My 3 year old has COVID: What can I do to make her feel a little better?

What are some tips to make my three years old feel better with Covid? Alternating pain medication, but her cough is horrible, and she’s just been laying around crying, and I don’t know how to help her.


Humidifier Vicks rub on them feet with socks put it on the chest sit in a steam bathroom


My fever was so high I got blisters in my throat and didn’t know till I seen a Doctor, try popsicles!


Popsicles, frozen juice pops, bath… anything for comfort fav stuffed animal, blanket, etc… mostly just love and knowing your there. I hope little one feels better soon!!:100:

Keep her hydrated! And the above.

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Definitely give pedialyte to keep her hydrated! Cool baths and lots of snuggles. It sucks. Our family of 6 just had it. Hang in there mama!

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Humidifier, Vick’s rub, warm baths, prop his pillows up or mattress (laying flat makes the cough worse), lots of fluids, pedialite even has popsicles, warm water with lemon and honey.

Pedialyte popsicles. Elderberry syrup a couple times a day


Run a cool mist humidifier and add a decongestant or medicine that thins out mucus if you haven’t already. Vicks vapor rub on chest and maybe a little inside her nose if it’s dry. Keep her elevated at night. And my doctor mentioned that vitamins D3, zinc, and vitamin c help as well. Good luck mama and hope your little one gets better soon.

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My 7yo just got over Covid. I honestly have no tips unfortunately as it affects all differently & not all things work for everyone.
What usually helps my Son, didn’t help a bit. He pretty much just spent the whole time crying & it broke my heart :cry:


Pedialyte popsicles!! They help so much when you can’t drink!

Oranges and orange juice!

Vitamin c! Zinc ! Push fluids!


Kool bubble baths, popcycles, jello. Any activity she likes. Blanket forts. Playdo , string macaroni necklace. Good luck!

My kids also had covid and their doctor said this was good for cough. Worked for my babies. Hope she feels better soon. God bless

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Poor baby!!! Prayers for a fast recovery

Hot water with lemon and honey! Have her take a steam bath, even let her sit in there to drink some tea/eat and relax. It should help her breathe. Humidifier and prop her up mostly using pillows.

I read and also tryed fresh pineapple juice is very soothing for coughs it worked when I tryed it.


Cuddles and snuggles!!! Lots of fluids too!!


Steam shower may help hun. Poor baby hope she feels better soon

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Pedialyte popsicles! When I had it, I was told that if my kids got it to give them children’s mucinex and alternate paid meds. And also to keep them very hydrated and to check their temp twice a day.

Maybe she can’t breathe and it’s scary her
steam the bathroom and sit with her and hold her

Baths and fluids. A humidifier works well! My four yr old just got over it and thats what helped her.

freeze pineapple juice into ice lollies it will help soothe a sore throat and lower any temperature and help with mucus reduction.


Try taking her on a walk get fresh air, it helped my son and he has asthma. The steam did the complete opposite and made it worse. Keep her hydrated, a good daily vitamin, Pepcid, and vitamin c, try having her lay and sleep on her stomach, it helps break up mucus in lungs. She may have back teeth coming in too?! Good luck. God bless your baby girl :heart::innocent:

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Make sure she’s slightly elevated when sleeping. It’ll help open up her airway. Lots of rest and sleep.

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Lots of Popsicles! Baths and the humidifier were a lifesaver!

I feel for your baby. I just got over having Covid, myself. It was an awful experience for me. I can’t imagine what an awful experience it is for her. Keep up on her zinc and vitamin C was one of the things my Dr recommended for me. I’m posting the text message he sent me. Keep in mind that these recommended things are in adult doses.

Over-the-counter supplements for Covid are zinc 50 mg daily vitamin D3 4000 IU daily, vitamin C 2000 mg daily, Quercetin as instructed per bottle and melatonin as instructed per bottle.

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i’m so sorry, may God bless and comfort her.

