My 6 year olds attitude is out of!

My daughter is 6 will be 7 in September shes my oldest. She use to listen and do as told now all the sudden she started acting out. Telling me no. Talking back called me names for the first time today because I asked her to put her hats away she pulled out and will not apologize for her actions when we try to go talk to her she just turns her head to the side and goes hmm… she’s throwing fits when we ask her to go to her room and come back when she’s ready to apologize and whe won’t. I’m at a loss on what happend to this little girl. She was the easy child. Is this just a faze? I expect this when she is a teen but not at 6


I would put her in her room physically, , if you let her disrespect you this way now, it’s not going to get better , she’s testing boundaries, if there are no consequences , she will be running your life, before she’s a teenager., I would take , all electronics if she didn’t do as asked. What she is doing is not ok , and should not be tolerated.


If it is really far out of character for her I might ask her how she’s feeling, examine her diet, sleep schedule, etc. She could be acting out for a valid reason.
If she’s always been a sassy smart ass and everyone found it endearing until she got school aged, I’d examine my own parenting style and make adjustments on that end.

Hard to say if it’s just a phase. Definitely try to have a talk with her and ask if something is wrong during times that she isn’t acting up. Maybe she’s feeling left out. It also may very well be hormonal. Girls can start their periods as young as 7. Maybe reach out to the school counselor?

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I dont want to be extreme but my son was this way and it turned out he had a defiant disorder. It comes and goes now but is more manageable with therapy. I would talk to the school and see if it is a problem there. If she is not in school, then maybe look at what has change in her life that could of possibly caused her to act out.

I hate to say it but the leather belt needs to come back! If that doesn’t work, the wooden spoon will.


Oh no. She would get a spank, things taken away, and grounded. Calling me names would not be tolerated

Try a strict schedule and routine. Yes its a pain in the butt for you adults but sleep routine is best.

Do everything back to her & see how she likes it . lmao jk what would u do Alex jk

My 7 year old is the same :frowning: I am at a loss also

Yea I know it’s against the law now to spank kids but if I would have acted that way I would not be able to sit down afterwards. I mean spanking not beating. That usually get kids attention quick plus taking their favorite toy or electronics for a few day.

Prayers for your daughter in Jesus mighty name Amene. Be sure to thank Jesus for her deliverance and.miracle healing Amene

Some people have seen it help if they remove artificial dyes from diets. Join Dye Free Kids .

Did something change around the house? New stress of any kind?

Has she had any trauma? Divorce? New significant other of a parent? Being bullied at school? Behavior is a form of communication.

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Talk to her when she’s not acting out. Ask if there’s something g going on. With school, home, friends, other family members etc.