My 7-year-old still has accidents: Advice?

My S/O and I have 4 kids 1 boy and 3 girls. Our boy is the oldest at 7 and the girls age down to the youngest being 2. They are all potty trained throughout the day and even during the night EXCEPT our 7 year old boy. He has an accident (either pee or poop) nearly every day (during the day) and pees the bed nearly every night. For quite awhile we were just putting pull-ups on him at night because it was just easier and figured he would grow out of it…well apparently that’s not the case and honestly not even what I’m really wondering and worried about. He is now 7-1/2 and either poops in his underwear or pees in his underwear on a daily basis. He says that he didn’t want to miss out on what he was doing when he does it every time. We have tried taking things away and having to to earn them back, tried taking away the next fun thing we do away from him, tried making him spend time in his room without any toys, and many more. I am asking for anyone that has any ideas or suggestions to give them to me! We are at a loss at what to do or try next. Any help is appreciated! Thanks


Have u talked to your pediatrician?


I have read older kids bed wetting is something deeper maybe try therapy or talk to his Dr? Or have a toilet schedule every 2 hrs he has to go sit on the toilet?

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I would talk to your doctor. Boys seem to wet to bed longer than girls. One of mine was a preteen. Once medical was ruled out than we had to just wait for him to outgrown it.

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Might not be physical ready. Talk with Pediatrician. Also for $15.95 there are toilet reminder watches now.

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I was told 10% of 5year olds still pee the bed and 5% of 10 year olds

I have a 7 1/2 year old boy also, if I were in your situation I would start by talking to his pediatrician. There could be something underlying going on

No food or drinks after after a certain time

Sound so familiar,it will get better , mandatory toilet break’s that what I called.

So my oldest is 6 1/2 and still does but he also takes meds for seizures.

Please address this with his pediatrician. If he drinks a considerable amount of fluids and is thirsty most of the time, it could be a more of a medical condition even though that’s what he is saying.


Have you tried a potty watch? It beeps every 30 minutes to remind kids to try to use the toilet. And take him to the bathroom stop whatever he is doing and carry him to the bathroom. Or like other said call his doctor could be an underlying issue, like bladder incontinence. I had a friend in highschool who went to the bathroom at the same time everyday because sometimes she would go before she could get to one. Or try the sticker or prize thing for not having accidents that day and such.

I would talk to you pediatrician bc there are many things that can trigger the day time accidents (not saying your son is )my niece is high functioning autism and she is 13 and still has day time accidents my 3rd son has severe adhd and had day time accidents until he was 5/6 I also have a 4yro girl that still has poop accidents she has constipation issues that is just a few thing that have made day time accidents an issue in my family I know there are many many other things

My 4 yr old has that problem very rarley, when that happens i try to ask him like every 30 minutes, do you have to pee.? Do you have to poop.? I know its a pain doing its every 30 mins but its a good way to let him know that your willing to help him not ‘miss out on the fun’ i also recommend stopping the food and drinks after a certain time in the afternoon.? :relieved::sweat_smile: hope it gets better.! Hang in there.!!

There’s tons of different things it could be, I would start w talking to him about it and let him know what is/isnt expected. If that doesn’t help I would talk to primary doctor and see if they can find anything or refer you to someone else. Either a urologist or therapist. Set a timer for 30 mins and make him go every 30 mins. At night wake him up every 1-2 hours and make him go. Inconvenience him to no end to make sure he gets it.


The wetting the bed I wouldn’t worry about ,a lot of 7 yr olds still wet the bed ,however the peeing and especially pooping during the day is probably just not wanting to stop what he is doing .My grandson was doing that well playing video games and had to have them taken away for a short time every-time it happened.


This sounds like more of a medical condition. Address it with his pediatrician and see if there is a specialist that can help you.

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I had a medical problem until I was15

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Bed wetting alarm worked wonders for my daughter who at 7 was still wetting the bed.

If it was just peeing … meh , I’d talk to doc . Some kids do have smaller bladders and need more time. My dd was 10. But the poohing and telling you he doesn’t wanna miss out … imo is lazy. So , imo mandatory bathroom breaks every 30 mins , have a talk with him about hygiene, and the importance of going to the bathroom and not holding it, what will happen overtime, don’t blame or place blame just a talk and telling him what his day is now gonna look like , set an alarm, pause tv or hold play till hes done.

Every 30 mins for 10mins. Set timer for both . Keep it consistent dont quiet because they freak out. Good luck :+1:

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He will out grow it. Just stop punishing him,for something out of his control. Stop and think how it is affecting him. Check with Dr. For any medical reason.

