My 5 year old needs his tonsils removed: Advice?

We just found out my 5 year old is needing to get his tonsils removed to help with his sleep apnea, he’s like me and gets extreme anxiety whenever it comes to dr appointments so I was looking for advice for how to help him through it and any advice dealing with tonsils getting removed that you guys could give. I’ve never had this done either so I’m not sure what to except for it

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My daughter is same age she had hers done last year and it was very hard on her she was in so much pain and ended up in ICU for a week because she refused food and was throwing up all her fluids. The pediatrician at Tbird said her organs were going to start failing had I not fought to bring her in. I’m not telling you this to scare you from having it done because even though it was extremely scary for me as a mother and a rare side effect of the surgery, it REALLY helped my daughters apnea and I no longer have to watch or worry about her at night and she sleeps peacefully now. As soon as you notice he is not keeping down fluids or that he wont even drink then I would take him straight to ER dont wait and no matter what they say you make them give him IV fluids. My daughter got turned away twice from ER and I got into with nurse in waiting room because of it but I was finally able to get ahold of her surgeon who called another ER and they got her in within an hour and IMMEDIATELY started treating her and put us in isolated ICU room for a week with round the clock care until she was able to lift her head to start eating and drinking on her own. Banner Thunderbird took very good care of my daughter and I during our stay and they brought her lots of new toys blankets books clothes you name it. PCH on Thomas was just awful and refused to help, I will never take my child there for ER again.

Keep lots of frozen stuff on hand…ice cream…pudding…otter pops…

The younger they are it is usually easier on them