My 2-month-old refuses to sleep on his back: Is that okay?

My baby is almost two months old and he absolutely refuses to sleep on his back… he freaks out EVERY time I lay him on his back and the only way he’ll sleep is on his stomach… I’ve tried being patient with him but I haven’t gotten any sleep because Ive been so worried about him sleeping on his stomach but that is literally the only way he will stay asleep for more than 5 minutes… has anyone else had this problem?? Any advice on what I should do?


They have things on amazing to prevent rolling
Swaddling tightly also helps a TON

We had the same problem

I’m sure there will be people that disagree with me, but personally my 2 kids slept a million times better as babies when they were on their stomachs. Just make sure there’s no blankets that they can wiggle under so they can breathe properly.


Maybe try a weighted baby swaddle

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Swaddling helps. My kids were all tummy sleepers too. But swaddling helps keep them on their back and still calm.

3 of my 4 would only belly sleep. I put them on their belly in the bassinet beside my bed then in their crib. My 4th coslept for 2 yrs.

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If he can roll on his own otherwise they sleep very hard and unfortunately is dangerous


As soon as my son learned to roll over, he was the same way. His pediatrician said that as long as he knows how to turn his head, he should be fine - just put him on his back, and if he rolls over, don’t stress too much. Just keep everything out of his bed, and make sure the sheets are tightly fitted to the mattress.

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As long as they can lift their head I think it’s OK :blush: and maybe the baby has acid reflux that’s why doesn’t like being on his back xx

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Yes. We went through this. We just let him sleep how he wanted…

My youngest would only sleep on his tummy…

They sleep better on their stomachs. I put a wedge under the mattress so they be at slight angle. And made sure nothing around the head. Blankets and stuffed toys. Only a beanie hat if it was cold…plus on their stomachs it helps with head shape. Lot of kids out there now a days with flat heads in the back.


Let him sleep on his stomach. My 7 week old does. Same thing with her. Only way she’ll sleep besides being held

Buy a babocush cushion

I had the same issue when babysitting. I would let her fall asleep on her tummy, then I would slowly adjust her to her side and eventually her back. After a couple of weeks she would sleep completely on her back

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I think if he likes to sleep on his back then let him! He’s probably more comfortable and it will be easier on the both of you. Just make sure there aren’t any blankets or anything he could get wrapped up in and I’m sure he will be fine! My girl slept on her belly from the time she was 2 months until now… sleeps so much better that way!!!

My son always slept on his stomach, refused to sleep on his back or sides. So that’s how he slept. And he is 12 now.

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Mind did that she had horrible acid reflex. The day dreamer saved us 

My first baby I was terrified to let him sleep on his tummy so I spent 2 years with no sleep making him sleep on his back…so stupid…My second wanted to sleep on his tummy and had great head control from birth. I just relaxed n let him do it and he slept sooooo much better.

My first slept better on her stomach, so I let her, I also co-slept with her. She’s almost 6 now, your little will be alright.

Have him checked for reflux.

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I have 5 boys they all slept on their stomach!

Second was a belly sleeper. We coslept. A lot of the times she slept on my chest cuz I had the same worry. Otherwise I just cleared everything away and let her be. She learned to roll over pretty young so no stopping it

I insisted my first sleep on her back and got no sleep. My second sleeps on her belly most of the time and it’s much better. Make sure you have a very firm mattress and tight fitted sheet though. I let my girl tummy sleep in her cot but always put her on her back if she’s on my bed (even though I have a very firm mattress myself).

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Take everything out the crib (stuffed animals, blankets) and let it go. My grandbabies wear sleepers to keep them warm throughout the night.

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As long as it is his natural position yes. I asked my pediatrician when my son did this.

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Went through similar thing. We ended up propping him on his side. It was the only thing we could do.

Girl if he has good control of his head movement then let him sleep on his tummy. I have 3 boys myself and let them sleep however they wanted. First night i stayed awake to watch how they did. And they did fine. And my boys are just fine at 6yrs old, 3yrs old and 2yrs old. Just make sure he has good control of his neck movement. And also have nothing in the crib with the child

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When my oldest was little she would only sleep on her tummy with her knees pulled up underneath her. She slept fine but turned out she had pyloric stenosis, a tightening off of the muscle between the stomach and intestines. Doc said it was uncommon to see nowadays. As long as they are sleeping fine and eating healthy/gaining weight, let them sleep on their tummy :grin:

My son was a stomach sleeper too! As much as his doctor wanted him on his back, I couldn’t keep him in that position :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:

He needs to be on his back. It’s unsafe for him to always be on his belly. Side is ok

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Could be acid reflux. Try putting him on his back in an inclined position. Like a wedge under his bassinet matress

All of my kids slept on their tummies. Just keep the sheet tight and the crib empty


Sleeping on his stomach is safer because if he was to vomit or bring up fluids for whatever reason go forbid it will run out rather than he’s on his back and helpless at that age it’s safer for him to sleep on his stomach nothing to worry about.


