My 14 year old daughter is pregnant: Advice?

My daughter is pregnant. She’s 14 I just needed advice on what other moms would do… I’m not happy about it but what can I do? No negative or judging please!

Mama, just breathe. She needs you to be supportive now more than ever. Be there for whatever she wants to do.

Just be supportive! We know as a mother already it’s hard. You lose friends and people judge no matter what and now it’s only going to be harder. Definitely make sure she understands the responsibilities of it but just support her. Make sure she finishes school so that way she can get up on her feet. Everything happens for a reason even if the reason is unknown yet.

When I got pregnant at 14 my mother wasn’t happy and everything she would drink she would try to hit my stomach to make me miscarriage from my own experiences I can say all I wanted was for my mom to help me understand what I was going through I wished so much that my mom could have forgiven me and supported me so my advice is to help your daughter cope with her situation as a parent now I can see just how hard this news is for you but your daughter is the one who is out right scared at 14 she maybe thing she can’t do it or maybe she should put the baby up for adoption etc there are so many thoughts running through her mind just love her and support her decisions for how she wants this pregnancy happen if she asks you about giving her baby up for adoption research everything she needs to be aware of on that topic guide her into motherhood if she says she wants to keep her baby the hardest thing I had to deal with was my mother fighting me at every turn acting as if I was to stupid to figure out what I really wanted she fought me when I decided to keep my baby girl who is now 17 and the best damn version of myself I could have possibly hoped for and I have no regrets what so ever about my decision yes I should have waited but I don’t regret her and one day she will feel that as well if she decides she wants to keep her baby, just love her and support her guide her in the right direction on how to be a good mother to her child, go to parenting classes with her if she is on her on in this you be her support system and when your grand baby arrives remember she is your granddau not your daughter let your daughter raise her own baby the way she sees fit all she needs from you is your support and guidance…
I wish you both nothing but the best, you got this baby girl!