My 10 year old has ADHD and is struggling with hitting puberty: Advice?

Have you had her airway evaluated? Sounds like sleep disordered breathing could be a huge contributing factor

Do you know why she does? What are her triggers? Not having good sleep either… does she get manic? And do you notice when she does what’s going on? Any big life changes? Adhd and anxiety are a symptom of something deeper in my opinion. I’ll tell you why more of you would like to talk to me. Feel free to message me on my fb. May be able to help you with some insight and possibilities of helping it. :slight_smile:

The world today is hard on children. Wish I had the answers but I must say you are a good mother to show such love and compassion for your daughter. I will pray for you.

Btw I don’t have a child with adhd so I’m just trying to help with what I’ve experienced with getting children to fall asleep.

Personally, sometimes my (old) anxiety medicine used to make me anxious the day after. It sounds like maybe you should do a re-consult with her doctor and just mention some of the things going on. It may be necessary to switch meds, and there is nothing wrong with that!

Two of my girls had such bad ADHD their dr had them on sleeping pills from age 5 to 13. One of them is 25 now and went a few years without but asked her dr for them again. She just can’t sleep. She could stay up for 5-7 days without her sleeping pills.

You could try warm milk. Please do not do the melitonan. It tricks the body and the body will stop producing it.

Have your tried a weighed blanket at bed time and maybe some one in one time before bed. That seemed to work when we were struggling with ours who was also in therapy but not in meds.

My son was diagnosed with adhd in first grade. He took medication to focus during school. He showed signs of anxiety but about sixth grade. We got gum to a wonderful therapist. She gave him excellent skills to cope. We transferred him to a different school starting ninth grade. By high school he pretty much stopped taking his medication for focus. He was still lacking in executive functioning and I started to think he was going to need to live at home when he goes to college (we were open to a trade but that’s not what he wants). The combination of moving him to a more supportive school (it’s a public magnet school that has a diverse student body - not a specialized school) and the therapy started to work. He’s going into his junior year, not needing therapy but if things change we will definitely do that again, and thriving. Now I’m the one coping with the fact that he doesn’t need me and will be just fine when he leaves the nest. I wish you the best.

My ADHD daughter (age 10) was just put on anxiety medicine as well. The doctor said it’d help her sleep. As soon as she started taking it, I found that it was really hard for her to go to sleep. I changed the time I gave it to her & she has no problem going to sleep now.

Maybe positive affirmation, and pay attention to her when she is doing good

google coping mechanisms for anxiety. find a self help book. find her healthy coping mechanisms…

Be honest with you I know it’s crazy but my son who as ADHD and will be 10 next month I give him a warm Bubble bath with baby calming down bubble bath stuff in his water and it really works too . It’s under Johnson & Johnson but I get the cheaper Walmart brand name it’s good stuff let her just lay in the tub for awhile and then when it’s bedtime she will be ready for it . Or after bath time I have him read a book for 10 or 15 minutes to himself and he gets relaxed for sleep . It won’t hurt to try it . It works for my son with same issues like your daughter try and let me know if it worked out ok. Good luck mom .

I have adhd as well and take adderall for it when I absolutely need to have it to function on those days the best way to wind down and knock the edge off my anxiety is to take ten mg of melatonin with one or two valerian root capsules they smell horrendous but they work and they’re safe for children one of my 7 year olds has adhd as well and occasionally needs the valerian to calm her nerves enough to sleep

It could be the medication for ADHD causes some issues . We changed my kids and big time results

Look up Amanda Walker. I just took a free week long class about how to work with “uniquely wired” kids/people. She would say to start being curious as to why this behavior is happening. Start asking more questions about whats going on around her at the time. I really got a lot out of her class to help with my ADHD child including rhythmic movements at night to help with sleeping and anxiety.

My daughter loves to sleep to the sound of fireplace. YouTube has videos with that sound might help. Good luck God bless

Routine, warm bath, a calming essential oil in a diffuser in her room and try a weighted blanket. Those would be my go to.

She may actually need a prescription sleeping aid. My daughter does because she can’t shut it off. Still. At 15.

