My 11 month old crawls sideways: Advice?

My little will be 11 months old and only tries to crawl sideways w his head in the ground … he’ll move up a couple of times, then gets whiny and rolls over. only another thing he does is he sits up well has good posture. …he’s had plenty of tummy time, but he’s always hated it … cried each time. How do I help him get moving properly? Hw just started the walker three weeks ago and loved it, but I think that makes him lazier? Thought?


My son wasn’t a great crawler either! He literally only army crawled until about 11 months, then at 11.5 started walking! I had a friend who’s daughter crawled sideways so she got a little baby tunnel off Amazon, and put toys at one end. He learned how to crawl through it that way!

Some kids are just not crawlers, my daughter refused to crawl “correctly”. Then when she tried walking, she liked that much better…:woman_shrugging: she basically skipped the crawling faze. All kids are different and learn to do things in different ways. As long as his Dr isn’t worried and he is meeting mile stones, I wouldn’t worry. Just keep encouraging. And maybe a walker is just more comfortable for yours to learn in. Good luck!:blush::heart:

Some babies don’t crawl my son likes to sit up and scoot. He’s 7 now and walks finr

My daughter used to stick her forehead on the floor and her butt in the air and scoot her face on the hard wood. Til the day of her first birthday

Crawl with baby, but heads up, they still do what they want :rofl:

I have 3 kids one crawled one bum shuffled and one pulled himself round with his arms like he was in the army… all could walk by 12 months though so I don’t think you should worry

My oldest only crawled backwards. With my youngest we put a toy she really wanted in front of her and that helped.

Only started a walker 3 weeks ago? He needs more time to build up the strength in his legs and learn coordination. He probably gets frustrated and whines

A walker & bouncer are great for babies to get a feel for standing on their legs. It doesn’t make them lazy, but helps teach balance.
I wouldn’t worry about the crawling so much. My grandson barely crawled, maybe a month, then he was off walking lol

My daughter refused to crawl she would sit on her bottom and spin herself in circles with her legs until she got to where she wanted to go. She did that until she was 1 year and finally decided crawling was easier. She refused to walk until she was 14 months and once she did it she realized she liked it a lot more. Some baby’s just so their own thing.

My youngest rolled everywhere she wanted to go.

Some don’t crawl at all. They just go straight to walking. The walker doesn’t make them lazy. It allows him to explore, use his legs, and he is happy.

Why would you possibly think it makes him lazy?


My first was walking at 8months my second didn’t start till around 15 months. Babies have their own paces. If you are worried have a check up done, have them look at his ears get his hearing tested. Sounds like your little one is just finding his own.

I don’t even have a walker, my 10 month old has been crawling since 4 months, walking holding furniture since 6 months & walking unassisted for about 2 weeks now. Never used walkers for any of my kids, they were all early walkers.

Walkers build stronger leg muscles!

Most babies don’t crawl sideways with their head on the ground. I’d go to my doctor ASAP. Just my thoughts.

My daughter didn’t crawl until she was a year old, she would lay down and roll to get where she wanted to go.

A couple of my kids never crawled, just started walking. I used a walker for all four and all four were walking before 12 months old

Some crawl. Some scoot. Some roll and some just take off walking. Your baby is moving and he will find what works best for him. Your baby isn’t lazy. It’s a learning curb. Walkers ate great for helping them get around and builds up legs and control. Don’t worry momma he will be under foot before you know it.

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I can honestly say as a mom of an 11 month old, my son has never been in a walker…I do put him in a jumperoo so it builds up his leg muscles, he stands up and walks around as long as he is holding something but all babies are different and has just started trying to stand unassisted! I also get my son adjusted at a Chiropractors office, he’s been getting adjustments since he was a week old!

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