My 7 year old hasn't lost any teeth yet: Advice?

Should I be concerned that my 7 year old hasnt lost any teeth yet? she always asks to lose them bc all of her friends are but none of hers are even loose


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My 7 year old hasn't lost any teeth yet: Advice?

No, they all come out at different times. My nieces first tooth didn’t fall out until the big tooth came through and pushed it out.
Then happened to my daughter, her big teeth were growing behind the baby teeth, but all straightened out once the baby ones fell out.

No each kid grows at their own pace. As long as a doctor or dentist isn’t concerned then there is nothing to worry about.


Have you tried prying them out with pliers?


No… apparently later is better… not sure why…

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Won’t hurt to see a pediatric dentist regardless, for a good cleaning and they can do a panoramic view and make sure that there are adult teeth coming in.


It’s totally diff for every child and genetics play a big part. My daughter and myself both lost ours early and got them early my son is the same way. They are 4 and 5. Have atleast 4 adult teeth each. And none of their peers same age are losing teeth.

They all lose them at different times, I’ve been advised if they don’t lose any by 7 its worth getting them looked at by a dentist. My sons 6 and hasn’t lost a single one so hoping they start before he’s 7.

It will come along mama. Give it time. Its different for each child.

They will fall out in there own goodtime

My daughter’s aren’t either and she’s 7. Dentist told us she may just have to have some pulled if none are out by 8. It happened that way with my oldest too. No long term effects or problems.

I got told the later the straighter . Not sure if that is true

I’d see a dentist to make sure they aren’t overcrowded and unable to fall out. Happened to me a few times

The later the better my daughter was the same she’s 11 and still has baby teeth didn’t start losing them till she was 8 and 9

The later the better our dentist told us. My boy is 7.5 and only just started to lose his

She should be ok. I didn’t start losing mine until I was about 7 or so.

Depends when she got her first teeth
I have two girls who got teeth after they where one
And my oldest son was six mth ect
And my youngest was just before one so depends on when they actually got the teeth the later they loose

My 22 yr old son has 2 baby teeth still, as his jaw is too small for the adult ones to come thru! Is she a small girl for her age?

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I wouldn’t worry our daughter only started losing them at 7 years 4 months x

My daughter is 6 and a half and hasn’t lost any yet either

My son lost his first tooth at 9 all kids are different 4 children all lost teeth at different ages

I’m 30 and still have one baby tooth lol


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My daughter lost a front one months ago I’m wondering when the next one comes tho she’s 6 turning 7😅 it’d been like 7-8months

Your dentist will advise if there are any issues.

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My daughters teeth didn’t start falling out til she was nearly 9 she is now 13 and still losing them. They will come out when ready.

That’s a good thing…

Talk to her pediatrician if you are concerned about it.

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My 8 year old just lost her 1st one. Her dentist told us “They will fall out when they’re ready”. Her turn will come, if anything speak to her dentist. :heart:

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My son is 7 and has just started looking teeth. His have all seemed to of gone at the same time lol top 2 and bottom 2

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Are they regularly going to the dentist? X rays should show the unerupted teeth below.

My brother had his removed at 21. Sadly he needed dentures after that…serious health problems at 18 had destroyed his adult teeth in the gum …if the dentist is happy dont worry about it .

I’m not a dentist so I can’t help you.

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I was late getting teeth and losing teeth. Then some of my adult teeth grew up behind my baby teeth (bottom front). I’d ask your dentist.

Sometimes they have to be pulled by the dentist to allow new teeth to come in. I’d have her checked to see where they are at. She still has time but it is possible. My step daughter wasn’t losing teeth and they had to do with some of hers.

Some just lose their teeth late. My daughter is 12 and still has quite a bit left to lose. I lost my last one at 17 and I was pregnant lmfao.


46 and still had 2 baby teeth or as they call them disiduous

My son was 7 when he lost his first, then they just started falling out lol some kids are just later than others

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I have heard the longer they don’t lose them the healthier they are


If the dentist was concerned it would have been brought up by your dentist at her last routine dental check im sure. My 7 yr old has lost 1 tooth. Our dentist is happy with that.

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Sometimes it happens late just make her a dentist apt mama!

Has she been to the dentist? They should be talking to you about these things.

My kids for there teeth late so they lost them last. I wouldn’t be concerned at this time.

