Muscle aches in lower stomach while pregnant?

:rotating_light: trigger warning: threatened m/c :rotating_light:

Hey, I’m wondering if you could please post this. I am really worried right now. I found out I am pregnant almost a week ago. Confirmed with the doctor and all but only through a urine test. I called my OBGYN yesterday morning cause I was cramping and spotting but not a lot. He advised I go to the ER. The ER ran a bunch of tests and did an ultrasound. They were unable to tell me what exactly is wrong because I’m so early. They suspect around 3-4 weeks pregnant so they diagnosed me with a threatened miscarriage and sent me home with orders to rest and took me out of work until my OBGYN could see me.

I get a phone call from a lady at My OBGYN’s office today. I was supposed to have an appointment with her to start the Intake process of the new pregnancy. She wanted to cancel the appointment because the ultrasound only showed a gestational sac and nothing else so she said I was not pregnant even though my HCG levels are where they are supposed to be for how far along the ER doctor expected me to be. My HCG levels are in the 700’s which is right on track they said.

I go for more blood work tomorrow morning and refused to cancel my appointment for the intake because it can take up to 2 months to get that appointment again if the baby is ok. My question is has anyone else been through something similar and the baby be completely ok? I am no longer spotting (I was only spotting for about 3-4 hours and not a lot only enough to have to change a panty liner 1 time.)

I am a little uncomfortable in my lower abdomen but it feels nothing like when I’ve had a miscarriage in the past. It feels more like a sore muscle then anything else. I’m praying this baby is ok. Please has anyone else been through this? Thank you!


At 3-4 weeks, they wouldn’t see anything in the sac anyway…that’s why they generally don’t do ultrasounds until at least 8 weeks. 3-4 weeks is very early though…it could be perfectly fine or it could be a chemical pregnancy or a threatened MC. Just relax as much as you can and act like you’re pregnant until you have proof of otherwise.


I have not been through that exactly but last time I was pregnant I did have abdomen pain early on from my uterus stretching and I did have a little spotting. My lil guy was fine. Hoping the best for you!!!

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Had the same at three weeks and I’ve just reached 13weeks baby is fine. Still have the pains and cramps but all is okay

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Yep. Went in had blood work at 7 weeks at about 8 weeks I had blood chunks in the toilet. Went to ER they told me my HCG levels were non viable and there was nothing in the sac. Had repeated bloodwork every 2 days for 4 days. They went to give me a pill to pass it… I said no I wanted another ultrasound and more blood work cause it was going up my own family doctor called me in to her office cause she couldn’t understand why they were sending me in for so much blood work. currently 32 weeks pregnant…


I spotted a little for only a hour when i found out but that was it now I have a healthy 11 month old


This happened to me I was about 5 weeks along and I was spotting and I went into the ER and they only found the sac but the doctor there told me it was too early to see a heartbeat but that the spotting was normal as long as it wasnt bright red blood because you could spot from the uterus lining shedding when the baby implanted. And my levels weren’t going down so they told me he didn’t see signs of a miscarriage. I had a drs appointment at 7 weeks and they found the heart beat and now a have a 2 year old.

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Maybe a blighted ovum?

OH god the same thing happened to me, it’s called a blight ovum. My first pregnancy was this way. I bled for a long time until I contracted and then miscarried. It takes time for the body to catch up to what’s going on. If they only saw a sac and no baby, then it’s blighted ovum. My body didn’t pass it until week 12. :frowning: I hope yours passes it sooner and please understand that this is soooooooo common and it is different than a typical miscarriage (so i have been told) only because it doesn’t mean it will happen again. Like you could get pregnant again and have a totally fine pregnancy with no complications. I am currently pregnant w my third child and only had that one blighted ovum.

I had a " false" pregnancy once. And it still grew until i was six months when they discovered the same thing.