He’s just lazy. Make him go to the bathroom every 30 minutes. He will grow tired of it eventually.


I dont know about the pooping. I have 5 kids and many will or have times they will wet the bed. Our childrens doc told us it could be hereditary. My dad and his dad slept hard. When they go to sleep they are harder to wake up than some. I do know there is a device on amazon you can order that tells them when they are starting to wet the bed. Like you I’ve done pull ups or bed liners. What I can say is they will grow out of it. My oldest is 12 and use to be a bed wetter and he doesn’t anymore. However, I must say that my youngest has been thaught to get up every night in the middle of the night to go. If I go I tell him he needs to get get up and go and he has a better habit of it. Don’t ever ask if they have to go, just tell them to try lol

Talk to his pediatrician, maybe there could be something else going on… I would also make mandatory bathroom breaks throughout the day, even if he says he has to go or not. And right before bed as well

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Sounds like he’s being lazy. Id spank or punish or make him lose privileges, whatever your familys choice of consequence is. Also enforce bathroom breaks every 30 minutes. He gets to do nothing else until he goes to the bathroom


I’m not sure about the pooping, but my son had great success with chiropractic care ending his bed wetting issues

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Talk to your doctor or make him go to the bathroom every twenty minutes. Explain that it takes just as much time to go pee as it does to have to clean up and until he can do that then the bathroom it is every twenty minutes.

I used to wet my pants in 1 & 2nd grade. It was due to an underlying psychological trauma. Do a psych assessment if anything

It’s a medical problem talk to the doc

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Take him to a chiropractic .I have a friend whose daughter did that. He brain wasn’t getting the signal, the chroprac tic healed her.

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How’s that work in school

Insist that he be tested for diabetes. That could be the wetting part. Not sure about popping in his pants.

He will grow out of it. My mom makes fun of me to this day for me doing it. I would piss my pants all the time for the same reason. I used to blame it on the mice. Like they would have scared the pee out of me somehow.

Speak with your pediatrician. There could be physical reasons (possibly a medical condition), or he might need some guidance. I do know that positive reinforcement seems to work better than punishment.


Honestly it’s normal. My son had the same problem till he was 9. :weary: he would wait till the very last minute to stop playing and by the time he got to the bathroom it was too late. He finally just outgrew it over time. I know it sucks but some kids just don’t quite get it. We had talks with our son like do you know what it feels like when you start having to go to the bathroom compared to when it’s coming out kind of a thing. That helped too. I think he finally outgrew it when a friend was over and he got embarrassed cause his friend was like ew I don’t do that anymore. Lol I know that parts sad but maybe it helped him :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:

Potty watch :slightly_smiling_face: I had one that was super stubborn. I kept hammering the pediatrician and was positive it was something medical. Potty watch solved it, she was fine :woman_shrugging:t2: I would have him checked out just in case, every child is different. That was just the best solution for us

My sister daughter would have accidents while they were out and about usually my sister would have a spare change of clothes for her until one time she had to sit in soiled pants for longer than a quick change of clothes I think that was about the end of accidents?

My little sister had the same problem and ended up having back surgery when she was ~7 because her tether cord was too tight. She doesn’t poop herself anymore but she’s 13 now and still wets the bed at night occasionally. Have you had his bladder checked? Her problem is that’s hers doesn’t empty all the way but there is medicine to help.

My cousin didnt stop wetting the bed till she was 13. She slept so hard. If its a day time thing maybe he cant drink certain things of has ibs??

My son poops on him self still and he will b 8 in Feb. Doctor says it’s normal he will grow out of it…I just worry because he holds it till almost 2weeks nd then goes…

My oldest used to have issues during the day because he would wait until the last possible second to use the bathroom, he too hated to miss out or stop whatever he was doing. He is 11 now and he has learned to give himself enough time to run to the bathroom. It might be something your son outgrows, especially if he says he didn’t want to miss out on whatever it is he is doing. For the bed wetting you can always ask a doctor, but I know all kids are different so maybe he will outgrow that as well.

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My son was just like this. He was diagnosed with encopresis. Bring him to your pediatrician. I worked with the school district and teachers and the teacher kept a bag of clothes of his in her room. My son was also allowed to use her private bathroom anf/or the nurses bathroom. Research this. Sometimes it is not their fault. We made huge changes for our son and he eventually grew out of it. Good luck!