I have a 10 year old who is adhd too she is actually on redillian for it and we have a salt lamp to help my anxiety and it helps

My daughter’s pediatrician did a Buccal swab test on her when the ADHD meds were intolerable. It shows what meds best suits your child’s “makeup”… She had endless problems with the meds prescribed for ADHD and anxiety. To my complete surprise her body only tolerated ONE ADHD med. ONE!!! If she’s on the wrong meds that just intensifies the root problem. Ask her pediatrician to do the swab test. It answers so many questions that otherwise you could never know just by trial and error. Good luck!

Some parents don’t like this idea but medical Marijuana works wonders. You should get her a card. It comes in liquid forms . Try it

33 year old that has struggled with ADHD since 6 here. my problem with being able to fall asleep was with the stimulant in the ADHD meds. they gave me straterra, which is non steroid based and non stimulant based and it helped A TON!

Myself and my son have anxiety and tv is the only way we can relax before bed and fall asleep. The noise and images allow our brain to ignore everything else going on and kinda zone out.

Also, there are YouTube videos of asmr or “satisfying” videos that help my son come out of anxiety if it’s too bad.

My 16 year old daughter has severe ADHD and an anxiety disorder which showed up when she was in elementary school in the form of fear of the wind and thx she saw a therapist and they worked thru her fears and overcame them. She has been on antidepressant lexapro and Ritalin since she was 7 she is a straight A student and has finally found kids that befriended her in middle school. It is a struggle to help your child go thru this. In middle school she was put on probation for missing to much school. Thru therapy we worked out she was making herself sick unconsciously to avoid school. She saw her therapist weekly and her mentor and she has blossomed so hang in there. It’s not gonna be easy but with your help she will survive and conquer. They have her on trazadone, clonodine, melatonin to help her sleep.

If she’s on add/adhd meds too, they could be effecting her being able to sleep, or her anti anxiety meds aren’t high enough to be able to help her sleep

Have you tried valerian root? It is a natural anti anxiety. I take it at night to shut my.brain down

Lack of sleep will make her anxiety worse but is usually also caused by her anxiety. I’m 32 and live with this still. I take a benadryl and so.e over the counter sleep aids. Sleep is so important especially to kids. We all need to sleep and rest…let our bodies recuperate. If you dont want over the counter sleep aids then speak to her dr about sleeping pills. Anxiety with no sleep will make both worse and driver her crazy.

Evening walks/outdoor activity and places like bath n body works have calming washes and lotions.

Give her a little caffeine usually it has the opposite effect on ADHD and calms them!

We have the same with our 9 year old daughter. I also have ADHD and anxiety. We have tried so many things. I myself tried so many. I will tell you having ADHD alone causes anxiety. And the only real advice I can say is #1 every child is different. It’s literally trial and error. #2 finding the triggers that cause the anxiety really is the start. #3 finding her calm will help. For example my daughter’s triggers are things being too loud, too many people, or to many things at once. Her calm is music and drawing. In public headphones and music help at home it’s her room with lights off small light on and a sketch pad. As far as sleeping gosh I wish I knew, if you find the answer to that one please share. But quiet calming nature noises help my daughter. Hope this helps.

My 10 yr old has ADHD too. When she’s super hyped up before bedtime we play physical games to wear her out. Or have her go run. It’s usually Simon says. Gets her body worn down enough to rest and help her fall asleep. Good luck girl.

I have the same problem with my grandson he is 2 and a 10 min nap will have him up until 2 or 3 in the morning he is adhd and mild Autism I’m trying to find the same help

I have a son with autism and many of the secondary conditions that go with, including insomnia and ADHD.
One of the most natural ways to fix sleep cycles is with light. Make sure the lights in the house are all on during the day and then at bedtime all lights have to be off. Lack of Light is what triggers our natural melatonin production. So when teens Spend a lot of the time after school in low lighting (because teens like that) they mess up their meletonin production and sleep cycle. This really has helped with both my kids. They never complain about bed time and go right to sleep one. My son with autism use to have have to take strong sedatives and they still didn’t work most of the time, but now he’s on nothing. If it persistent, check with the doctor because there are ADHD meds that actually do have the side effect of helping with sleep. Good luck! I know how hard it is.