Prednisone, breathing treatments,and make sure she lays on her stomach or her side. Laying on her back will put too much pressure on the chest and make it worse. Honey to soothe the throat. Tylenol for fever. Vapor rub on her feet with socks. Make sure she is getting plenty of fluids (water, pedialyte, gatorade) to keep her hydrated.

Lots and lots of love, snuggle, cuddles and sleep.

Robitussin. If there 6 and up

Pineapple juice has enzymes that break up a cough. I use it all the time to help with my lung disease.


Try not to let her sleep/lay on her back, best to be on side or front. Hope she recovers soon

I don’t know more advice but make sure you’re monitoring for MIS-C symptoms. I have been noticing children are showing more of these symptoms lately and can be very dangerous.

Try pineapple juice pedialyte pops . Keep her propped up . Vicks vapor on her chest nose and feet . Alternate ibuprofen and tylenol . Children’s mucinex and saline nasal spray

Maybe she’s bruised ribs coughing? Pretty bad pain.

Lots of fluids and run a hot shower turn off water and hold her with you in for the steam to help clear her. I gave mine Mucinex also

Put vicks on her chest and in the bottom of her feet and put socks on. I hope she feels better soon!

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Sending strong prayers :pray: for you and your baby God bless you :pray:

Sleeping with a humidifier and taking warm baths helped mine! Also lots of saline nose spray and drinks. We also use the Hylands and Zarabees homeopathic cold medicines.

Poor baby girl! All of these comments sounds like great advice. I will be praying for you both.:pray:

My 1 year and 3 years old currently have it. I’ve increased both of their vitamins intake and I’ve been giving them elderberry for kids. The cough, fever and runny nose lasted no more than 3 days. Wishing her speedy recovery

Pedialyte Pedialyte Pedialyte!!!

Give her a game Mario game let her watch Cinderella or anything her dolls let her play with it place all her dolls on the floor and as a mom you can join her and make sure she drinks a lot of water

Sleep on stomach, monitor O2 saturation.

Ask her doctor if she can take a children’s Multivitamin with Zinc; plenty of fluids; rest, but also make sure she is still getting up and moving every hour for a little while to avoid pneumonia; tylenol for aches and to help with fever; ask her doctor what they recommend for the cough.
Of course if she is struggling to breathe, or complains of chest pain, go to ER. I work in a doctors office, this is what doctors are typically recommending.

Zarbees and Vick’s always helped my little guy with cough

Vicks vapor rub on the bottem of his feet. I do this for my son when his allergies make him cough so bad he couldnt sleep. Just keep it away from any smaller children. You can also use eucalyptus oil.

Praying for her to feel better soon .

Have her lay on her belly

Use honey throat drops and any medicine with honey (halls/robitussin)

Make them admit her. My son had it at the age 11 and the admitted him until the fever broke. I was not dealing with that at home.

I’m So sorry to hear this. Have her lay across your lap on her belly- head below the waist a little is good. Rub vicks gently up her back. Gravity helps the lungs…

See if she will eat cherries & pineapples…the pineapple will ease her cough & cherries will help her kidneys… Sorry to hear your little one got covid :frowning: prayers…

Colloidal silver asap. Of course, call and speak with her pediatrician first. No sugar, you can find zevia ginger ale or another stevia or erythritol sweetened ginger ale. The “bubbles” in the soda help with cough.vitamin d, c, and zinc. Check with her doctor for weight/age specific amounts. Lots of water. Sips very often.

I’ve read that if u get Covid u should make sure u get up & move around for at least 5-10 mins as much as possible because it helps fluid not build up in the lungs!

Give her fever grass tea hot

Popsicles. Always helped my little ones.

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Vicks on her feet and put socks on her, lots of fluids. I know it is rough but make her move around. Plenty of fluids. Keep alternating pain meds. If she will tolerate it do a steam. Just be careful my son hated steam. My prayers are with you.

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:pray: hhhhhhhhope she’s feeling better soon

Cool mist vaporizer by bed at night and vicks vapor rub may help

I would take her to children’s hospital in Seattle.

Popsicles, pedialite, fruit smoothies, warm tea, a humidifier, vapor rub w/ lavender, I even found some vicks salt bath which helped a lot as well. Stuff for the fever Tylenol and ibuprofen, they make some honey cough suckers that are awesome. Airborne, vitamin C, elderberry syrup or gummies, muxinex for kids. Stay away from dairy products, milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt etc makes the mucus worse

I tested positive in December and still have a fever. But have tried everything!!

Warm bath and put Vicks vapor rub on the bottom of the feet and put socks on him or her

I fought my husband off with lemon/honey/ginger and of course vitamin C.


I have lung issues on a regular basis. I ask my doctor tio prescribe Pertussin cough syrup and prednisone. The prednisone helps calm the inflammation of the lungs.
Make warm green tea for her and give her ibuprofen which also fights inflammation.

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Please talk to her Doctor… she needs to know what is going on to be able to help her correctly. It is so sad that some people can be such idiots in not wearing masks and not caring who they harm… They are the silent killers who spreads the virus. God bless you all and please get all of you checked out as well.


We were using a cool mist humidifier for our little one when she had it because pediatrician recommended it but it wasn’t helping much. Asked why cool must instead of warm mist and the only reason they recommended the cool mist was because children can get burned if they touch the warm mist outlet. So we got a warm mist vaporizer and put it where she couldn’t reach it and it really helped a lot. I used a chest rub for babies (not Vicks, found in infant section of Walmart). The warm mist vaporizer helped the most though. Helped moisturize and clear her nose and lungs, where the cool mist didn’t. Also, since they don’t get hot and kill germs, cool mist vaporizers can grow mildew/mold in the base very quickly and make matters much worse. If you use one, clean it daily. I was advised to put a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide in the water tank every time I filled it to help combat mold.


If her cough is bad she may need breathing treatments. I’d definitely get her seen because it could turn into pneumonia

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Raw honey with some warm tea is good. Talk to your pediatrician about a cough suppressant if it’s a dry cough or expectorant if she’s coughing stuff up but most important to keep pushing fluids as much as possible.


Call your doctor and ask which type cough medication she can take, adults can take caught medications, wouldn’t want to guess which type for a child,lots of popsicles, and anything she wants to drink other than milk products, your pediatrician may have other suggestions to help a child so young, prayers :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:


I survived many a bout of bronchitis as a kid with a steam tent. My mom would set up a card table in the living room and take a old sheet and create a tent with it, she would hook up the vaporizer and fix pillows n blankets so that we stayed comfortable and warm. We lived in a 80 year old drafty old house. This was before the electronics of today but always tried to make it so we could at least see the TV. No Vicks ever. My grandmother was RN who worked in a Tuberculosis hospital so she was well versed in the tricks. Lemonade if she will drink it helps. Absolutely no milk or dairy as it thickens the secretions. I realize COVID is different but sometimes the old school tricks help any great grandmother and grandmother survived the Pandemic of 1918 and they had nothing except fried onion or mustard poltices to treat the Spanish Flu.


Get her to lay on her tummy when she lays down, lots of popsicles, keeping her hydrated is very important, juice is good pedialyte etc…


What helped a friend of mine little one was pedialite with vitamin c (the flavored ones), baths or showers to allow for steam to break up the mucus, hot chocolate (baby will only drink that) and alot of snuggles.


Baths are usually helpful. Sorry your going through that. Boil up honey n lemon in a pot and get her to breath it in. If she will drink it then that will be good too.


Rub Vicks on the bottom of her feet and put socks on her. Have her by a humidifier while sleeping. Have her sleep sitting propped up with pillows and maybe have her sleep in a recliner. Her sleeping flat down her coughing and cant breathe. If you have a nebulizer have her use it through out the day.


Keep her well hydrated to keep kidneys working full time. Anything she wants to drink. Preferably warm or at room temperature.


Keep an eye on her cough and if she sounds wheezy when she breaths, if she does she needs to go back to the doctor.


Try getting her to drink pineapple juice, great for breathing and lung compasadie


I saw this post a few weeks ago and saved it in case anyone else needed it. It gives tips on how to handle Covid at home. Some things may work on any age, and some may be for adults only, so use your own judgment.