Punishing and shaming him probably isn’t helping. It may be anxiety or stress related. I would start with a child psychologist or developmental pediatrician.

Literally just went through this kept getting onto my 7 yr old son and now I feel horrible after taking him to the doctor and got an xray of his abdomen and he has a condition that builds up fecal so some can still come out so we have had to have no dairy and completely cleanse him out a d so much better now I would take him to his pediatrician and check it out it’s very common in little boys

Unless there is a medical reason for pooping his pants I would suggest making the child clean their own mess up and wash their clothes themselves ,if it just a lazy habit it will soon change after making them wash their shitty pants .

My brother peed the bed until he was 9 or 10 and the doctor said it was normal that he had a chemical imbalance that he will eventually out grow. My daughter had the very same problem. She finally out grew hers when she was 9. They do make medication for it but not all doctors will prescribe it.

It’s medical. Ask your dr.

I would definitely talk to his doctor. That is not a normal thing at his age. And you don’t want to be punishing him if it’s something medical that he cannot control.

Have u tried taking him to the doctor for a checkup?

Make him clean up after his accident. But also maybe speak to his pediatrician and make sure there’s nothing going on medically.

Stop punishing him, it is not his fault. Make him go to the toilet before moving onto the next thing. My son is 9 and still wets at night. He also has the rush to the toilet during the day as he doesn’t know he needs to go until it’s ready to come out. He is diagnosed with ADD. His medication plays a part.

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If his pediatrician is saying it’s not something medical and seems you’ve tried all the negative consequences, I’d try a reward system. Does he poop more than once a day? If he only poops once a day and most days in his pants, I’d start with everyday he does NOT poop in his pants he gets some special treat. Or a sticker chart. Everyday earns a sticker and after 10 sticker he gets to do something he likes. Or everyone at the end of the day with no accidents gets a popsicle… he will get bored of being left out. Bottom line I’d try rewarding what you want from him

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My little sister used to do the same but i know when she had to go and would ask her. Body language gives it away obviously so when she lied i told her i already knew she’s lying and make her go use the bathroom, whatever it was she needed to do. Just pay attention to the signs and make him go to the toilet. My sister would start walking on her tip toes, my daughter though would just not be able to sit still.


Please stop punishing him and take your son to his pediatrician or a specialist. There could be medical reasons or even psychological reasons for doing that.

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I never comment on posts, and I’m sure I’ll get hell for this… but all these parents jumping so quick to say spank him, punish him or are accusing this child of being lazy are so quick to judge!! Just because the child may be giving the excuse of he doesn’t want to miss out on anything, doesn’t mean it’s his true explanation. He may just be saying that because he doesn’t know how else to explain it himself… he is a 7 yr old child who he himself may not understand why this is happening to him. I’m sure he already has to deal with this in a very mental and emotional way. He probably already feels embarrassed or ashamed in some way… why make matters worse for him. It could be a medical condition
!! It could be stress… with everything going on in the world right now. It could be something traumatic he has gone through or is going through. He will get better or outgrow it. Meanwhile patience, understanding, love and support can do wonders!!! God help and bless this child and momma. :heart: :pray:t4:


Please take your child to the Doctor this is not normal i to have a 7 and 3 year old and neither of them do

Mine is 5 and ADHD and has the EXACT SAME PROBLEM :sob: nothing medical. Already took him to the Ped multiple times. His aunt and uncle on his dads side had similar issues when they were younger. It drives me nuts!!!

Don’t punish him for his accidents. Instead have him go to the bathroom more frequently even if he does not have to go. Some kiddos take longer for their bladders to mature. It is not that uncommon for this to happen. Busier children don’t want to stop playing, etc to use the bathroom. Hang in there mama!!

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With it being distraction thats causing it make him go try every 30 min its not a punishment but explain that until he will go on his own he has to go try every 30 min no matter the task hes doing at least while at home. He will eventually tire of this schedule and stop having accidents

Talk to your doctor. There’s most likely a medical explanation for this.

I wouldn’t punish for this. He’s telling you he’s afraid of missing out. If he leaves a toy or activity does 1 of your girls take it? Or if his turn in a game comes up while he’s gone does he loose his spot? That’s probably the problem right there. You may need to pay more attention. 1 thing we do that I learned from Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood is to place a stop sign near the toy he’s playing with when he has to leave. That means the sisters can’t take it. If it’s a turn thing you will have to pay attention & make sure they pause it for him. Not skip him. Disipline takes more effort than punishment. You will need to teach him priority in this situation & teach your daughters not to take advantage. As far as night he’s not in control. Don’t punish him for that. Buy a mattress pad & pull ups. He takes responsibility for going to the bathroom before bed, putting on a pull up & stripping & re-making his bed when neccesary. If you punish him for something he has no control of you’ll most likely cause anxiety & sleep issues.

