My 14 month old has been refusing to eat: Advice?

Hi! So I have a 14-month-old turdnugget. She is the light of my life. I am having a problem, though. She refuses to eat the food I literally set in front of her, choosing to throw it all over the floor and at me instead. So, at 14months, I’m still spoon-feeding her. I realize she should be self-feeding by now, and she absolutely has the capability as I’ve put snacks in front of her or in her hand before, and she’ll eat that at times. Suggestions?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My 14 month old has been refusing to eat: Advice?

She will eat when shes hungry. Its normal. Lol. My 2.5 year old is the same way. Welcome to motherhood. Its a bumoy ride after the NB months. Lol :heartpulse:

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It’s a phase, my son went through it at that age

Yeah, very normal. Everything is to be explored, felt and thrown at that age. Actually my son still loves to throw things (thankfully not food) and he is 2…

Put down a mat under her chair, and only feed a few pieces of food at a time. If you have to hand feed her, it’s really not a huge deal… she will learn in time!

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My 2 year old throws her food as well. She used to feed herself and now won’t eat all of her food unless I feed it to her. :roll_eyes: I’m assuming it’s just a phase that’ll she grow out of.

All 4 of my kids went through it. 3 of them, ages 12, 14, and 15 never got over their picky-ness even though I offered it to them every day. My youngest is 11 and is not picky now, but was at age 2. The only thing I did differently with him was I made his baby food and with the others I bought theirs. Only thing I can think that was any different. May not have had anything to do with it lol

Get her her own little spoon n’ fork. My girl loved the little minnie set i got her. Food will still fly lol. Sit at the table wit her so she can watch u eat too.

Um. That’s pretty normal.

My girl won’t eat anything except for french fries chicken nuggets and hotdogs. Sometimes I can get her to eat others but … Not really & she will be 2 in August

I would have to agree with everyone here

Both my toddlers went through a fussy refuse to eat anything phase at 12 months then again at 24 months. Just keep offering. Try giving her a fork or spoon to distract her from throwing the food. Show her how to use them and that should hold her attention practising

Good Luck!!! They Do Grow-Up! My Children are ages: 48, 40, 39 and 37…
Grands: 19, 17, 16, 16, 12, 9, 6 and 3…!!!

Sounds like my 4 year old :joy:

First, I read this as a 14 year old, until the hastag toddler. :joy: I was like damn…that sucks!! Lol!

As everyone else has said…it’s perfectly normal at this age. Start with only giving one or two items at a time and if thrown, wait a bit before giving anything else. Keep eating your meal, while the child watches…in between giving her food. Eventually, they’ll eat right with you.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My 14 month old has been refusing to eat: Advice?

Don’t worry she will get it but you will be teaching her not to be messy and throw food and all sorts of wonderful messy things for many many years to come. It’s just part of parenthood :joy: it’s perfectly normal behavior at her age.


Give her food while you eat too. A version of what you are eating, finger foods and don’t feed her (with in reason) If she’s hungry she will eat


My girl is 2.5 and still spoonfed, still mainly baby mash, just won’t eat otherwise and I’d rather baby food in her tum than her starve , so I feel your frustration mama!

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Yeah STOP spoon feeding her . When SHES hungry she’ll feed herself. Give her finger foods


Dealing with this with SS who is almost 2! His mom feeds him from her food and so do his siblings so when he is here he wants our food and if we give him his own he throws it at us and all over the floor!

If your worried about her weight then add boost or ensure to her diet it will give her the calories she needs as far as her being picky maybe let her help with meals like setting the tabke getting the eggs or mashing something up ect it might help her get intrested in the food or try sharing a plate with her a few times if she sees you eat it she might too or offer an incentive if you eat all of your carrots you can have this or give me 5 bites ect hope these help and keep trying and encourageing her as a side note stop spoon feeding her she might be doing this so she doesnt have to feed herslef knowing you will do it if shes hungry enough shell feed her self i know it sounds harsh but if shes too realient on you just feeding her from your hamd she wont do anything for her self and expect everyone else to do it for her good luck momma your doing good

They are learning. Teach them. Eat with her. Give her bites from your spoon. Take bites from her spoon.

Make mealtime fun. Let her help make it & if she throws it you take it away & try later.

Biggest piece of advice though, don’t forget their stomach is as big as their fist, so tiny amounts of food at a time.


14 months old. Finger foods. Hold her own spoon. Plan foods that are easy for babies. At this age I would not expect perfection. I think this child is doing fine!

check out Feeding Littles, their instagram page has tons of suggestions/helpful feeding tips for kids. I think they also have a course for purchase but I’ve just gotten good info from the page alone!