Have her lay on her stomach as much as possible, fluids, tylenol, and use a fingertip oxygen sensor if you can get one. Ask her pediatrician at what oxygen level you should bring her to the hospital if it comes to that

If she has a cough.A vaporizer is good.I all ways useone.It clears the cough up.


Pineapple juice is a natural way to sooth coughs, it wont take it away, but provide some relief


Stay propped up, vicks and a humidifier that you can put those little vicks square things in help a lot. That was my best friend when I had it. Try to avoid overly cold things cause that can make the throat worse, at least that’s what my doctor told me to do. Get umm,I can’t remember the name of it, but it’s got a bee on it, it’s cough syrup specifically for kids and it’s got honey in it that will help with the coughing. My daughter uses it any time she gets sick and it works wonders, doesn’t taste too great, even if it’s got different flavoring added to it because of the honey in it.


First of all get your baby up and out of that bed and moving around at least every 2 hours. Rub her back real good with lotion to keep her lungs from filling up with fluid resulting in pneumonia. Get her those pedialyte popsicles and pineapple with juices. Let her do something fun that ordinar9shes not allowed to do (finger painting, eating snacks in front of the TV etc.). When my daughter was three she had staff pneumonia and her doctor showed me how to Cup my hand and hit against her back while she laid on her side to break up the congestion in her lungs. Try that to keep the pneumonia away. God bless your little girl.


Maybe some orange sherbet. It made me feel better, eased my throat and helped reduce my fever a little. I pray for her because I know how miserable she feels.


As plenty of people have said, lying down on her tummy when she’s lying down will help a lot-this is a key thing with Covid and why you see pics of people with ventilators in the hospital lying on their bellies. Covid acts very differently from pneumonia, and time spent lying on her belly will help clear her lungs.


My 6month old had it and we rotated meds until we found out what worked best for her. Gave her love & hugs and watchrd her breathing. Good luck mama :kissing_heart:

Nothing cold. Anything she drinks should be room temperature. Water gatorade zero, pedialyte any juices.

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Planning water , put vicks vapor rub on her chest and if you can get the liquid vicks and put it in water and put a towel over her head and let her breath it in for a few seconds. She is not going to like it but it helps. Have her walk around not to much laying on her back. Also give her warm teas if she tolerated it with honey and lemon to. My family and I had covid and it help us. Old fashion med helps . Praying she gets some relieves from this nasty virus. Take care

I would suggest along with some of these very good home remedies, that you get a pulsox, they are inexpensive, if her oxygen level goes below 90, call her doctor immediately.

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If the cough doesn’t lighten up take he to the hospital. My dad and I both have it. He’s in the hospital because he couldn’t stop coughing no matter what I gave him. Now he’s on 6 litres of oxygen and also has pneumonia.

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Warm liquids helped me a lot. Tea with lemon or lime and a bit of honey. I used cough syrup to treat coughing symptoms. I slept most of the first 4 days. Sleep on belly if possible. Put plillow under her belly. Pediatrician should be able to guide you through the rest.

When I was a little kid and needed fluids and either was just being complicated or couldn’t keep things down my mom would give me popsicles. You can make your own healthier popsicles and your little one will still think it’s a treat

I just got over covid I was told over counter meds for symptoms plus tyneol no Motrin and vitamin c and zinc vitamin d3 and probiotics. What I used if get bad they will antobotics and steriods open up lungs poor baby. I would that for u to keep u safe.

Also if he is coughing that cough medicine I bought for him is the one they are recommending for his age.

Squeeze some ginger juice and mix with some honey and give definitely it with work I do give my 6yrs old


Sleep on stomach and alot vitamins and elderberry


Do you have a humidifier, not a vaporizer? Add the liquid menthol to the water and keep a low mist going. Have her/him to sit up at 30-45 degrees to promote drainage and sugar free cough drops. Do back percussions especially when they are coughing to help clear the chest.


Don’t let her lay on her back, have her lay on her stomach when she’s laying down, laying on her back will make it settle in her lungs.