My 5-year-old is constantly loud: Advice?

My 5-year-old is constantly yelling. I am at my wits end. I just had a baby a few days ago and my 5 son is just so loud. He had his ears checked so I know nothing is wrong with him, but he even talks super loud. Advice?


I mean, hes 5 and probably bored.

My year old is superior, just talks loud. Her hearing is fine as well. She just doesn’t quite get inside voices. Thankfully my newborn can sleep through it. Must have gotten used to it in the womb lol.

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My 5 year old son is always loud as well

He’s 5 and he’s a boy? Practice indoor voice even whisper to him. But the definition of a boy is noise with dirt on top


My niece is the same way, she’s 8 and still loud lol

Are you sure we don’t have the same 5 year old :weary: mine is SO LOUD I’m like dude chill. :joy:

Both my daughter (7/4) are both so loud and I had their ears checked… no idea

Hes 5… Get used to it

Have you tried whispering and talking to him very low maybe he will start using inside voices


the baby will eventually get use to it, my family was super loud and i just had my baby so i was over it but eventually she slept through any loud noise which turned out to be a blessing

Its normal, hes a boy and hes 5, I have a 4 year old foghorn mouth😂 Give him something to do when baby is sleeping that he has to concentrate on, painting/ crayoning or something.


My 6yo old son is like a fog horn

My 3.5 year old daughter seems like she’s ALWAYS yelling! She has no volume control whatsoever

We introduced the concept of inside/outside voices. You need to be really consistent, but my son eventually got the message. He won’t be perfect, but should be better. Doesn’t last forever-there’s an end in sight!

My 5 year old is also loud naturally. He knows inside outside voices, he doesn’t scream (unless it is something we are doing that involves screaming) he just naturally talks loud :woman_shrugging:t3: I am pregnant with my 3rd. I had my second and never hushed my oldest because I wanted baby to get used to the noise his big sister still needed to be a kid. I have the same plans this time around. Babies adjust but older kids will resent baby if they are getting in trouble for being themselves because of baby.


All my kids talk so loud!! I tease and say they need to use their Daddy’s sleeping voice!

It sounds like he is rebeling about the new baby. But you are the one that needs to stop this now. Lay down rules with consequences if not followed and stick to them. And whatever you do don’t yell at him.He is old enough to know it’s wrong and you need to lead by example.

I understand your frustration. But he’s 5. Loud is developmentally correct. Practice voice levels. 0 being silent, 5 being concert level. Give him some kind of token for his voice being the appropriate level (a sticker, play money etc) that he can exchange for prizes or treats.

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Check your volume… when he gets loud are you getting louder or are you bringing your voice to a whisper/quiet indoor voice? If you get loud, he’s just going to get louder (same with tv volumes etc.)

Additionally you can do some play work on inside and outside voices. Example: walk outside and say in a loud voice “outside we can be loud”. Walk back inside and say in a quiet voice “inside voices are quiet voices”. Repeat a few times then ask him to show you his outside voice and inside voice a bunch of times (yes you might end up with the door open a lot to outside but the idea is to demonstrate and practice the skill. Once he’s got it, a simple “inside voice” reminder should help check him back into a decent level.

My daughter, soon 8 is loud too. We tried inside voice but she still loud.

Omg…my 5 year old is loud to…maybe it’s just a age thing…I hope…shes had her hearing checked also🤷‍♀️

I have 10 grandkids & the 3, 5, 6& 7 yr make more noise then the Seahawks stadium. Lol

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I played “whisper games” with my loud children rewarding them for speaking quietly with a star chart. The kids loved the game picked the bedtime story or got to stay up an extra 15 minutes after the others.

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Your kid is just being jealous and annoying, spend more time with your kid and explain to them why they have to be quiet

I would suggest talking to him quietly. Telling him we use inside voices.

My 3 year old is the same way. She’s the baby of 4, so she gets all the attention anyway, lol. I have her an appointment with an audiologist soon just to be safe.

My 11 year is deaf his so friggin loud especially if his not wearing his hearing aid my 6 year old is also super loud and his hearing is fine 🤦🤦🤦

My 5yo is extremely loud (he is Autistic) and we are constantly repeating to use a quiet voice. He is loud and has absolutely no filter.

You will need to work with him to change that. It is going to take time and a lot of repitition. Everytime he speaks loudly tell him that he needs to talk quieter. Have him start over with his quiet voice. It will take a lot of practice on his part and patience on yours.

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Quiet game, and volume control game. When hes too loud have him speak softer and softer till he whispers. If he can whisper so soft you almost cant hear he gets a prize

Shhhh… use your Inside voice. Might want your attention with the new baby.

