Milk allergy symptoms?

My son is almost 16 months old, he’s still on formula (Kirkland yellow version) he’s on a bottle. Eats little bits all day long, has about 3-8oz bottles a day . Every time I’ve tried to switch him to homo or 2% milk he gets a bad bum rash. Has anyone given their babies lactose free milk? I haven’t tried soy milk, he likes warm milk in his bottles

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They have a new milk that doesn’t have the protein that people tend to be allergic to. I’ll try to find it and comment again.

Try almond milk, goat or even lactose free milk. There’s lots of options thankfully.

You can try lactaid before you try soy

My son needed soy milk for the first 2 years

I’d also try getting rid of the bottle. They recommend ditching the bottle by 12 months.


Soy increases estrogen production in the body. Almond milk, goat milk, ripple milk are all really good.

We had a tubie and gave him ripple milk in his blends. It worked really well for him.

Try something dairy free :blush: I mean…cows milk is for baby cows so it’s only natural that your little one gets a reaction from it. I’d incorporate more food and less bottles. My son is a picky eater also but if he doesn’t eat his food, he gets nothing else and eventually eats when he’s hungry


Sounds like they may be lactose intolerant. Many kids I get in my class that are lactose intolerant are on almond milk.

Almond milk, coconut milk, cashew milk - my son is lactose & I give him plant based milks because he likes it. You don’t NEED to transition into milk, but if you want go towards a plant based selection. Also, almond milk yogurts & vegan cheese.

Incorporate more foods. Your LO should be eating 3 meals a day with 2 snacks.

Don’t introduce juice.

Keep it at water & milk.

A rash is a sign of an allergic reaction Not lactose intolerance.

Switch to non milk sources. He’s old enough to drink from a glass too.

Too much soy isn’t good. Not only for kids but for adults.

My daughter drinks vanilla soy milk and she loves it. She’s 1 1/2

Dr started us out with lactose free milk. We tried soy but no one liked it and then almond. Recently they introduced fair life milk and it’s a hits at our house. My daughter is now 8, we struggled for years before we found what worked for her

My kids drink Natrel Lactose Free 0%

My daughter had to go to lactose free milk and all her eczema and diaper rash went away.

Milk isn’t exactly needed really as long as they are getting the vitamins from other sources. My girl hates any and all kind of milk (animal, plant, soy, lactose-free, etc) we’ve tried everything and no go. Even added flavoring and nope! Her dr said milk really only helps them gain weight as you can find the same vitamins and nutrition in milk from other sources. She eats tons of cheese and loves yogurt. She’s in perfect health and her Dr has never been concerned.


Also I would suggest weaning bub off the bottle soon and into a sippy cup or 360° cup or even straw cups.


My nephew drank a milk called Rice Dream, I think.

My lil boy is 3. We found out he was lactose intolerant when he was 7 mos. His little booty would break out in what almost looked like a diaper rash, but was raised, fire red, and it kept so much fever in it.
We started using lactaid for him. Its lactose free and he hasn’t had an issue since. Infact, he has somewhat out grown his Allergy! Many children do!
Good luck to you mama!

Sounds like it’s a milk protein allergy, rather than lactose intolerance. Goat or sheep dairy products might be a great alternative. We use goat milk for our kids with allergies, and feed them goat/cheese, and sheep yogurt. Or you can try a plant-based milk option such as almond or coconut.

They make toddler formula! From 1-3 years. If not Goat milk & goat cheese!
My brother has a milk allergy & Goat milk saved him. Its perfectly safe. If you’re not wanting to try plant based “milks”

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We drink Fairlife. It’s lactose free and has a lot of protein and calcium. Hubby and I can’t drink regular milk so we didn’t even attempt it with our little one. Never had any issues and love it.

Dont do soy, do almond. Soy milk has hormones that can interfere with normal hormone levels over time. Ive got 3 kids and all of them drink almond milk. But if he gets enough solid dairy in his diet, milk isnt necessary.

In my experience, cheese and yogurt are usually fine with a dairy allergy. Just stuff like milk and ice cream that bother.

Cows milk has a huge molecule compared to human and goat milk. If you can find something goat milk based I would recommend that. All babes have different reactions to different milk, but I avoid cows milk in our home. It doesn’t digest easily.

Almond milk is awesome the sweet kind

My kids have lactaid milk no reactions at all

I would do fair life/almond or coconut.

We use lactose free milk for my son. We started with almond milk which he liked but he wasn’t gaining weight. He also doesn’t eat well and almond milk doesn’t have much protein in it so we switched to the nut milk with pea protein and he liked it but it was pricey so I tried him on lactose free milk instead because he drinks a lot of milk it’s cheaper. He loves it the most out of all the milks. He is finally gaining some weight now which he really needed. The plant protein milk is thick and chalky in my opinion.

My son has been on Lactaid (lactose free milk) since he was 12 months old due to lactose allergies that run in my family

He may be allergic to milk. Check with a doctor. And why is a baby only getting 3 drinks a day??? A child needs to drink something every 3 hours! You’re dehydrating him!:grimacing:

I give mine lactose free whole milk and yes it was pediatrician recommended

GOATS MILK!!! cheaper then formula and healthy for them. It’s in a white and purple can on the bottom shelf at food lion on the baking Ile! I’ve had several professional opinions and all say it’s great for them! My son has several of allergies, including milk and nuts, soy! He is not lactose where they can have some dairy lactose free products but he is allergic to the protein in milk. I switched him at a year and he has been fine Since! You can make it WARM OR COLD! A COUPLE OUNCES OR A GALLON AT A TIME! You make it just like formula! BEST THING EVER!!!

Try goats milk. A lot of kids, no pun intended, handle it better than cows. I think it doesn’t have the lactose like cows milk, but I can’t remember the exact reason off hand.

My child could not tolerate Cow’s milk and was on Lactose Milk from 1yr to 3yrs. We retried Cow’s milk at 3yr but she refused and now will not drink milk at all!

We use fairlife which is lactose free because of rash breakouts with our kiddos and it’s delicious!

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Soy is really hard on little bellies to breakdown so it tends to leave them constipated. You should ask your pediatrician because they have your child’s medical history and can guide or refer you to an allergist. If it is a milk or lactose problem you want to know that for sure because limiting a child’s diet of a whole food group isn’t good unless it’s necessary. An allergist can determine that quickly. Good luck!

Have you tried Halfing the bottle with milk and formula, might help tummy with adjusting

He doesn’t need milk at all as long as he’s having like cheese or yogurt. But are you just switching to the milk or are you doing half formula half milk?