My 1 year old doesn't like to eat: Advice?

My son is a week away from being one years old and let me tell ya. He does not like to eat! I make him eggs, something for lunch or dinner and he’ll hardly eat! All he literally wants is Boobie! I’ll give him snacks and he’ll take one bite and be done. What do i do?


He will eat when hungry my daughter was only a snacker still to this day she will not eat big meals…  as long as you’re getting what they need and growing

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That’s the toddler diet…he will eat when he’s hungry. Just keep offering snacks.

Try to keep him of the milk a hour or so longer so he be hungry maybe he will eat xx

It is a phase. As long as he is making wet diapers and eating a bite or two of something he will be ok. Just make sure he has some snacks you can keep out at all times that he can pick up himself and he should start eating more.n

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Dip your (clean) finger in some mashed potatoes and gravy from KFC and put in babies mouth. I’ve never come across a baby that doesn’t like it lol

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