Morning sickness remedies?

I’m 30 weeks 4 days I can’t keep anything down at all. Both rib cages hurts so much I don’t know what to do any ideas!!!


You only have one rib cage :joy::joy:


Same here but I’m 17 weeks and losing weight, no appetite and been diagnosed with Hyperemesis gravidarum

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Vitamin B12 prego pops…? For nausea, ginger ale I’m sorry miserable feeling hope stuff stays down soon praying :pray:t2: for you

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Your doctor should have gave you a pill to take all the nausea away a long time ago


Go get fluids from er . My docs rule is after 24 hrs and can’t keep anything down go get fluids!! I had to get them 3 times a week for months due to hypermesis…

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All I could eat with my last was Ginger ale & pretzels… Like, for wks!!! If things don’t change call your OB & see what they want you to do!

fresh ginger not enough in ginger ale, peppermint tea…help some but not alot works well,

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Nesquick mix in your Milk daily, pickles, chewable tums and see what your Dr can do

I had costocondritis it’s the inflammation of rib cage, I used ice pads you can get a good one at cvs it’s 6-12hr cold back pack worked great :+1:t2: sorry Momma