My daughter use to go a day or so with eatting very little and what her dr said they will eat when there hungry as long as your trying to give the baby food your doing all you can

Let her not eat.sooner or later she will get hungry and start eating.


Stephanie Jessen Mygrant good info!

am I the only one who objects to calling your child such interesting nicknames? Cringe


It’s a phase and it will pass.

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Stop doing it for her! If she’s hungry enough she’ll eat it. :woman_shrugging:

This requires a change in behavior for MOMMA. Stop feeding her. Offer her what you make. Tell her that if she throws it on the floor, then she will not get anything else. Clean up & do not give her any snacks or other choices. Trust me, she will eat when she is hungry. When she is, make her what you made. No other options.


Stop playing games. Eat or not. Consequences

Shes your baby I say just keep feeding her its one of many phases she will go through and dont worry what anyone else thinks! Life is too short and when shes older you will look back and miss those moments!

Shes just being stubborn lol :laughing: she knows your gonna feed her anyways thats why she keeps doing it, too cute :heart_eyes: once you stop and don’t give in and she realizes your not gonna give in she will start feeding herself again lol definitely normal tho crazy how kids are so smart for their age huh :joy::sweat_smile: you do what ever you feel is right momma :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Give her a spoon two

Self led weaning is the best give her fork and spoon so she get the grip techniques first.

After while she will try to copy you and do her self.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My 14 month old has been refusing to eat: Advice?

Put the food in front of her and leave it if he throws it on the floor oh well

I now 30 year old worst then this. Trust me she will be ok she’s still a baby just injoy it r.n soon enough she’ll wanna do it herself

There all different, my son same age is useless and only has four teeth where my now three year old at 11 months was smashing her own bowls of food. It will happen in her own time, if she’s not hungry can’t force her to eat, she won’t starve


Either just be patient and wait it out or maybe speak to your pediatrician about maybe a referral for an occupational therapist.

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It’s just a stage. She will grow out of it.

It’s a phase. Most kids go through it at some point.
Remember that even though she’s able to have regular food her belly is still small. So while it may not seem like she’s getting enough she may be.
Just keep offering.

Can you/ do you eat together? Older siblings? She can watch you all eat and catch on. She will eat when she’s hungry . Good luck.

Take her to the store and let her pick out her own spoon and fork.

I used to put my kids food on my plate. Then they thought they were eating mine and actually ate it. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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My son went through it! He’s 2 now he still throws food on the floor but he only does it now when he’s done eating and wants out of his chair. He now eats almost everything I give him. You just have to keep trying. Also I recommend a little fork and spoon my son loves being able to feed his self

She can’t learn to eat if you keep spoon feeding her. You have to accept there will be mess. There are suction plates available. Being right next to her while yall eat together can help. Pretoddlers are very social oriented. Money see monkey do. Stopping her every time she throws food helps.
Basically, it is a pain but you just have to stay on top of it. It’s completely normal btw.

Stop spoon feeding. Only give her a few bites on her plate at a time. If she eats, give a few more. When she throws the food, clean up the mess then release her from the chair. Try again in an hour. She’ll learn that if she wants to eat she needs to eat what she’s given. A few hours without food won’t hurt her. But a lifetime of being spoon fed will.

Sounds like a typical 14 month child.

Self feeding by 14 months? I’m 0-3 on that. Literally not one of my kids could reliably self feed with utensils at that age. Picking up cut of pieces of soft foods sure, but spoon feeding themselves? Not a chance. It would end up on the floor or all over me.

Obviously I gave them a spoon or fork and allowed them to try, but eventually I’d take over and feed them. Food is really about exploring and learning when they’re toddlers because they eat multiple small meals a day. Small tummies and all.

She’s throwing it bc she knows you’re just going to feed it to her lol they won’t starve themselves

She will eat when she gets hungry. Keep water up to her but give her nothing else. No junk food, give her her meal and a spoon let her feed her self she will learn very quickly even if she does not eat do not offer her any thing until her next meal. She can go several days with out it hurting her.

Stop feeding her. She will eat when she gets hungry.

My daughter did that for a bit i made fun lunchs, i got cookies cutters and made butterfly sandwiches and heart shape veg, ants on a log,(celery with peanut butter inside it with raisons on top) she loved it and it got her interested in food again

Try eating together and the same things (if you can) maybe say like we will eat the carrot first together and then ask her what she wants to eat next or make a game out of it. But she will be fine. X