My 18 month old is having cleft palete surgery and tubes in: Advice?

My 18 mo old is having cleft palate surgery and ear tubes put in on Friday. I’m wondering if any mamas here have gone through the same thing and can give me advice. I’m also wondering what I can make him eat since he needs to have pureed foods for three weeks, and he’s going to hate that. Also, how did your little one adjust to the arm restraints they had to wear for the two weeks after?


Try tasty baby foods, mashed potatoes, puddings and milk shakes to keep him satisfied. My grandson had the same surgery when he was 18 because it was so extensive they could only do minimum procedures until he was grown. He had a total jaw replacement with the palate surgery in June and graduated in July, good as new.

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My daughter went through this. She was 1 when she had her palette done. Mashed potatoes, gravy, pudding anything soft. The arm restraints were the hardest. She hated em. You can message me if u want. She is 6 now.

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Ear tubes is a breeze. It literally took me as long to find the waiting room as it took to put them in. I have no advice on the other surgery, just prayers for ya!

My baby’s favorite food after her cleft palate repair was a fan of cream of chicken soup (made with milk not water) and then I melted cheese into it. Mashed potatoes and gravy, pudding. Melted sherbet, pediasure. The 2 weeks goes fast! My baby also handled the restraints really well. Went way better than I expected!

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Never had this medical issue but you can puree pretty much anything, apple sauce and mashed bananas are good fruit choices, loaded with nutrients

Hope you are having it done at a Shriners Hospital, where all care is free. God Bless!!!

My son had so many surgeries due to have a very excessive cleft lip and palette. So many that I lost count on how many. We did a lot of soft regular foods, mashed potatoes, creamed soups, cream of wheat ECT ECT, as for the arm restraints my son was really good about keeping his hands away from his face from 10 months on, so usually only had them on when going to bed and going out and about.

I was that little one… Definitely agree with the mashed potatoes and gravy and pudding. Baby oatmeal and fruit works too. Ovaltine in some milk as a treat… Less sugar, more vitamins and minerals than Hershey’s syrup

Be prepared for the swelling and the little string hanging out of the mouth where the to gue is tied down. Really hard to look at. My grandson had this done he looked pitiful but did great. He hated the arm restraints.

Every baby is different on the tolerance of the restraints. Take one day at a time, I found patience runs a little short if they dont like it but two weeks goes by really fast as long as you keep good vibes. Mashed potatoes, instant breakfast shakes with ice cream instead of milk.

Maybe look into the Mia Moo foundation. I’m sure that they will have some useful info.

Put veggies and fruits into the blender add a little protein powder . Make a yummy smoothie with whatever he likes to drink .

Good luck ! Sending lots of love and prayers !!

I would consultant your baby’s doctor.

Our LO wouldn’t eat any baby foods, so we got a NutriBullet and blended up raviolis, spaghetti, mac n cheese, basically whatever the other kiddos ate.

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Debbie Oliver. Any advise?

The have pouches with apple sauce and fruit and veggie blends that might be good and easy for him

Darci Pernaw Dormitzer

Pudding, mashed taters, jello, ice cream,applesauce, pureed squash,oatmeal,cheesy scrambled eggs

Prayers and positive vibes being sent your way.

Ear tubes are a piece of cake

Take whatever you prepared for dinner for everyone else and put it in the blender

Sending prayers to all

Yogurt applesauce baby food icecream jello

My son had to get his palate bone widened at 16 years old was why worse at this age I wished they would have done as a baby soft foods pudding soup mashed potatoes

Listen to the drs.every child is different so to be honet what one mother did for her child might not be good for your child ask question that is why the drs are their