Mosquito repellent for kids under 12 months?

Im just wondering if there is anything out there for a mosquito repellent for children under 12 months? I’ve been trying to find something but everything is 12+ months that I’ve found. Where im living at the moment the mozzies are becoming out of control and are only about to get worse as we are about to be hit by the floods in VIC. I don’t really want my little one being attacked by mosquitoes if we can prevent it from happening ( little one is almost 8 months if that helps)

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If you just wanna use whatever mosquito repellent you know works I just spray the stroller where I know they can’t reach and it usually works pretty well. Also buying lemongrass soap and using as body wash used to work for me for awhile

I used the Johnsons lotion in the green bottle. I think its aloe and vitamin e.

Try lavender oil lavender is a natural mosquito repellent

I used to use skin so soft…but ours aren’t that bad…