Must have baby items?

Alright mamas i need some help I’m 20 weeks today and I’m trying to figure out everything I’m going to need for baby to come home. I already have a few things like car seat, a few onesies, rags, a towel, a bath tub, pacifiers, diaper bag, and i know I’ll need a crib and mattress and swaddles as well as diapers. I just feel like i’m missing alot of things and wanted other opinions. I was also wondering if nursing bras are really necessary or can i just get away with some comfortable sports bras.


Bibs and receiving blankets

I just did comfy sports bras and put nursing pads in them when needed

Gas drops, tylenol, baby wash, and thermometer. Scratch mittens or socks to protect baby from their nails.I found socks stay on better unless they’re built into the sleeves of shirts). Boogie Wipes!! They help so much!!

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A swaddle up has been awesome for my baby, you can transition them through their sleeping stages, also the Haakaa breast pump is awesome!! I would also definitely recommend buying at least 3 different nursing bras! And buy yourself a few nursing tanks :blush: and lansinoh breast pads

bassinet, change table, bath wash…
nursing bra or nursing sports bra, nursing crop…
cant really get a boob out comfortably with a normal bra…

They worked for me and they are little it cheaper

U need a head thing for the car seat to keep there heads protected I cant remember what it’s called

You’ll be amazed what you can get away with. Lol. Where you planning on having a baby shower??? You have most of the necessities, you will probably want a stroller and a boppy pillow. It will be great for you through the 3rd trimester and great for nursing post partum.

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Thermometer, gas drops

Nose sucker, Thermometer nail clippers, Lotions powders baby wash and shampoo socks and mittens

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Changing table, and gripe water, also I LOVE my nursing bras.

Nursing bras are way more convenient than sports bras . Way easier and quicker to get the breast out to feed baby before he/she starts getting too upset, which gives Mum anxiety too.

Diaper rash cream. I use it instead of baby powder. Baby nail clippers, and mitts. If breastfeeding, I’d suggest lanolin cream and if bottlefeeding (or both) Dr.Browns bottles and a bottle sanitizer. Nursing pads as well, and what I always wanted but never bought was a nursing pillow.

Sleepers. Lots of sleepers.

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Car seat, diapers, wipes, onesies, swaddle blankets and a bassinet. If you are not breastfeeding formula and bottles. If you are a pump and storage bags. Babies are easy and they dont need a lot.

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Diaper cream, sleepers, bottles (just in case), bottle brush, and instead of crib I’d get money for a play pen that comes with the sleeper and baby changer station (it’s 3 in one) and skip on the bassinet and the crib, especially if they are gonna be in your room. We had a crib and didn’t use it ever with all of ours. A stroller, lots of bibs, wipers and diapers, lotion, soap, and maybe a Bobby pillow if breast feeding. I always over due it when I have a baby, I always regret it, and I never use half the stuff.

I use sports bras and Walmart $1.98 spaghetti straps. Get bag balm, coconut oil. Bag balm for diaper rashes, coconut oil for nipples, also helps with cradle cap.

Outfit to bring home/pictures, Avent soothies pacifier, wipes diaper rash medicine, onesies, few outfits, hat/jacket, receiving blanket, cloth nursing pads, baby book, lanolin cream, nursing bras are definitely helpful and they have nursing sports bras(wait till closer to due date to buy), baby wash. Most things can wait till shower to get but want to have others till have your shower. With my first I didn’t find out, had a shower with neutral colors but I can also see waiting. Look up on Google lists pick what might need right away and what can wait on 2nd list.

Brush or comb if your kid has hair, thermometer ,baby Clippers…

How you going to breast feed with a sports bra on?

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You definitely want nursing bras

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Bottles, drying rack (makes for easy reassemble late at night) breast pump, boppy pillow, nail clippers, nose bulb syringe, and a box to put all the things you’ll eventually scrapbook or what not. Best of luck. I wish you and your family well

I found out fast how over prepared I was with my first child. All you really need, you seem to have already. Get some infant Tylenol, diaper rash cream, baby thermometer… That’s about it.

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Nursing bras are NOT necessary. I had them and never ever used them.

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Get a bassinet or co sleeper, swings/rockers, a hygiene type kit and a medicine kit with things like diaper rash cream a thermometer baby nail clippers a nose suction thingy, gas drops, baby Tylenol etc. BLANKETS. So many blankets, I swear I use them for everything. Fuzzy blankets, swaddle blankets, I use the receiving blankets as burp rags a lot because they’re bigger. Get blankets. A couple different brands of bottles, a bottle/nipple brush, a drying rack for baby things, a play mat/sensory toys, baby soap/lotion/shampoo (I got the nighttime lavender stuff and I love it). Those swaddles that velcro have been a total life saver for us. Sleep sacks, zip up onesies, socks, mittens, a diaper genie, a pouch to hold pacis so they stay clean, a car seat cover, an extra laundry basket, baby laundry soap, diapers and wipes (get a couple different brands and a few sizes). You’ll get a lot of newborn outfits at a baby shower but they typically come with like three onesies and one pair of pants so I recommend getting a pack of newborn pants and a pack of 0-3 pants so you have extras.

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Baby’s really don’t need everything all these people are saying. Lol literally. You just need the basics. I have so much stuff I haven’t even used yet and she’s growing out of a lot. Get a bassinet if she’s gonna sleep in your room. And you’ll need an emergency kit. And that’s about it. A few receiving blankets. A pacifier if you’re gonna do that. Almost everything else is you just wanting everything for your baby. If you have the basics, you’re good.