Try coffee anything with caffeine helps with adhd I know I have it and it calms me down

Don’t know your diets, but my child with same issues, can not tolerate and food dye, red makes her self loathing and mean, blue really happy till she crashes and yellow and corn product(I know corn syrup is in everything) contributes to ADHD issue. When hitting puberty sometimes with hormone changes depression can creep in. Only suggestion would be neuropsych testing to rule out anything else and chart foods for interactions. Some people have similar behaviors from refined sugars as well. Best of luck, took us a while but we are on track.

You have to do CBD consistently, once in Morning and once at night to have good results

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I got stress balls for my kids to use for both at school and home. Make sure you find stuff for them to do like building a garden constructive work or hands on tasks believe me it helped with my kids and I raised 8 kids 5 girls and 3 boys. They all needed to learn coping skills for everyday life we all took yoga classes which taught us how to breathe through things and they all still use it to this day. Try googling yoga for beginners and teach your kids and yourself something new. God bless

Try a weighted blanket at night. They make them for children and they tend to really help

My son has ADHD and one of the things my doctor had me try was to only give him his meds during school only. On the weekends or out of school he was fine. What I found is every day after school he and I would sit down and talk about the day and finish any school work. After about a hour I allowed him to be a kid, he played outside with friends, ran until he was tired, and allowed one hour of fun games on the computer. A hour before bedtime I would tell him its time to calm down and just relax. Believe it or not, he was doing good until the pandemic happened and I was the one making sure his school work got done. Staying at home for weeks on end did not help. So sometimes just talking with your child would be the best thing any one can do with this day and age.

Have you researched the side effects of her meds? I am on anxiety meds and it took a while to find what worked for me. Sleeping was a hard one for me on most anxiety meds.

My daughter has that problem and she’s 15 she took melatonin but it stop working. Now she’s meditating and doing yoga.

Have you tried a support animal? One suited for your child? They help on a number of things including sleep.

Protein diet and stay away from red,blue ,yellow food dies. Food dies are bad for kids with ADHD ! My son has impulse issues and ADHD following this diet and omega 3 really helps.

My 12 year old has adhd and does not fall asleep untill 1030 or 11 sometimes but stress ball or something soft like a Squishy and she got a Weighted blanket for her birthday last year.

My 11 year old is the same. We found that relaxing sleep music works.

Melatonin shouldn’t be making her jittery the next day. Check with her doctor.

Can ask the Drs to give her .5mg of ativan. My son has adhd, bipolar, depression and anxiety.

You can try chamomile tea and tell her it will make her sleepy. I know this doesn’t sound like it will work but if you drink a cup with her and start yawning it might help her calm down and be ready for bed. I did this with a few children I’ve babysat in the past as well as my own son. I even fake yawn to get him sleepy. If that doesn’t work then I try warmed milk and sleeping soundscapes.

I don’t know if it’s age appropriate but melatonin doesn’t touch me I take trazadone

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Herbal teas chamomile/ lavender/ essential oils lavender/ essential humidfer with lemon oil or lime/ yoga does wonders as well / when applying oil / massage her feet / her temples /

I had a child with very similar issues when he was going through puberty. We found that consistent bedtime rituals- which we participated in together(as appropriate of course), as much as possible made a HUGE difference. A brisk, post-dinner walk or run also really helped him! Wearing him out physically with the bonus of endorphins was a game-changer for him. Eventually, he outgrew the worst of it. Sending positive thoughts to you and your family right now- I know very well how hard it is! :pray::pray::pray:

Lots of exercise or activity and cognitive behavior therapy to help learn how to control her thoughts so they don’t get destructive

As someone who has anxiety and can’t sleep from it a lot of the time I would suggest starting small. I tried lavender oil on my pillow for a while which did help but the biggest thing that’s helped me is hearing something whilst I sleep. If you do no electronics then perhaps an audio book on a CD player might help. For me it’s the distraction of noise which stops my head spinning enough that I can sleep

Put her on birth control…helps with hormones and anxiety. Big factor in not being able to sleep

I’ve used a pillow spray and salt lamp for my son

Have you tried essential oils, I take doxepin for sleep and I have problems with headaches and I started using a roll on for migraines or general pain in the evening and the scents are calming and helpful for sleep, but make sure follow guidelines for children as some oils have age related cautions. I have found a couple of experienced people on Etsy who have really good products

I grew up with ADHD and i still struggle with it now at the age of 40. When i was 10 I remember listening to the Bible on cassette tapes. The Bible always seemed to put me at ease and i would fall asleep listening to it

I have had better luck with Brillia for my daughter. With no side effects.

