My 4 month old will not sleep unless swaddled: Advice?

Y’all help my 4 month old will not sleep unless he’s swaddled, or on my chest. He hasn’t rolled over yet, but he’s showing signs so I wanted to train him to sleep without the swaddle, but every time I put him down without it he wakes right up. more often than not I have to sleep on the couch with him on my chest. Idk what to do at this point.

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They’re only little once. Enjoy it and swaddle him so you both can sleep. He’ll let you know soon enough when he doesn’t wanna be swaddled anymore


I swaddled mine until he was 5 months because that’s just what he wanted and he didn’t roll over when he was swaddled either. I then put him in a sleep sack until he was too long to sleep in one. Just swaddle him or snuggle him. They know what they want and so do we. Trying to fight it will only exhaust you both.

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Swaddle him if that’s how he sleeps best or those sleep sacks work great. Then when he’s not tired you can work on his tummy time and rolling. Gl lil momma

Sleep sack. It keeps them warm and tucks in their arms. Once they’re older they have the sleevless ones.

Use the swaddle but leave his arms out… You also don’t have to start sleep training at 4 months. It is recommended for 4-6mo because some babies aren’t ready for it at 4 months. You can also look into sleep sacks.

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Sleep sacks or magic suits are great transitional sleepers for swaddled babies!

Put him in a sleep sack let him cry it out problem solved

Then swaddle him and let him sleep


Start him off swaddled the way he wants, once he’s good and asleep and put down, loosen it or take his arms out just in case he rolls. Sleeping without a swaddle takes time and lots of trial and error. They’re going from being totally snuggled to nothing, it’s a big change for babies. You could also start with one arm unswaddled at first and see how he does with it.

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