My 4-year-old will not potty train: Please help!

For me I’d personally ask dad to be more hands on helping if not keep him hone for awhile until he gets the hang of it properly. But that’s me


Current situation. My daughter does better for everyone else except me so it could be because we are the Mama’s.

Have you tried different underwear . I used briefs at first but he still had accidents, switched to boxer briefs and we had success.
And he is a boy, try letting him stand up.

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Had the same issue … when he is ready it will happen. Dont get discouraged…


My daughter was over 5 before she was successfully potty trained. We tried it all. Rewards punishments timers posters drawing with dry erade markers while on the potty. We barely got her trained before school started. We took away diapers and pull ups. She would hold it so long she caused herself a major case of constipation that took two laxatives over a week to clear up. Our doctor kept telling us to be patient, when she was ready she would. And one day she staytef using the potty all on her own. No accidents, no issues at night, nothing. Letting go and waiting wac so hard though.

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Take his potty everywhere. Before you go out, bathroom. Before going to the local shop, bathroom. Go anywhere, bathroom. Don’t make a big deal or hell do it more. And I can’t stress this enough, you HAVE TO BE CONSISTENT. No good trying this or that for a day/week and then decide its not working and change tactics. It takes about 72 days to change a habit. Xx

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I had same problem. I took her off the diapers completely and had extra padded training underwear :briefs: from Amazon. I took her to the toilet every 2 hrs for 30 minutes took her tablet in there put books bought jar of skittles and 1 her favorite :teddy_bear:. Like lol dolls.
First 2 weeks was accident city.
3rd week was easier 4th week she got the concept

have u tried letting him piss outside on a tree


I bought a bunch of stickers ,all different kinds and kept them in a ziploc bag in the bathroom. And a poster board taped to the inside of the door. Every time she used the bathroom she got to choose a sticker and hang it up. She loved it!

Girl I’m in the same boat!

Maybe also take him to pediatrician and make sure it is nothing medical

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I used cheerios as targets for my boys


My sis took away all screen stuff. Left the radio though. Sat down and told him what gonna happen and what he needs to do as well as they werent leaving the house till they accomplished the potty. He asked to go to the park or play outsode she just reminded him what needs to be done. Three days later he was fully potty trained during the day and night. Summer before he started Kindergarten…


Mine just done it. But since he was able to walk I’ve had him a little potty he could use at will. Sometimes I’d let him run around naked to encourage him to use the Potty. At 3 years and 8 months he’s fully potty trained. He likes the idea of no mess on his but. He also has options. A frog urial his little potty and a seat and step stool for the big potty. I just took them away and for a couple of weeks he’d ask for a diaper to poop. I didn’t argue I did as requested. After a few weeks I said no let’s go to the potty. He did and has ever since. Zero night time accidents.

The important aspects to this is he decided but I always gave him options and encouraged him to use the potty. He decided when and a year before is required for school.

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Star chart,who doesn’t love a sticker,are you using potty or loo?swap,my daughter refused to use potty his it kicked it etc,out trainer seat on loo trained overnight,lots of praise rather than treats,boys can be slower,try not to stress

Maybe it the sitting down to pee?!? Dad doesn’t do that

Make him clean his self up and see if that helps. I started making my 3 year old go get and change his own underwear and he didnt like that. Lasted about a week and he was going with no problem. BUT…he knew to go to the bathroom and just didnt want to so he would go in his pants instead.

What else is going on in his life as failure to potty train and bed wetting is a form of anxiety in children…Of course he will eventually go to the toilet don’t stress to much …hint …sometimes if you get a potty and let him run around the backyard playing ball with him his bowels will move then make it a part of the game he has to run to the potty and poop in it when he does laugh even go ewww lol make it a funny thing it helps…I say no pants cause they often feel to relaxed in habit and just poo in it

Unique Landry check out some of these tips

My son was stubborn too - I finally told him, at age 4 1/2, that I wasn’t buying anymore pullups and that if he wet the bet, he wet the bed. He never had an accident after that.

Hes not ready. If you force him he will refuse.

Look online they have fun little urinals that stick on the wall and it has a little target for him to aim at,I’m getting one for my little guy very soon lol. But honestly it sounds like dad isn’t putting him on the toilet so you need to start there or this will be a never ending battle (trust me from experience)

They have rubber underwear that you can put over the regular underwear that way if they do it won’t leaked out everywhere. I would take away all electronicsand tell them in order to get them back or to leave the house and go do fun things and that you will take them to a fun place but first I have to start using the potty if they want to do a fun trip to the park or Chuck-E-Cheese or whatever it maybe they need to go on the potty first

I let my son pee outside. Eventually he started preferring the indoors. He still wouldn’t poop in the toilet at home. Eventually, he got tired of his pull-up.

Give him time. He might not be ready.

I told mine he couldn’t go to kindergarten in diapers and boom. I also let him pee outside a lot! He was also 4.

No punishment . All praise and encouraging . Read him books while he’s on the potty and cheer like he just won the noble peace prize !! Do not scold for accidents . Just clean it up and gently remind him to use the big boy potty …

I did the Cheerios thing with my boys worked on both​:100::+1::heart: