“Mother in law” bf parents

What I can’t stand about my bf’s parents:

  1. She wanted to be called mawmaw, any kid learning to talk would say momma.

  2. She refused to talk to me for 3 weeks after my tubal because “I wanted more grandkids”. She has 2 other sons

  3. She baby’s the kid. Jumps and cries every single time he scrapes his knee or hits his arm(normal 5 year old stuff)

  4. Does not include my oldest… not related to them

  5. Received a lump sum and spent 99% of it without a thought… most people would make sure their kids are taken care of right?

  6. Won’t listen to my advice when it comes to eating healthier and budgeting money. They eat cheap crap and wonder why they have health issues.

  7. She calls herself momma or “that’s my boy” he’s not her child he’s mine.

  8. Insists on seeing the child as much as possible. Kid comes back with an attitude the more he’s with them.

  9. They moved to be closer and now only 1.5 hour away. They do not understand why I don’t want them closer.

  10. Told them numerous times child can not eat high sodium like ramen noodles due to health issues, they gave him “little bit” of the seasoning anyways and justified that “it was only a little bit”. The kid still got belly ache and they have known low sodium for 5 years. Why go against what we both tell them repeatedly?lol

  11. The second she found out I was pregnant she pushed for a courthouse wedding “just because” 100% against what I want and she knew.

It sounds like she just needs to be told what your boundaries are & make there be consequences when she doesn’t listen to them. I think it’s a typical grandparent thing to be like “oh just a little bit won’t hurt” when it’s something the parent said no too but it’s what you asked and the child has health issues with it. I would tell her she needs to : 1. Listen to what you say he can’t eat. Just because they have health issues doesn’t mean your child needs to suffer too. 2. If she keeps pushing about a wedding you don’t want, tell her straight up “that isn’t what I want… I want more then a court house wedding so we’re going to wait and plan it how we want” 3. Set certain dates that she can see the child. Like a Saturday afternoon. There’s really no reason unless she watches the child while you’re at work to see him/her so much. They need their own normal daily routine. Set a certain day and times and have that be consistent so the child knows “I’ll see grandma this day” especially if he’s coming back with attitude, it’s hard to discipline about it when he’s getting it from somewhere else & been shown /told it’s okay. & stick to all of it. It’s your child & if she doesn’t want to follow what you say then you can choose what is going to happen. Personally from experience people normally don’t listen until shown… like where you physically don’t let her see your child until she wants to listen. It’s hard when it’s your in laws and you don’t wanna be disrespectful but she needs to know and understand you’re serious.