My 11 month old will not use a sippy cup: Advice?

My son is 11 months and still doesn’t know how to use a sippy… he grabs his bottles for his formula and put it in his mouth but doesn’t know how to tip it up yet. When I give him juice/water through the day his sippy has a different nipple than his bottles for formula and he won’t drink when I put it in his mouth. I tried putting water/juice in the bottles for his formula but he still won’t drink either. Tips??

My 9 month old grandson will not use a sippy cup but he will drink out of a small cup. They make them with weighted bottoms and are in stores by the sippy cups. The first time he poured it on himself and now he mostly wants you to tip it but that is the only way he will drink water. He is completely breastfed and hasn’t had a bottle since he was a month old. I think the brand we have is Nuby. They have little tiny ones to start with them bigger ones for toddlers.

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He’ll get it eventually. Don’t worry.
I found with a couple of my kids that they learned better with a sippy cup that had a silicone spout (as opposed to a hard plastic one) and no handles, just the cup.

Don’t worry about the juice. It is not recommended until at least two years. If you are worried about water intake maybe offer it in his regular bottle.
Have you tried a strawed cup

Try a straw cup, those don’t have to be tipped to drink from them