My 10-month-old won't stay in his bed: Any advice?

My son is ten months old and has been sleeping through the night since about 3 1/2-4 months old and in his own room/crib for six months. At around eight months or so he started waking through the night, which we had been through for about two weeks when he was cutting teeth, but this time his sleeping hasn’t gone back to normal, and he hasn’t cut any new teeth. I thought it was the nine-month sleep regression, but it just seems to keep progressing. It’s to the point now that I lay him down and within an hour or two he’s awake, I’ll hold him in bed with me and then try to lay him back down, sometimes he’ll sleep for a couple of hours, but most of the time within a few minutes he’s up again. He’ll go right back to sleep when I hold him and lay with him and although I love the snuggles I want to get him back to sleep in his own bed through the night. I’ve tried just about everything and can not figure out what the deal is. I’m also 15 weeks pregnant and exhausted, so just looking for advice from any mamas that went through the same and have suggestions on what helped their little ones get back to sleeping through the night in their own bed.


Following because my 5 year old (almost 6) still gets outta his bed. :joy:
Momma I think I should just say Welcome to momma hood. It’s the best and worst hood you’ll ever be in❤
But in all honesty sleep is not athing anymore… I have a 5 yr old, 3 yr old, 2 yr old and a 4 month old. All I can say is the time passes fast so enjoy those cuddles. I wish we could help with solid advice but there is none. Each baby is different and will learn things in a different way. Good luck momma and congrats on your new bundle!

Why not just sleep with him then so you both can get more of it. He’s not going to need you so much forever. :woman_shrugging:t2:

You could always side car the crib as well if you want your own sleep space still.

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When I had my little boy a nurse told me if I slept with him to also sleep with a stuffed animal to get my scent on it…so that when I transitioned him to his own bed he would still smell me in his sleep. With you holding him this may be a bit tricky because he won’t feel your arms around him

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He is starting to have dreams. You just got to wait it out. Good luck. It was just as rough for me and my son when he went through this.

Talk to your pediatrician, I know they can give you info for a free sleep specialist. I had to use one for my little girl :slightly_smiling_face: best of luck

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Believe me, I loved snuggling my kids to sleep too. But I now sit on the edge or opposite end of my daughter’s bed if she wakes up. I try not to really touch or talk to her but let her know I’m there. That way she gets herself back to sleep and it’s not relying on me holding her. Hope you can get some rest soon!!

Get a toddler bed within eye view of your bed and see if his sleeping improves

Put him back in his bed and lay down with him or put a blanket on the floor and stay until he falls asleep. Good luck and God Bless

Good luck! I’ve got an 8 year old that gets in his bed after telling him 20 times, but by morning he’s in my bed, when he was a baby I did the same exact thing, held him while he slept. So I am following to see if any mamas has any answers. He says he doesn’t feel safe with his room being on the other end of trailer.

Maybe if u lay down with him.

It is the 8 month sleep regression, google it!
My done started his at 8 months and he is almost 3 and his sleeping habits have not went back to normal yet.

Agreed it’s a sleep regression, there is absolutely nothing you can do to speed the passing of it up. We did introduce the pacifier to my
Son at 8 months as he was weaned off night feedings/sleep regression and he took to it (refused it up until that point) and that seemed to help, or leave a soppy of water in the crib. Best of luck momma, hope you get some relief soon.

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My ten year old is sleeping on the couch in my bedroom … she’s anxious, hates sleeping alone and I can’t handle her bawling. She was fine until I had major surgery and I think my health status terrified her. Good luck mama!!! It’s not easy raising babies :heart::heart::heart:

Not sure what to do for that age. But when my son was about 3/4 he had the same thing. I bought an “ok to wake” clock and he wasn’t allowed to get out of bed unless it was an emergency (ie: sick, bathroom, major scare, etc). He also had nightmares so I told him about dreamcatchers and put one by his bed. We also “scared the bad dreams away” as part of our night time routine and would wave our arms and shout toward the corners of the room. He also could have this little camping light he could turn on if he got scared and could read books in bed if he woke up and wasn’t sleepy.

Wow have any of you thought that he might be scare, he needs comfort, needs moms warmth. I understand that we as moms need to rest and get our sleep but remember we are all they know. Your son is still a baby. I’m not here to mom shame anyone but it’s kind difficult to see how frustrated and annoyed you sound that he can’t stay asleep. Remember by this time kids are starting to recognize sounds. Any sound will wake the baby up. I would just advise leaving a shirt that you warn, so he thinks your by his side. I agree with a lot of this moms, don’t interact with him as much but reassure him you will always be there, that you love him. Sometimes all they need is comfort and to know mommy is here.

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Our pediatrician told us to put her in her bed have pillow and blanket on the floor. Shut the door, if she got out leave her alone and check before went to bed and then put back into her bed. About 5 days. Problem solved. It was hard knowing your baby was on the floor but work. You have to be strong. Good Luck.

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When he wakes up make sure his bedroom light is off only with a nitelite…and just put him back to bed . tell him it is nite nite and just keep sending him back. Do not… I repeat DO NOT PLAY WITH HIM OR TURN TV ON please don’t or he will never stay asleep.
Also maybe he is thirsty or hungry so a nice warm bottle of milk will help too. I would put a little bit of cinnamon and vanilla extract and off to la la land. Good luck.

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Just put him back in and say it’s night night time. No interaction other than that. It’ll take awhile but he will get the idea. Also make sure he’s full before bed.

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if you don’t have a sound machine i’d suggest getting one. maybe one with a projector. we do rain sounds (kind of more like static) and it works great. room is completely dark. is he waking up fussy or just waking up in general? if he’s not fussy i’d just leave him be.