabannana

My nieces name is Arianna Lynn

I always loved Gabriella, Issabella, or Lillie. Never had a girl though😥