My 6 year old throws tantrums like a toddler: Advice?

If shes had other issues in other environments like school or daycare, then I’d speak with her doctor.
It’s likely that she has some type of behavioral disorder like adhd or odd.
And in those particularl instances typical parenting doesn’t always work.

If you’ve only seen those issues with her at home, then I recommend sitting down…
First, decide if theres a physical reason for acting out. Is she tired? Is she hungry? Ect. Try addressing those issues. It sounds crazy but sometimes even 6 year olds dont recognize things like hungry or tiredness.

If those arent a factor…then change your parenting techniques. I don’t mean that as in what you’re doing is “bad” it just may not be the right strategy for her.

Try having her earn privileges and rewards with a token economy system.
And go back to basics and put her in time out for bad behavior, when you do it…first give her a warning. Then put her in time out while reiterating why shes there. Ignore screaming crying name calling while shes in time out. If she gets up silently move her back. Do not talk or acknowledge her while she’s there.
Many kids will see they’re pushing you and they will continue to push becaus they believe they’ll get what they want.

Wtf is with all you moms saying spank her. Do you realize that she shouldn’t be punishing her child for not knowing how to deal with her emotions? The mom should be speaking and communicating with her child, not beating her. The comments on here are ridiculous


Its called give her a good pop across that cheek or across that butt and put a stop to it real quickly. Discipline its not out of the handbook of parenting.


Honestly walk away and start taking things away from her. My 6 year old tried the same thing over something silly so I left and when I came back I had some of his toys from his room and they went outside in my car to the timeout box. Once he had nothing left he realised tantrums get you nothing. Then I started having him do simple tasks with me folding laundry helping out up dishes and I paid him a quarter a task and he got a toy or two back.

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I do but have kids, but my one sister tells her kids to go to their rooms to calm down and then come down when they’re ready.

I do the same with them. I sometimes hug it out with them and talk about what’s bothering them as they’re calming down.

Best thing is to not loose your temper which I understand is HARD! Usually not paying attention sometimes works. I’ll put my daughter in her room and shut the door till she calms down. She can lay on her bed or whatever. I’ll give her some water and let her try to calm down on her own. Once she’s calm I usually put a movie on for her or let her play with her toys so she calms down and then I tell her that’s unacceptable. It’s better to explain it when she’s not having the tantrum when she’s calm. But I understand there are times I just want to get in my car and leave. Ur not alone

Suggests she may be having meltdowns, not tantrums. It could be that she can’t cope with you shouting so her body just freaks out when she’s in trouble or if she thinks you are going to shout. Let her go somewhere she feels safe like in her bed to calm down. All spanking does is build fear in a relationship.

You haven’t said WHY she was screaming. Was it a demand (give me this now) or a response? If a demand you could ignore the screaming and kicking, explain you have said No, and that you don’t give in to terrorists. Then ignore (hard the first time, I know).

First of all be easy on yourself for losing your temper. It happens…and I ignore the behavior and redirect

There’s some great books. How to Talk so Kids Will Listen. The Happiest Toddler on the Block. (Yes for toddlers but honestly has helped so much with my older kids)

Oh please hand books , Even the bible says to disciple your child when needed. God says not doing so is like not loving them. That’s your job as a parent to grow child up to respect you and others.

Play therapist can help

You are a good Mom Jessica :heart:. You are more concerned with the welfare of your kids than what a lot of people don’t realize there is something wrong and the child really does need help. You,Libby, and Crystal have had to bear this burden but you are all such great and caring Mom’s.:heart:

My son would throw himself on the ground and roll around…he would chew up stuff and he was very emotional…took him to the doctor at his teachers recommendation and he was diagnosed with adhd and sensory processing disorder. Took him to occupational therapy and learned a lot of great tips and also started with a psychiatrist who after spending some time with him diagnosed him with autism spectrum disorder. It’s still a struggle and he is 12 now but I can’t imagine how we would have made it had I not got him some help.

Take her to a doctor to make sure there is no under line problem. Don’t give in if nothing wrong. Hug her.

Take Red dye 40 out of her diet

90% of the time if u ignore it, you’re child will stop doing it. IE you’re daughter throws her tantrum. Walk away. Go to another room, until she stops. If it’s for attention. She’ll stop. After a day or two. She’ll stop. If it’s something else. Then maybe make an appointment w her pediatrician. If it’s for attention if u just ignore it. I guarantee you it will stop. It will be hard. Just ignore it

Just walk away, don’t give her attention. Itll be hard the first few time, but once she knows she won’t get your attention that way it’ll stop. Kids look for a reaction and attention in any form, and if you give in during this you will be giving her exactly what she’s looking for for and will keep it up. Eventually she’ll learn to understand that she won’t get over your time.

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I’m no good at advising this w/o visuals, but I would seriously recommend watching Super Nanny. British lady, a little bigger… I think her name is Jo? I got great coping ideas from her show

Nephew did this once to me and i put cold water on his face and laid him down with a bottle and no its not abuse to throw cold water on theres face i see theres a mother being shamed for throwing water on her child its the same as putting the child in the bath tub to calm down its affective and the child relaxes with a big hug and the bottle + cartoons or something they fall right to sleep
Walking away does not help why because the child can hurt themselves letting them be is not affective and dont need the shaming i have a almost 2 month old and he throw little tantrums at night i pass a baby wipe on his face and he calms down so i can change his diaper and prepare his bottle …

Teach her how to deal with her feelings appropriately or you’re going to have severe troubles later on

If she’s not in any danger when she starts having one get up and walk out the room and just ignore her, once she’s done then go back in to the room and ask if she would like to talk about why she’s just had a meltdown and then deal with it calmly xx

Take all her toys away, empty the room.
Don’t say a word don’t speak walk away breathe compose yourself
Wait for her to calmly come out to talk to you and ask what’s wrong?

I tell my daughter come sit with mommy
I tell her to breathe and use her big girl words
And I hold her and just listen.

Kids are having a rough time right now
we need to just keep trying remember they are little and scared and still can’t communicate properly

my 6 year old also does this. it sounds childish and extremely extra, i know but it was the only thing that worked. it took 4 times, but throwing myself on the floor with her and doing the same things she was doing, throwing toys, cups, ect actually helped. letting them see how they look and how they are reacting over something small helps them a little more than just being TOLD. but my kids is more of a “5 sense hands on” learner. she has to see, touch, feel, smell & taste in order to learn. i feel like im talking to a brick wall when im trying to compromise or reason with her. but if i SHOW her, it gets a little bit easier. it seems crazy, bc it kinda is, but it was the only way i could get through to her that that isnt the only way you have to act to get your point across. communication is a big dip for us. shes a full blown capricorn. hard headed and will do whatever it takes to get what she puts her mind to. but she gets in her own way sometimes and she dosent realize it. being SHOWN vs TOLD is what broke the pattern for me.