Instead of punishing him give him something to work towards. If he stops what he’s doing & goes to the bathroom let him have something he enjoys (10 extra minutes of YouTube, a treat, he picks something etc) rewards work much better than punishment. It takes more effort from the parents though. You have to catch him doing the right thing.

It could be medical or stress.

Ask his Dr or take him to a psychiatrist

My oldest done this through the night and never even woke up!!! We ended up at the bowel and bladder clinic as his bladder had shrunk. He’s 12 now but I still have to measure out his drinks so it doesn’t happen again xx

I had a awful time with my son last summer soiling himself and wetting, he was too distracted to leave what he was doing to go to the toilet. It may sound harsh but in the end I made him clean the underpants into the bin and wash them and the clothes in the sink and finally put them in the machine. This happened three times , he never soils or wets anymore


Talk to your pediatrician my moms coworker has a daughter who was like 12-13 still having accidents but has to do w her not having feeling of her bladder being full so every 30 min she would go to the restroom she has them potty watches that toddler used as she got into high school and wanted to cheer but still had leaks and accidents so her mom took her to a urologist and had a small procedure


Take him an talk to a Dr first I had issues with kids an g-kids an it was kidney problems then go from there they will give you suggestions too every child is different it may be nothing but better to check first but punishment only makes it worse


Definantly talk to your pediatrician because there could be a problem internally that needs to be corrected. But another suggestion that my son’s pediatrician suggested was a potty watch. It was a life saver. My son was having the same issue was more interested in what was happening around him that he would “forget” to go to the restroom. So this watch looked like a normal watch but you could set it to vibrate or beep every hour or two. This would trigger his mind to stop what he was in the middle of and take notice to the idea he needed to use the restroom. Even in the middle of the night it would wake him. It was a life saver!!!


I would lean toward the other suggestions if it weren’t for him admitting he didnt want to miss out on what he was doing. Is it by chance electronics? Is it different activities when he does this or one certain activity. My nephew is 7 andvis just to where he isnt having accidents. His was do to playing some sort of electronic. His mom also let him watch It and he was terrified of the bathroom.

This is going to sound strange but I worked for a pediatrician and my granddaughter had the same problem.
He calmly told us he was sure he knew the cause when I mentioned it one day.
He gave her a complete medical once over and gave her a medicine that day and we were to give her a dose for 2 more days. He said he had given her a worm medicine. Told us that it was common for it to cause kids to wet the bed while sleeping if they had little pin worms.
She never wet the bed again.
I would ask your pediatrician and you can check yourself to see if she has any signs of having them.
They are very common.


Sounds like he’s not receiving the signals to his brain when he needs to go properly. Maybe have a word with your Dr. There is medication to help. Some boys as old at 18 still have accidents and use alot of excuses. But it isn’t there fault. Please talk to someone and let them explain all the help out there for you all. In the meantime use pull ups and bed mats and waterproof sheets. Make it clear to him that it isn’t his fault you understand that now and your going to find the answer together.


Check with your pediatrician. My son was older than that and was still having accidents. Had to have medicine for a long time for immature bladder. Which helped until he finally out grew it. He had episodes most days even at school and nervousness made it worse. The medicine helped.

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My daughter never pooped her pants but she wet every day and night. I just sent extra clothes with her in her book bag and explained to teacher. At night she wore nite times. Never made big deal about it. She wet until she was 12. I let her decide when she felt she didn’t need them. Took to Dr and said some kids are slow to having the feeling of having to go. Please don’t shame him. Work with him


See a doctor my son is 10 and poops himself almost everyday there is a medical condition for it I’m just waiting on doctor’s offices to open back up. Please don’t punish him tho. My son also said it hurts really bad when he poops and he is having man poos it’s bad I see why it hurts


Rule out any medical condition first. My son was bad also. I finally got fed up and put him in reg underwear. If he wet or crapped in them he stayed in them for a while. He did t like it. He also did it like being hosed down with cold water outside. He stopped.


Check with your child’s doctor. It may be encopresis. My 8 year old son has it. Unfortunately there’s not much that can be done about it until he outgrows it. My son’s doctor says that it’s pretty much laziness.