I honestly think its just some kids are loud :woman_shrugging: try to show him that theres places and times to be super loud and other times to be quiet (like the library etc) but having him be quiet all the time or use a “little voice” all the time just isn’t gonna happen.
When I had my youngest I tried and tried and tried to tell my middle son to use his quiet voice when my youngest was just born and yeah no :sweat_smile: its like talking to a wall. So, I qould suggest allowing him a place to be as loud as he wants so he can let it all out.

My baby got used to it though and slept through absolutely everything. Now hes just as wild and loud as his big brother :joy::joy:


Maybe stop and think that uve just had a baby and u may be emotional right now? Hormones are high, lack of sleep? 2 kids? Everything’s just getting to u? Please try not to be too hard on him. He is 5 and he is used to the way of living for 5 years with out a new baby. If he wasnt loud before then maybe just take a step back and think why? A new baby in the house can affect children alot. Please be patient. Work with him and explain what u say is wrong and why it is wrong.


I would give him a yelling hour. Make special time for loud voices and work on him with his quiet voice. If he doesn’t seem to connect the fact that the baby needs quiet time, get him involved and have hime help. Involve him and explain to him how the babies ears are sensitive and how it’s less startling using a calming voice. :blush:


Maybe he just wants some attention because of the new baby :woman_shrugging:t4::woman_shrugging:t4::woman_shrugging:t4:


T.o.t.s. episode about using indoor “roar”

Yup mine were all loud as a gaggle of dang gooses. I would constantly say inside voices… They do quiet down a little lol.

Following. My 4yo thinks it’s hilarious to scream in tiny short bursts at the top of her lungs. I’m shocked glass hasn’t shattered or no one’s had a heart attack yet

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Try using ‘indoor’ voices and ‘outdoor’ voices. I also find that talking back in a very quiet voice can work, as they try to mimic the situation


I don’t know but don’t listen to the people saying “he’s 5” because I have a 2 year old that knows that when baby brother is sleeping he has to be quiet. definitely just let him know times that he’s allowed to be loud and times he needs to be quiet as in when baby is sleeping we have to be quiet. When we’re outside we can be loud.


Baby will adapt to all noises if you allow it to happen it makes it easy I could vacume play music and my kids would fight and number 4 slept through it all 🤷


Whatever you do, just ask them nicely to be quiet. Constantly shhhhing and getting angry or irritated will make them feel bad.

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Tell him to whisper my 12 is like that its annoying

You need to whisper! Lol If you whisper he will whisper. I do it with my 3 yr old

Mine is loud. My husband’s whole side of the family is loud. I have auditory sensitivity. I find that if I whisper to her, she whispers back and asks why I’m whispering. I say the dog is sleeping (he almost always is) I also keep tvs and phones at lower volumes, so you don’t have to “yell” over the noise. Work 1/2 the time.


I have a 5 year old, when he talks loud to me or cries “fake” I tell him wait wait wait, my turn, then I talk or cry the same way back and he laughs, we laugh together, then start the conversation over and remind him of indoor voice

Have his hearing checked and if that’s fine then tell him when hes loud you can’t understand what he’s saying🤷

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The baby will get used to it. Somethings you just can’t change.

Baby needs to get used to constant noise.

Eh, I think at that age kids are just loud in general. We do encourage going outside to be loud and trying to bring the noise down about an hour before bedtime, but other than that our 4 year old is just kind of loud in general. His baby sister learned that our house is loud so she sleeps through everything now at 15 months and is also loud during the day. We don’t allow loud to be disrespectful, like shouting at us/his sister, but if he’s just playing or talking I don’t even really notice it anymore :woman_shrugging:t3: we do also do “quiet time” for him so while sister naps he can lay and watch a movie/play on his tablet quietly since he doesn’t take naps anymore.

I gave mine a taste of their own medicine 🤷 after a couple days they stopped

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I have a 6yr old and a 3month old(8weeks early so technically 4weeks gestation) my daughter is just a very loud person. She talks loud plays loud. It’s going to take time but if you just keep telling him to stay quiet the babys sleeping. Or use your indoor voice each time it will help. Make sure to give him a little just mommy time each day even if it’s just for a half hr when baby is sleeping. I do this with my daughter and it seems to help. Bedtime is our time and every other night we watch a movie together While baby is sleeping. Time it between feedings. Eventually your baby will grow to get use to the loudness. Mine slowly is but until then we’ve started sending her to her room when she wakes sissy up since shes been home long enough to know better. Otherwise we just remind her to stay quiet. It’s a big adjustment on them not being the baby anymore.