I definitely suggest a swaddle sack to help soothe. Gas drops, a bulb syringe (nose frida is too big for newborns). Avent soothies are top heavy and hard for newborns to keep in. I used avent pacifiers with the rings on them. So much easier for them to hold onto. You will never have enough burp rags, and make sure you get more wipes than you will ever think you need. Dont forget pads for yourself. Have a good stash of those, and some old panties. I had a nursing bra, but never used it unless I was going out in public which didnt happen much the first few weeks.

Baby powder isn’t good for babies since it is airborne so easily and they breath it in. If you’re going to nurse you want nursing bras to make it easier to get to and to put your self back with ease, and as for a pump, most health departments will let you borrow one for as long as you need it and they are the good ones you’ll just need the storage bags.

Bottles unless your bf

Gas drops/grape water this was a life saver with gassy babies. A swing is really halpful also… socks, mittens so they can’t scratch thier face, sleepers. And you don’t have to buy a crib, get a really nice play pen one that as bassinet thing and diaper holder. Our babies slept in it more then anything.

I used sport bras. Also helpful info is check with insurance company about a breast pump. That is if you think you might need one. I wish someone had told me that in the beginning, I ended up buying one, before I found that out

I pumped. And I just got some cheap sports bras and cut slits in them for hands free pumping

Breast feeding bras when out in public depending on the shirt, otherwise I went braless lol even in public sometimes, really comes down to workable shirts ahaha

Ointment for diaper rashes ; safety kit that includes thermometer and nail clippers, baby binders for the belly button, breast pads, long pads for yourself after delivery , mittens. Oh and a rack to dry the bottles

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Nursing bras are amazingly useful. Unless it’s a very stretchy sports bra it’s kind uncomfortable

Tons of receiving blankets for spit up! I prefer the nose frieda (nose hose) to the bulb syringes. Gas drops. I prefer nursing bras but can use sports ones. Nursing pads for leaking.


Nursing bras are definitely more convenient then sports bras. You going to need nursing pas or panty liners cut in half. Obviously pads for you, but depending on where you are having baby sleep a bassinet or we just put a pack n play next to our bed. Stroller, and I highly recommend a carrier to keep baby close but have your hands free. I like a wrap fir at home because it’s soft. The only other things I think was the best thing we got was a swing!!

Pack and Play is a life saver for us. We can move it room to room when needed and take it with us if we need to, boppy pillow there are ones that help with nursing and ones for lounging, and baby monitor

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Babies don’t need much at all, they don’t stay little for very long. Don’t ever use baby powder on a girls vagina as it can cause cervical cancer.

It really all up to u if u want all that stuff clothes u have to have problay some bottles, for when u cant breast feel. I just had a crib that will cut your cost down, and if you watch these sales u can get one pretty cheap.

Nursing bras are necessary in my opinion, trying to nurse in sports bras or regular bras is incredibly uncomfortable and for nursing in public also exposes so much more and makes it more obvious because you have to physically pull your whole boob out instead of just quickly unsnapping a flap. Lots of nursing pads too, my milk let down at the drop of a hat at the beginning and leaked almost constantly. Nursing pads saved my life lol.

I dont wear bras but when i do I use my nursing one. Sports bra would work fine if its not too tight

You need a grooming kit that has nail clipper comb brush bulb syringe, also bottles, always keep infant tylenol or motrin on hand, receiving blankets, bibs, crib sheets, hooded towel for bathing, and a bouncer in my opinion helps to make it easier to have in the same room with you instead of putting in car seat all the time.

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If you’re breastfeeding, you’ll need a pump, bottles, milk storage bags, breast pads, nipple ointment(like lansinoh, medela, or mother love). You’ll need room in your freezer to store extra milk. It’s best if you have a chest freezer as they stay colder, but if not, you need a space in the coldest part of the freezer specifically designated for you milk.

Would definitely invest in nursing bras and nursing tops if you ever plan to leave the house. You want to avoid sports bras, as they will constrict you and possible stop your milk flow. You don’t want to wear any tight clothing around your chest or it could effect you milk production.

For baby you will need a lot of bibs and burp rags! I went with all white for the newborn stage so I could just bleach them.

I would also invest in a nice swing with different settings and speeds. I also have a folding battery powered swing that way if we went to friend or family house I could soothe her without holding the whole time. If you like to do stuff outside, get a bassinet on wheels or a baby dome so you can put baby in it and have protection from sun/bugs.
There are so many other things, but the list is too long for a comment. Lol

Nursing bras, pads, cream were a must for me.
Diaper cream
Diaper clothes
Pack n Play
Bouncy seat

Don’t do what I did and buy too much! I never got around to using it all and regretted it in the end xxx get all the basics then buy as u need xx

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Nursing bra will make life easier. I didnt have one for when I had my son and I havent gotten one yet (I just had a baby girl 2 weeks ago) Diaper rash cream, pads for yourself for after delivery, more receiving blankets than you think is necessary lol

Clothes! U need full outfits for the baby. A few onsies? Where are the pants, shirts, socks, bibs, and sleepers???:woman_facepalming:t5:

Stroller & baby wrap/carrier❤️

It appears you’ll be having the baby close to winter. Don’t know where you live, but if it gets cold there, you’ll need snowsuit and hat & gloves and heavier blankets & clothes. I, personally, believe a change table is necessary. Bending over the bed is murder on your back.

I didn’t buy specific bras it’s not necessarily needed