I think it’s one of those things like his kidney is too small for his body. It will catch up but in the meantime you’ll have to get him up in the middle of the night and take him to the bathroom. That should help but u mite have to do that for a few months at least. Don’t punish it’s not hes fault. This is more common in boys than girls

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I’ve been told that bathroom accidents are often a need to exert control. He may be feeling overwhelmed or frustrated about something and this is a way to be in control ( it seems like the opposite would be true but I just paid for the therapist, I didn’t train him)

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He could have a problem, and it never hurts to talk to a doctor but with you saying “he said he doesn’t want to miss out on what he’s doing…” I would just say he’s being lazy if I’m honest, I would ask him every 20 mins if he needs the toilet and every time you ask him just explain if he pees/poops himself after you’ve just asked him if he needs the toilet then what ever he’s playing with or on he will lose for the day, but do make sure you ask him every 20 mins or so.
Me and my partner had the same problem with his son and it was down to him just not wanting to put his things down…tablet, DS, Xbox etc…but we did start to notice when he needed the toilet as he would start to fidget and move his legs side to side etc so as soon as we noticed we would tell him to go to the toilet or he would lose what he’s playing on or with, and within a couple of weeks he got the hang of it as he realised that what he was playing on or with was still there when he got back. Night times we always use to make sure he went toilet right before he brushed his teeth for bed, had no night problems.
Hope this helps and good luck :slightly_smiling_face: xx


Talk to his dr about it. I did the same thing growing up for the same reason. Well I didn’t poop, I’d pee myself if I was playing with friends cause I didn’t want to miss on the fun but didn’t pee the bed. My brother is opposite. He pees the bed at night but is fine all day. Will whip it out outside if he can’t make it lol He is high functioning autistic (we learned that after talking with his dr about some of his habits)

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My son is 8 and still wears Goodnites to bed, I also have something that goes under his fitted sheet, so if he does pee out of his Goodnites, it wont soak through to his mattress. He does still have accidents during the day and I’m assuming it’s because he doesn’t want to stop what he’s doing. We’re trying to work on it.

My son didnt have accidents but would totally wait till hes running to the bathroom bc he didnt want to stop what hes was doing. We started reminding (making) him regularly to go. Hes now 23 and the bathroom is still the last thing he wants to stop doing something for. Good luck. Hope you find what works.

I went to the pet section and had my daughter grab puppy pads for her bed. She is 7 and I discovered she was awake for the “accidents” No pull ups, easy clean up, and it made her think before just being lazy in bed and not going to the bathroom. Only 1 accident happened with them and now she’s been going all night for over a month! :slight_smile: creative parenting lol

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I would definitely make a dr appt. But I would also try setting a timer for every hour and he needs to try and use the bathroom for 5 minutes. If he has an accident make it every 45 min for 5 mins until he learns that if he goes when he needs to he won’t miss as much. And have him clean his pants when he does have an accident. Nighttime I would try a bedwetting alarm that clips to undies and goes off when it gets wet. It’s going to be rough for about 2 weeks because itll wake you up but they learn to hold it or get up. Good luck


This was my son until about age 12-13. Not consistently every night but often. It eventually went away. Suggestions from pediatrician were not working so we just handled it.

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I mean if he has admitted that it’s because he dsnt wanta miss out then it seems the clear option would be for you to take him on mandatory bathroom breaks, at least once every 2 or 3 hours take him from what he’s doing and make him sit on the toilet even if he says he dsnt have to go, I feel like eventually he will get tired of being pulled away at times that are not convenient for him and he will learn to go when it is convenient for him on his own


my son had a caffeine sensitive bladder… you’d be shocked with what has caffeine in it… once we figured that out it was good… no caffeine after 6 pm

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Okay so I’m probably going to be the #assholeparent but here is what worked for us…had same issue with bed wetting with our daughter. Her bio mom kept her in pull-ups at night Bc she was lazy and didn’t want to clean up pee (after a few nights I get it but come on!). It got to where she depended on the pull up. We told her she didn’t need it (the confidence boost helped so much!) and she rarely peed again. But when she did…we had HER wash her bedding the next day. We told her that if she wanted to pee the bed she could clean her sheets. She washed them twice and never peed the bed again. Also, nothing to eat after 8 and bathroom before bed helps!
As for pooping, we had that issue with our son. He was potty trained but while playing…would poop his pants Bc he didn’t want to stop playing. After the first few times…he would admit he didn’t want to go to the bathroom. So the next time he pooped we made him clean his underwear in the toilet. That was the last time he pooped his pants.
Like I said…I’m probably an asshole parent but those solutions worked for us :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:


Be consistent in MAKING HIM GO TO THE BATHROOM even if he tells you he doesn’t have to go, stop him from doing whatever activities he’s doing. I have had my 6 year old son standing there and then all of a sudden he runs to the bathroom and calls me in there cause he’s pooped himself so now I’m always taking toys out of his hands or turning off the TV and making him go.