I bled early in pregnancy, I had woken up and when I wiped there was blood, so I called and they got me in, at that point it was brown so they told me they weren’t worried since brown meant old and just to keep an eye on it and if anything changes to call back. I have minor cramps now and again but they are more of a stretching feeling from me growing the baby! I just went for my 13 week tummy check and baby was strong and beating at 155 :hugs::heart:

I was discharged from an ER with a threatened miscarriage. I now have a happy healthy 18month old. Hope that helps ease your mind

This happened to me twice. The first time an empty sac measuring 12 weeks. Missed miscarriage they called it. 2nd time it happened they told me around the same gestation as you are now and I refused to let them do a d&c. That baby is now 12.

I was spotting a little heavier almost like a period at almost 6 weeks. I went to the ER and they couldn’t see baby either. They also couldn’t hear anything. The baby was and is a perfect 4 year old now. I also with both of my girls had heavy bleeding that looked like a period towards the end of the pregnancy and it turned out everything was fine. Don’t stress!

I am 22wks right now and I had bleeding and spotting almost my entire pregnancy and baby is fine. It has slowed down now but still happened occasionally and like u not enough but to maybe wear a pantiliner. I would keep my appt and wait for doc to discuss with u. They told me there are a number of reasons for light bleeding. Good luck to you

The day I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I started spotting. I was about 3w5d based on my LMP. They did bloodwork and an ultrasound at the ER. They didn’t see a sac at all in my uterus. They gave me paperwork and my diagnosis was also a “threatened miscarriage”. She’s now almost 5 years old.

Honestly as early as what you are, you’re lucky to have even seen a gestational sac because you really don’t see much. Go for that bloodwork appointment. If your HCG levels are doubling, that’s a good sign.

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Same thing happened to me. I was not far along when I had my first Ultrasound and they could only see a sac. My hcg levels were good. Came back in 2 weeks in a row for ultrasounds and by the 3rd week there he was! Don’t let your dr just give up. Or see a different dr.

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I was 5 weeks along and they could not see my baby yet. The dr told me it was an empty sac and they could give me a pill to clean it out , but thankfully, i refused and said if i were going to miscarry i would rather it happen naturally. 2 weeks later they were able to see her. She is now my healthy almost 7 year old. Some women bleed throughout their pregnancy. I had spotting and cramping with my 2nd pregnancy and everything was fine. Good luck to you. I would try to rest, don’t lift anything heavy and refrain from sex until you see your dr :slight_smile: Good luck.

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I had the same thing i am i high risk patient i have to limit my exercise its normal you just gotta be careful what you do and not move so much. But i have a healthy baby girl :heart_eyes: ill keep you in my prays sweetheart.

With how early you are all they would see is the gestational sac so the lady makes no sense. We saw baby at my 6 week appointment (I was supposed to be 8 weeks but baby only measured 6) but I’ve seen people not able to see baby until 8/9 weeks and baby was fine.

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I was told with my son at around 4 weeks he was an ectopic pregnancy and shoot look at him now. Boy where they wrong! With this pregnancy at 4 - 5 weeks they said it looked like the baby was growing outside of the placenta and I cried and cried. They wanted to leave me there to do an additional scan and leave me in the hospital to do an abortion because they swore the baby wasn’t growing properly. I refused and wanted to leave and I went and payed for an ultrasound at a place to confirm pregnant and was told the baby was ok and where it’s supposed to be! So I would look for a second opinion if I were you. Also. Anything in early pregnancy they will call a threatened miscarriage. Cramping and spotting is usually pretty normal in early pregnancy. I would go to another doctor or ER if I were you. And just rest and don’t stress.


I had a threatened miscarriage… the pregnancy turned into a vanishing twin situation… I’m now 26 weeks with the surviving twin. It was terrifying and scary not knowing what was happening at every moment. I understand what you’re going through, in a sense. :heart: relax, easier said than done… but, stress isn’t helping. Take a deep breath.

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I didn’t have the same problem with the ultrasound but I did have bleeding twice, once at 11 weeks and once at 14 weeks. I passed full on huge clots and just knew I was miscarrying both times. I type this as I watch my now 2 year old run around and play. We never understood why I had bleeding but I was put on bed rest for the majority of the first 20 weeks & light duty after that.

