Looking for older bayb girl names, any suggestions?

Can I have some baby girl name suggestions?
I don’t like “older” names, or names that people would have a hard time to pronounce or spell on a regular basis


Asaleigh (pronounced as-ah-lee) came from my great grandmother.

Olivea Kaycee Kayla Trisha



I have a Kylee, Peyton & Addie. I always loved the name Alivia too.

My daughters names are Ava Rose & Kaylee Alexis

Sophia, Charlotte, Rebecca, Lindsey, Hanna.

Piper, Hadley, my favorite is Charlotte but that could be an “old name” Riley.

I have a Layla and a Norah Jo

Briella, Willow, Hadley, Brylee

We have a Camryn Jade, Aspen Malloy, and if the next had been a girl she would’ve been Ava Monroe.

I have a susannah
If my unborn is a girl we’ve chosen heidi

Sophia, Charlotte, Shayla, Olivia are my favs

My daughter is Jayla Rose

We had Reece picked out for a girl…

I’m naming my little girl Ivory. :heart:

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Jasmine is my sister name, mine is Michaela, also Abby and Felicia

I have always wanted a little girl, and her name would be Angel rose but not happening

My girls are Chloe Elise, Cali Josephine and Kinley Brook

Ivy is not common. Most names are old though, unless you make one up.

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I plan on naming a daughter Karina Alee


Arabella was gonna be my daughter’s name if I was having a girl :heart:

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I have a Shaylee Nicole and a Rendi Raelynn

I have an Everly Mireille and Amiara Jade,
Pronounced A-MY-RA. I think their names are unique with spelling and pronouncation.
I did like the name Asterea, that was going to be my youngest daughters name.

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My daughters names are Mercedes Marie and Lexus Nikkol. My grandbaby name is Madison Rose.

Nickname type names
They’re not old bc they are short for old names lol

Lyla was my girl name.

I’m naming my daughter Skylar Alexandria

My little girls name is Emma Rose granted Emma is an old fashion name but I thought it was pretty. But I always like the names Gracelynn and Lillyonna .

I’ll try to in put… but I do love older names and hippie names now lol. My daughters are Devon, Brooklynne (brook) and Alora. If I had more daughters (which I won’t lol), I like:
-Laila or Layla

Agnes, Muriel. Penelope

I have a Natalie. If we ever have another girl, some other favorites are Olivia, Meredith, Macy, Hazel, and Savannah

Ariel, Arielle, Ariella, Ardelle, Bianca, Brianna, Breanna, Breanne, Carlita, Carlotta, Chemere, Chimira, Danyelle, Donyelle, Erica, Francene, Francine, Gennessia, Heather, Henriette, Ina, Iris, Jermeisha, Ja’naisha, Keisha, Karmen, Karminey, Larneisha, Mitchella, Marina, Nyashia, Patrice, Patrina, Roshanda, Roneshia, Ra’Shawn Sharnice, Shamaine Ty’mesha, Tanjaneka Ty’messa, Ty’nessa, Vontrella, Vanae, Wy’eshia, Yolanda, Zaria, Zariah, Zion :clap::clap::clap:

My little girls name is Nevaeh Rose

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Alaya, Emerson, Camilla, Noelle

My daughters name is Savannah Rose

My daughter’s name is Shania Katherine. If we had another girl, it would have been Sierra Cheyanne

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My grand daughters name are…Harleigh Grace and Harper Jayde

Paige Leigh and Madison Riley are my girls names :blush:

My daughters name is Layla

My daughters name is Cassidy Lynn :blush:

Hadley, Harper, Palmer, Aubrey, Audra, Shaylee, Sonora.


My daughter’s name is Marleigh Margaret

Marissa, Alyssa and Bella

I have a Lilyth and Davina, but I love the names Lorelei, Ceresei, Annabelle, Olivia and Persephone.

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Lydia Kate
Sabrina Mae
Callie Marie
Ariel Renee
Olivia Grace

We’ve picked multiple girl names every time we had a child. We have 3 boys.

Our daughters name is Delaney

My daughters name is Alyssa

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Kennedy, Regan, Blakely

Mila Grace
Heaven Leigh
Ember Lee

My 2 beautiful daughters are Bonnie Theresa & Rikki Louisa

Mine are Ahlaunna Michelle (yes I know, the spelling :woman_facepalming: Alanna), Ahlyssa Marie, and Ahbree Christina.

Genevieve, Margaret, Bonnie, Linda, Jolie

Autumn, lacey,lacy,lacie,Brooklyn, kimber

My girls are called holly & ruby

My girls are called holly & ruby

Elizabeth & Ava? Those are my girls’ names lol.



Kayla ,Madison,

Makaylah Alexis gia Kendra Kylie Kendall Crystal Brianna skylar trista Trina katia

My daughters name is Emery Skye. :heartpulse::heartpulse:

Leah, nicole, shelly, haley , patty,brooke, raelyn, taylor, cloey, liz, diamond, fiona, ava, eva, eve

I have a Sophia
I also love Layla, Lilly, Evelyn, Evie, Aubury, Lillian, Ebony, Marli, Amarlia, Kailynn, Everleigh.

Hope, Jenna, Marianna, Marina, Quinn,

it’s my favorite girls name
but some of my other favs are Charlie or Lincoln- I know both are typically a boys name, but I think they’re pretty, and different, for a girl.

Elizabeth is the #1 most beautiful name ever.

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My new grandaughters name is Charlie Rhae. For grandfather’s Charles and Raymond.

My daughters names are Hadley and Wednesday.
I have nieces named Jaidyn, Gracin, Kendall, Luciana and Harley.
I think all those are pretty and not old school.

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My girls names are Makieya, Allenah.l, and Kyleigh. My Nieces are Brynna, Felicity, Daisy, and Dixie.

My daughter’s names are Kaytlyn Marie, Arjana, and Jocelyn Paige

I have Tonia, Nonda and Tessa

My 1st grand child, a girl, due this summer, will be named Willow Grace…I just love it! My husband and I raised 3 sons with varying stages of A.D.D. & A.D.H.D. who have grown into beautiful, talented, respectful men. As hard as it was on us sometimes, the parents, there’s no-one else it’s harder on than the kids that struggle through school with A.D.H.D.! Anyway I went off track a bit, hope that helps some parents going through that now. It can be quite disheartening and frustrating at times. Hang in there, be your child’s best advocate, you know your child best!
Now my oldest has found his beautiful soul mate. Together they make me so proud I could burst. And now they are making me a grandma of a little girl. Little Willow Grace, I can’t wait! :two_hearts:

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