How old was she when she got teeth in the first place? My daughter didnt start to loose teeth till later she about to be 12 and still has baby teeth…the dentist said if they took a long time to get baby teeth then it will take longer to loose baby teeth…my daughter didnt get teeth till she was almost 1

As long as they are in good health, i don’t think it’s a problem… check with your dentist… they can take x-rays to see where the teeth are at in the gums.

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If she was a late tooth popper as a baby then she will be a late tooth loser as a young child. Definitely, recommend a dentist if you haven’t been yet to get X-rays to make sure she does have a second set. There are some people who never form the second set of teeth.

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My daughter just turned 7yrs old. Her first tooth just fell out. So don’t be overly concerned.

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I had a schoolmate in high school and she still had some I think…. So I don’t think you should worry but best is to take her to dentist and he will tell you :slightly_smiling_face:

My son didn’t lose his until 7 3/4 so almost made it to 8 with no teeth lost. His dentist said his own child was late with losing teeth too.

My son didn’t start till he was about 7. Then he had a wiggly tooth for a long time, but it never came out. His grown up teeth were coming up behind his baby teeth. Once he they came out, he lost a lot close together.

My daughter didn’t get teeth until she was over 2. She is now almost 8 and lost no teeth and is just now growing her year 5 molars.

Everyone loses them at different times. If the teeth are in good health I would nt worry too much. If she was late getting them in, she may be late losing them. My son was an early toother and he started losing them at 5ish. My other child was a bit later and he hasnt lost any on his own. (Had to have surgery on a few though and they had to come out)

If you are really concerned though take your child to the dentist. They can do x rays and such to see whats happening under the gums.

That’s fine. I lost my last baby tooth at 18. I looked after them and kept them for a long time. It’s a good thing

My 7 year old son hasn’t lost any yet either and none are loose. Nothing to worry about! every child grows at a different pace including their teeth! I was a “late bloomer” too as far as teeth go.

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Maybe take her to the dentist and get an xray. That will tell you if her secondary teeth are coming in.


Former dental assistant here! I had two adult patients that never lost their baby teeth…Retained teeth.
It’s also possible to have an extra set of 3rd teeth… supernumerary teeth.
An xray will answer all your questions.
Human anatomy is wild

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Nor has my husband and his 30 :joy::joy::joy::joy:

My son is 8 and hasn’t lost any teeth yet

If she got teeth late, they fall out later. My son didn’t have teeth until close to 12 months old. He didn’t start losing until after turning 6. My daughter had 8 teeth by 8 months old and she started losing them before she turned 5.

One question: Did you ask tge dentist. You that’s their specialty.

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No concerns at all she’ll lose them

Did it take longer for her to get teeth as a baby? My first baby didn’t get his until he was almost 1 so when it came to losing teeth i think he was almost 9. And he’s 16 now and still has a few baby teeth while his 14 year old brother has already lost all his. I think he still has maybe 1 or 2 to lose but still. I wouldn’t be concerned.

My Son didn’t lose his first until he was almost 9. He’s almost 12 now. His baby teeth also came in late. Dentist just said some kids are that way.

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She’ll loose them but if you or her are concerned take her to the dentist.

My daughter was a late tooth loser…I was so worried I took her to dentist but he said it was fine. She’s 11 and just lost a tooth last week

What does the dentist say?

Go get an x-ray from the dentist. I had to actually have one of my baby teeth pulled because my adult tooth was trying to push through the baby one. My molars never came through. I have 1 that partly came through. I’m almost 40. So it’s best to just go to a dentist and them make sure everything is good.

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My son is 9 lost his first at 8. He has lost a bunch within the 7 months. Most of his adult teeth are pushing the baby teeth out. The dentist was not concerned about it he just said that some of his teeth look a little crooked so he might need braces later on. My daughter lost her’s early and would go forever with no tooth in spots and her teeth came in a little crooked too but straightened their self up after most of them came in, so my son’s might do the same.

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They say the slower they lose the teeth, the healthier they’ll grow back in


My son was late never thought he was going to lose any!!!:joy::joy::joy::joy:

They say it’s normal to start losing at 7 or around then. That’s why I was confused when my kid was 5 and a bunch started popping out lol.

I mean you go to the dentist yearly don’t you think this would be a question for them

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My daughter was late with her teeth. And she ended up toothless for a whole year lol

They say the longer they keep them the healthier the teeth will be…

Been to dental checkups? If the adult teeth are going to start …an xray will allow if baby teeth need to be removed (by Dentist) or if it can wait to happen naturally.