I’m glad you kept your appointment. Good for you! If your levels are where they are supposed to be and you were barely bleeding, its very possible it was just from implantation. Even the light cramping is normal for some women. Its also very early for anything to be seen on an ultrasound. For some women, this isnt uncommon at all. Take it easy and rest. Have them keep up with your hcg levels over time to make sure they are going up like it’s supposed to. :heart:

Me !!! … tell them you want an ultra sound around 7 weeks I got one at 6 weeks and all you could see was a sac nothing else ! Your probably just getting cramps and getting implantation bleeding

Eta: i didnt see how far along you were, so i just wanted to add, that it is only a possibility that this happened
It’s like a phantom pregnancy. Your body says you are, but there’s no baby. Either your body will go through the motions, or they will have to do a d&c. I know it still feels sad, but strictly speaking, you weren’t pregnant in the first place. I went through this. I know it’s still upsetting, but if you were trying for a baby, a d&c makes it a way better environment to make a baby. I wish you well.

I definitely agree with the previous comments. Maybe ask for a different doctor/nurse because I think that’s wrong for someone to just tell you over the phone that you’re not pregnant and to cancel an appointment. I hope everything is ok! Also I feel like since you said you’ve miscarried before, the aches would be more painful as well than what you said they are now. Best of luck to you :heart:

I just went through the same thing! I was bleeding & i went to the er and they told me they only saw the sac but my levels were sky high and they told me i most likely miscarried. I went to the ob a few days later and got a transvaginal scan and the baby was fine with a heart beat & my levels were high bc i was father along than I thought! My bleeding stopped so everything was good. Take it easy and don’t worry! I really thought i miscarried but it was actually all good!

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I spotted at 6 weeks and 7 weeks pregnant with my son. I am rh negitave and needed shots

Have you been tested for a uti, bv, or std?

Keep your appointment. The ER doctor wasn’t necessarily looking for a heart beat but had to rule out an ectopic pregnancy, which is a medical emergency.

I had pink spotting a week after my urine and blood pregnancy test at the doctor. Then the next day got pink and some sort of tissue on the toilet paper. I called the Ob they had me come in that morning. Got an exam which showed my cervix was closed. They sent me over to ultrasound which showed closed uterus with no sac. The ultrasound Tech then really looked at my tubes and found the baby developing outside the uterus in my Fallopian tube. Good for you for keeping your appointment. Push for another ultrasound if you keep having pain and spotting. Praying all is well for you.

Keep your appointment its too soon to see anything.

I googled what you could see in an ultrasound at 4 weeks and this came up… So sounds like that is all that they are supposed to see?? My doctors office said they normally don’t see patients until they are 12 weeks along though for the first prenatal appt

Don’t let them scare you. I didn’t know how far along I was with my son, the ultrasound said 5 weeks and there was only a sac and no baby showing yet. BUT ONLY because they couldn’t see him yet on the scan. They told me I was having a molar pregnancy, I went in 2 weeks later and there he was just fine. I have PCOS so I never know when my next period is coming so the dates made sense to me but not them. I know it’s really hard but try not to stress and trust your body. My son is now a healthy 7 month old.

Happen to me twice for time i was pregnant with twins neither twin form only the sac dr told me it was a molar pregnacy i was about 2 months and a half second time i was only 3 weeks went again at 5 weeks found a heart and saw my baby he grew a lot for only 2 weeks

I know somebody, with their current pregnancy, who was basically told by their doctor that they would miscarry due to low progesterone. Well, that “definite miscarriage” will be here at the end of May, early June and she’s just as healthy as can be. Point is, you keep that appointment and do what’s best for you. Spotting is fairly normal and natural especially this early. You said you had a miscarriage before and it doesn’t feel like that, so I doubt that’s what’s happening here.

