Morning sickness remedies?

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Any other new moms have a lot of trouble with anything they eat?? I’m 6 days pp… Everything i eat seems to just go threw me. My stomach constantly hurts. Everything i was able to eat before pregnancy and during I cant … Today we had a welcome to the family dinner, steak, pasta salad, potato salad, and veggie tray … Nothing crazy and I couldnt even finish bc my stomach started hurting and i was in the bathroom… When I go my stomach cramps and turns every which way- my mom said its everything going back to place … My gallbladder was taken out in 2011 so its not that. Any input is appreciated, im 31 and this is my first baby

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Ur mama is right, everything is shifting back into place. Itll pass in a couple weeks. Try a belly binder in the meantime, it might help a little.


I think it’s just bcs you’re body is trying to go back to normal. That happened to me my first trimester of pregnancy.

Gallbladder removal can cause IBS. Do some reading on it then talk to your Dr. There are medicines your Dr can give you to help. Cholestyramine is a medicine that works.


It’s only been 6 days. Give yourself some time .

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I had months of this after both kids.

See I had the opposite. I’m 12 days pp and for the first week I couldn’t go to the bathroom… I had to take milk of magnesia for a day

It wouldn’t hurt to mention it to your dr.

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Did you have a c-section? I was told that all of the antibiotics and fluids they pump you with mess with your GI system. I had issues too, my OB recommended probiotics and they helped.

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Yes, take acidophilus pills with each meal. Maybe the BRAT diet until things calm down: bananas, rice, applesauce, tea & toast. Definitely tell your doctor. Hope it’s just a passing thing (pun intended) and you feel better in a week.

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