Mine is 8 and still be loud and yells. No matter what I tried. Lol.

Honestly, it being loud will be good for baby. The house I lived in was always loud no matter what. When I had my son. Now he sleeps through anything and loud sounds don’t wake him up.

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Following. My 10 year old is still loud🤦 lol no inside voice lol

Babies get used to it. I had 2 10.5 months apart, when my son was a newborn my 10 month old girl had just found her voice and would squeal top note constantly. I just let her go and now at 6 months my son sleeps through most noises

Some people are born loud and don’t change. I have 3 son’s and my first has always been loud even now at 23

He might just want your attention since there’s a new baby in the house. Maybe explain to him the importance of being calm and maybe carve out some time for just you and him to be loud and spend time together

My six year old is super loud too, she always has been and I’m guessing she always will be. :woman_shrugging:t3:

If I use my quiet voice and have the rest of the house quiet, my kid will do the same. If I start whispering, she will speak softly too. However she is an only child. All children are different.

I don’t ask my older to quiet down unless the baby is napping. He isn’t allowed to scream, but that rule hasn’t changed, he doesn’t need to be shrieking in the house :rofl: he understands when his little bro goes to sleep he is allowed to play downstairs if he is quiet or I set him up a outdoor play area and he goes out there to play until baby wakes up. I just have him go to a fun space or participate in quiet time (book, lay down, quiet puzzle). It was a learning curve for a few weeks, but he is awesome about it now. He will grab a blanket and lay down or he runs outside/to his room upstairs to play when the baby falls asleep.

My 3 year old is very loud. She just gets excited. I am also a loud talker when I am excited. So I try and talk quietly to her. And we talk about inside voices a lot. I think kids just find a volume and stick with it.

My son is 7 about to be 8 with ADHD and I have a 9 week old baby girl. He’s constantly loud yelling, screaming, fake crying, banging on the leather sofa, running around the house etc… i was worried the new baby wasn’t going to sleep or anything but she got used to him and my husband plays the drums she can take a nap thru all her brothers noise and her daddys drumming practice… you will be just fine and your child will learn sooner or later… it’s an adjustment to everyone in the family… you can do this be strong everything will be ok.

I have a daughter who is a teacher and has a daughter herself is loud. Her father is loud to. She is 4 and she tells her to use hr indoor voice. That seems to work

My son is 9 and he is loud… always has been. I remind him to “turn the volume down” , but he’s just a loud talker :joy:

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With my 7 year old I had to talk with him about in and out side voices. I had a baby 4 months ago and things have gotten better. I remind him in the morning about the baby. I also explained that when he’s being loud that it really really hurts her ears. That if we don’t use our inside voice we could hurt her ears so bad that she won’t be able to hear us anymore. Babies ears are sensitive and can bust easier than his ears. It has worked so far. Not to mention I let him spend “quiet time” with her daily to help him remember she is much smaller and needs “quiet time.”

My daughter is goin on 8 & still very loud — even talking. I’ve just accepted that it’s her :woman_shrugging:t2: one day maybe that loud mouth will get her somewhere :rofl:

Hey… nothing wrong with loud kids. Lol.
~Signed Now a loud adult. Lol

Remind him to use his inside voice. My kids can be loud and run outside, but inside we use inside voices, and inside feet.

I think it’s normal…my son is almost 7 and is super loud too. I have to constantly remind him he doesn’t need to tell when we talk

My daughter is 4 & she is the same way. We just remind her to use her inside voice…

There is a book called little tiger :tiger2: is loud. Teaches them inside voices

My 9 year old is the same way. I tell her inside voice it works for 2 seconds and back to yelling.

Yes, some children get excited about a new found loudness. They learn they have a voice louder than before and use it. Also, if you play tv or sound loud in your house or even find yourself talking loudly with other people your child will copy it.

Could be simple as to her hearing herself.

I’ve trained my 5 and 3 year old grandsons to be quiet if I’ve got a mug of coffee. If one forgets the other one reminds him. I just said it’s the rule in my home. If they get too noisy I hold up my mug (even if it’s empty) and ask what it means and they both whisper “that we have to be quiet”. My daughter has started using it at her place. Keeps them quiet for a bit lol

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Mine has no volume control either. Try to make clear consistent rules, and honestly, it’s better for a baby to get use to loud noises and sleep through it. It makes life SO much easier with multiples. Still good to teach the older ones respect and kindness to TRY and be quiet, but sometimes it’s hard. Every kid is different.