Wasn’t that long we mothers were told to put babies on their stomach, in case of vomiting so they wouldn’t choke


Both my girls were the same way. One is 13 now and the other is 7 months, they both toss and turn all night now. I just laid them on their tummy in their beds and checked on them every 2 or 3 hours it seemed because I couldn’t sleep soundly, every sound they made woke me up, and if they didnt make a sound for a while it woke me up, so :woman_shrugging:. I let mine sleep how they were most comfortable. In a month or 2 he will be able to roll over on his own anyway. Edit: also make sure there are no blankets, stuffed animals, toys or pillows in the crib, just the mattress with a tight fitting sheet over it.


My 3 yr old refused from the day he was born to sleep on his back. The nurses even put him on his tummy because it was the only way he’d sleep

All 4 of my kids are belly sleepers


Sleep sack and if you can afford it some type of heart rate/O2 monitor. You and baby need sleep and this two things will help give you peace of mind

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Let him sleep on the belly. Mine didn’t sleep on her back til 1.5 years.

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My son had to sleep on his stomach when he was an infant to do medical problems just elevate his bed a little at the head. Put a book or something under the legs at the top it doesn’t have to be high just a little elevation works

My youngest has been like that from day one I just let him do it Dr said as long as he has good control of his head it was ok

My 5 month old would go to his side immediately since he came home from the hospital. During the day he would sleep on my chest while my husband was home in case i fell asleep too.

My day was in the nicu and they let them sleep on their stomach don’t know but since she’s been home she will only sleep on either her stomach or her side, I’m a light sleeper since my husband works nights so I check on her every hr

Both my kids were belly sleepers


Some babies prefer the belly…it also could be a sign of gas or reflux. Try doing an incline when on his back. I had to do that w my boy for a long time b4 he finally started laying flat on his back n on his sides.

A baby on their stomach is more likely to die of SIDS. Let the baby sleep in a swing instead.

Put him on his side, they sell a cushion to keep them on his side. Left side is always better.

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I had four children all of them slept on their stomachs, I had no problems.


My daughter was like that. She wouldn’t sleep unless she was on her stomach. She’s 16 now and still sleeps on her stomach.

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My son’s Pediatrician told me 15 yrs ago that if they can roll over on their own then should be ok! Check with you babys doctor! My son wouldn’t stay on his back!


Is he tightly swaddled? Not properly swaddled will cause him to still startled awake on his back

Get an apnea monitor, and then you’ll know if he’s ok on his tummy and you’ll both get sleep.

No he has to be on his side or back

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Mine slept on his belly with his booty in the air as soon as he could roll over. Is 16 months and still does it. Every. Time. Lol.

My daughter slept on her stomach since she was 2 weeks old. Any other way she would cry. There was never any problem. She is now 15.


This is a hard stage . My baby is 3 months. Practice transforming first. Feed them in ur arms and continue to put them down to sleep till it works. I start during the day . We are finally getting to the stage we’re he will pass out on his own soon. He is just starting to try and roll from tummy to back. Be careful a baby at 3 months died recently sleeping on tummy

My oldest was like that since he was born. I didn’t get much sleep but he seemed happy. Maybe get a video monitor or one of the owlette things

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Sometimes you have to do whatever will get the baby to sleep for your own sanity and theirs! My son slept on his stomach from about 3 months old when I stopped fighting him to sleep on his back and still sleeps on his belly now at 14 months

My daughter had that issue

I had to put a pillow under her mattress

Many years ago when I had my babies, I put them to bed on their stomachs. They all survived…

Get an AngelCare monitor. It alerts you if he stops breathing. That’s the only way I got any rest when my son was tiny.

All my kids r belly sleepers. They r good. Ages 4 19 months and 7 months. Been belly sleepers since 2 months old

We did a tight swaddle with bumpers on each side so our baby couldn’t roll over. The bumpers are suppose to make your baby feel like he is being held. Just roll blankets up tightly on each side where your baby would lay and then put a fitted sheet on. Place your little guy between the bumpers in a swaddle & bam! Instantly falls asleep. At least for us, it worked along with white noise! :sweat_smile:

All three of my kids( yes im old , lol ) went threw all of the recommended at the time they were borned one was in belly the other there side and last there back. Keep everything out of crib and let you and them sleep. All my kids are well and adults know

This is not a problem.

My daughter was the same she hated sleeping on her back and would constantly wake so I let other sleep on her stomach and here we are 2 years later shes absolutely fine

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I was a worry wart too, I didnt want mine sleeping on his back or belly. I got an anti roll thing and put him on his side to sleep. It worked fine and I think it gave him the sense of being held and I didnt have to worry about him being on his back or belly.

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I would ask doctor could be silent reflux issue. Being on his back might be painful. However, stomach sleeping is a huge SIDS risk


Just monitor him. We have a breathable crib mattress, so didn’t have to worry. But my son slept on his side & stomach exclusively until about a month ago (7months)

If he comfortable layin on his tummy do it all 4 of my kids laid on their side and belly


Get a monitor for babys foot to let you know if they stop breathing and let them sleep on their tummy.


Please talk to his doctor and have him checked for and ear infection my son use to do this when he has a ear infection. But is it not safe for them to sleep on stomach until one the can roll over and two are able to lift their heads up.

You can try those side sleeper wedges…If he hates the back, let him sleep on his stomach


Back is best! Putting him on his stomach is a HUGE risk of SIDS. Speak to his doctor ASAP!

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How they are suppose to sleep constantly changes. With my oldest it was stomach, with the next it was on their side, then their backs.

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Safe Sleep and Baby Care – Evidence Based Support

My son was the same way. For some reason he felt uncomfortable. I used to swaddle my son and put him in the boppy to sleep. He would sleep all night. For naps I would let him sleep on his stomach because I could see him. I myself am a stomach sleeper. My son is now three and he sleeps on his stomach. Hope this helps :heart:

My pediatrician as long as my son was put down on his back it was fine if he rolled. I didn’t have to move him. If he is putting himself into a different position then not too much to worry about.

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Might want to check with your Dr. and make sure there aren’t any stomach issues.

Sounds like they may have colic or acid reflux. My son was the same. He hated being on his back. He slept in one of those vibrating baby taco things, so that he was tilted slightly upward instead of laying flat. It was the only thing he would sleep in besides in my arms. Maybe something like that would help your baby. Do not place them to sleep on their stomach if they cannot roll on their own.

Slept all of my babies on their tummies . . . they turned out fine…

Ps. Put something underneath the mattress that slightly elevates his head.

My daughter wouldn’t sleep on her back either. She had so much gas all the time. She slept in a bouncey seat in my bed with my hand on her chest for the first 4 months. Dr recommend

My son wouldn’t sleep any other way but on his tummy so I got nights sleep ok if you are worried let him sleep in your room in his cot beside you and am sure you will feel safer too

Speak to your doctor, midwife or health visitor, they will be able to give you better advice to avoid SIDS.
Some of the advice being given on here is extremely outdated and even more dangerous. Just because it worked out ok for one mum, doesn’t mean it will for you.

I had to kids and they both slept on there tummy and they both live and now are grown up so don’t worry back in the 70 you but the child in any way they would sleep I don’t know why Dr said they can choke on they tummy they can choke on the back more so then there tummy if they throw up on the back they can choke Dr now day are

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My kids slept on their stomachs from day one

Lord just leave the baby alone as long as it breathing then u r fine

In my day many decades ago that was the preferred way to have a baby sleep. Remember many a nite with my two they were asleep in my arms and had to flip them to put them down on their belly usually resulting in waking them up…

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Mine currently is 7weeks and really likes to lay on his side. I think its because he has reflux and this helps to aleave it. I know im not getting great sleep but he isnt crying. I just get up and check on him.

Sleeping on their stomach was how we handled babies in our day. Somewhere a long the line it was decided they needed to be on their back. I can’t say stomach sleeping is bad cause all of us are okay, my son, nephews and nieces. Maybe prop on side? I kept my son in a bassinette next to my bed.

A swaddle and slightly inclined helped my son a lot. He wouldn’t sleep with his arms free on his back. Once he was 9/10 months he slept on his stomach and was fine.

My daughter slept on her back and belly after she was born. She is ok

Ours both sleep on their sides. Doesn’t go with best practices but it’s what worked for us. It’s said no tummy sleep as they don’t have the strength to lift their heads if they do end up face down. Chat with your health care providers for the best alternatives and seek multiple sources for something your comfortable with. But swaddle with something small behind the back is what we have done. Or bassinet beside to to keep and eye on them better. Incline can work as it can reduce possible reflux if that’s what’s bothering them. But only a slight incline is considered safe

All 4 of ours slept on their stomachs. We didn’t know they shouldn’t.

Lay him his side and prop a blanket behind him he should sleep ok.

Mine slept on all sides but I use to put him on his tummy.