I bleed for weeks with my now two year old! Prayers :heart:

This happened to me said no baby in sac and said i would misscarry but my daughter isan adult now . i would keep my apt and wait it out and keep having them check counts

I’m currently pregnant and exactly what is happening to you happened to me! I bled after taking three positive tests and ran to the ER and they did all the test confirmed I was pregnant but that They couldn’t get a heartbeat and told me I could be miscarrying. I was a mess!!! But the blessing stopped and I never had pain just slight cramps which is all normal in a pregnancy! Well a few weeks later I go back and they take blood tests and they tell me my HCG levels are where they should be and the doctor looked at me and said they tried to get a heartbeat at the ER? You were only 5/6 weeks of course they aren’t going to find a heartbeat! I am now almost 20 weeks and me and baby are fine. Try to rest your mind and stay positive. I know it’s hard but I spotted with my son for a whole month and he’s now almost 5 and healthy.

I had bleeding with my youngest daughter it looked awful went to er they said i was gona mis carry and go home and bedrest and they put threatened miscarriage on my dicharge papers …she is now fixing to turn 15yrs old next week… I was so scared and just sat and waited thinking i was gona lose her and all worked out great. Best of luck to you and prayers all works out

If you are suspected to be only 3-4 weeks it could have been implantation bleeding and light period like cramps are normal. To the ultrasound showing a sac and no baby, usually 4 weeks doesn’t show anything that’s why they wait a little later into the pregnancy to do an ultrasound. Glad you kept the appointment. See what the blood test tomorrow says and go from there.

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I had cramping a week ago I was only 5 almost 6 weeks and we could see the baby. I went to e.r cus I have miscarried in the past so I got worried

My second pregnancy was a false only the sac developed no baby. I had to have a d & c done cause they thought it was a molar pregnancy which can turn to cancer. Definitely keep your appointment you never know it could be your body telling you something is not right

This happened to me as well. Cramping, spotting, threatened miscarriage dx and my baby boy just celebrated his first birthday last week. I think it was just because I found out when I was so early. Prayers to you!! :heart:

Sounds like implantation bleeding. I had that with this pregnancy. Felt a pinch and then when I went to the bathroom there was blood on my underwear and when I wiped. I immediately thought the worst and started crying because my last pregnancy ended up being ectopic, and I didn’t want to lose another pregnancy. Even though I’m in the medical field and knew that it was implantation, my brain immediately went to the WHAT IF…go with your gut, 3-4 weeks pregnant is waaaayy too early for the doctor to want to do all that. That’s usually when implantation happens and the next step by your doctor should have been to keep doing beta HCG every 48-72 hours to make sure it was going down (since they’re so adamant that you miscarried…) or that it is going up…personally, I would have gone to get a second opinion or switch OB/GYNs


I went through the same thing spotting HCG levels were normal and rising had a sac, I ended up having an ectopic pregnancy. Make sure if you start having terrible pain on one side go to the ER right away.

Wait til you’re six weeks and do another ultrasound. The wait time is horrible but by then they should be able to see more.

I had the exact same thing happen to me right after I found out I was 5-6 weeks pregnant. I went to ER was told it was a threatened miscarriage. Out on bed rest and closely monitored by Dr. Office weekly until things were safe to call normal. I know it’s scary and stressful. This was all a surprise to me as I have PCOS and Endometriosis and have never had luck getting pregnant and then to go through this on top of all the problems I had already dealt with through the years of trying to get pregnant, scariest time of my life… Stay positive and everything will be ok. Try to rest and relax as much as possible and you’re absolutely doing the right thing keeping your appointments.

OP Update

I wanted to update you all. I posted the other day how I went to the ER with a threatened miscarriage due to some minor bleeding and cramping (then the nurse trying to cancel my OBGYN appointment because the ultrasound at the ER only showed a gestational sac) After 3 rounds of blood work I am so happy to announce the HCG levels have increased the way they were supposed to! I’m very early and will be scheduling my ultrasound in the next few days to figure out just how far along I am since we do not think I ovulated when my app said i did. I want to thank all of you amazing ladies for your prayers and advice! :heart: were still very early so I am not announcing it on any social media sites yet, but you ladies gave me a sense of calm when I was going through a very hard time! Thank you all! :heart: our beautiful baby P is doing what it should be doing and I am excited to get to see him or her on the ultrasound in the next few weeks!