Look into thc oil drops just make sure u deal with someone who has lots of knowledge of this subject and tell them ur situation. CBD doesn’t work by itself in severe cases

My daughter was the exact your daughter …we started 8oz of My Dew of the morning…worked like a charm

Teach her relaxation techniques. She learns to be in control of her body and thoughts.

Magnesium really helps there brain to slow instead of racing all the time .You might want to talk to your Dr about cbd oil please don’t hate on me but it has worked wanders

I am a.d.d and I have to take a melatonin gummy and a zyrtec to make my brain shut off at night

Get her meds reduced or change her meds. My daughter doesn’t have ADHD but she started puberty at 8 yrs old. She got her period at 9 just before turning 10

Me to, tv where i know what the ending is. If she is having alot mood swings have her checked. For bipolar disorder. If you need more info pm me. I struggled with it for 38 years.

My son takes 50 mg of trazodone and 5 mg of melatonin or he wont sleep much. Then his behavior and attitude are horrible

Please I know there is a slew of information out there the health care professionals are always your best bet they can follow progress or regression and treat accordingly there are so much more out there on the market to help today I don’t trust anything that isn’t regulated by the health administration like melatonin anything that can modify the brain is not to be taken lightly please work with your specialists

Also stay away from red dyes in foods I noticed that trigger a lot of issues as well.

Have you tried essential oils they make bracelet for kids too I have a necklace that helps me out alot with peppermint oil. Check out etsy.

This sounds exactly like my daughter. She is now 13 but this is the way she has been all through her childhood. Puberty has been a struggle.

Maybe try a sound machine so she can hear calming sounds

White noise, warm bath, lavender smells, and chamomile…hope something helps

Adhd kept my son up all night. Its like speed

White noise machine or meditation type tapes with waterfall sounds etc. I’ve always had to sleep with the tv on :neutral_face:

Try using a diffuser with lavender oil in it. I use that when I have trouble sleeping too

Clonidine is was is prescribed for my 9 yr old that is adhd/add

My sons are both adhd and meducated. Is she on an adhd medication?

Find an occupational therapist who specializes in sensory processing

I put the radio on his favorite station with a timer for 2hrs. It worked

Try unisom, not the one with the ingredient Thats the same as Benadryl the one that is doxylamine succinate (25 mg)
Only the name brand not the store brand.

There isn’t a magic pill for puberty or life. Just be patient and assure she is ok and teach her about the changes she will experience.

What about mellow wall colours.

Hang in there you got this ours went through it at nine there will be good days and bad days

Neurofeedback, works slow but it works! look into it! ADD CENTER IN TORRANCE

Discipline and consequences. “Say what you mean, mean what you say.” Children find security comfort, and self confidence from discipline. Don’t be afraid to set rules and consequences for their actions, good and bad.

Try a cup of “sleepy time” tea. All supermarkets sell it

Try “your cbd store”

We were in the same situation with my son, we spoke with pedestrian first (which I recommend) we did melatonin for a while we didnt want sleep meds as they can become addicting and then he went thru a stage of staying up till 3am then this past year he had a huge 6 inch growth spurt after no longer wanting to take meds so I didnt force it and now hes 13 and puberty has done something where he no longer has adhd symptoms. So, I may not have any solid advice but I can assure you, every child is different but this too shall pass. We still deal with social anxiety but, we work thru it.

Have you tried a weighted blanket?

Try playing 432 hz music

Try young living essential oils. There are oils for sleep, anxiety, anger etc. love them!!:blush:

Find her an athletic outlet such as sports gymnastics or dance this might help! Lots of hugs

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My son has ADHD and he listens to ASMR to help him fall asleep

Mine took melatonin and now she takes clonodine to sleep

I take sleeping pills or i dont sleep

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Iced coffee worked for my daughter

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Benadryl my son takes before bed

Meditation (with lots of patient practice) will help calm her mind.

Try to consult doc Farrah bunch she had fb page she might help your problem she had herbal products for that.

Enzymes probiotics and good vitamins