Make him clean himself up if he’s doing it awake and don’t let him continue what he was doing and, if doing it at night just keep up with a pull up my son peed the bed till he was like 10.

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Definitely see the doctor to assess whether or not it’s due to underlying health conditions.
I set a timer to go off every 30-45 minutes or so just to ask or request he try to use the toilet.
Limit fluids before bedtime remind him to use the toilet before bed, after play and snacks before meals, before leaving the house etc…
Myself personally I would not use pull-ups during the day at home as it’s like a safe guard for him and probably more comfortable as he can continue playing… if he makes a mess of his pants and such he will realize he can’t continue to play with his toys because now he and the mess have to be cleaned up.
Also positive reinforcement typically goes farther, I would stop taking away toys and make it fun to have a day with less and less accidents.
Reward when he goes on his own because he got the feeling even just recognizing it and saying your proud.

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I had to take meds when I was younger for it . And then when I had children my oldest just kept doing it. After I ruled out medical conditions with him I decided if he made the mess he was cleaning it. Made him start scrubbing his own soiled clothes and he stopped.

Our daughter is 7.5 and still wears pull ups at night. She got both my husband and my heavy genes and is both tall and heavy for her age. Her pediatrician said she us pre diabetic so it’s likely her glucose levels are high at night and is what is causing her accidents. We are working with the dr for healthy weight loss. If she hasn’t lost weight or stopped wetting the bed by the end of summer they are going to try meds.

My brothers were peeing the bed on a regular basis until they were 10 and 11 respectively and an 9 year old brother does this too. I don’t know what worked to correct it but my parents were careful to make sure that they asked regularly if they needed to go, making sure they went and then either waking them up or limiting water drank before bedtime.

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My daughter was the same. She did not want to stop what she was doing. As much of a pain it was, I stopped what I was doing to stop her and make her sit on the potty. Eventually she got the idea that she could stop and her toys were there when she was back. She also learned that commercial time meant potty time.

My daughter wet the bed until she was 10. We would do potty exercises each time she went to the bathroom, but it sounds like he may need a potty watch to tell him when to go potty since he said he didnt want to miss anything, if that doesn’t work then I’d take him to the doctor or maybe even therapy if there doesn’t seem to be a clear explanation

I don’t think that punishing him will help. I’m sure he’d rather not poop his pants or pee his bed. It’s more likely a medical thing. Or even just a developmental delay possibly.

My dad peed the bed into adulthood…I heard stories of him peeing the bed at 14 and his step dad putting his sheets out the window for neigh or good kids to see-thinking shanking him would help. I was also told that he got released from the navy for bed wetting.

I had to wear night time pull-ups until like 6th grade and at times as an adult have had issues wear I pooped my pants. I think there are medical reasons for these things.

I would suggest some grace and understanding. Definitely take him to see a doctor. And maybe try to not make any of it traumatic, because trauma can cause bed wetting as well.

My boy is 6 and he regularly wets the bed. My 4 year old doesn’t. It’s an anxiety thing I think. My son is on the asd spectrum and suffers with anxiety from time to time. He gets anxious he will get in trouble for wetting the bed. He also but not as frequent will have an accident during the day time, because he is a holder and holds it until he is absolutely bursting. Recently we learned that his little brain is flooding with so many thoughts, I think his brain tells him he needs to pee but he genuinely forgets. We have to prompt him to go to the toilet when we see him dancing and jiggling. We have tried limiting his fluid intake an hour before bed and stopping it all together so he doesn’t have any accidents. He still has them. Limiting only worked for a short while now I think he genuinely is worried about wetting the bed and getting into trouble. We have to assure him he won’t get in trouble for wetting the bed but we need to know when he’s done it so we can clean it as he often will try hide it. It’s all trial and error but the only thing I will say is don’t punish him for it. Every child is different and their cue from their bladder to brain may not be fully fled yet. We used pull ups for a while but it defeats the objective of him knowing when to wake up when he’s wet as he just doesn’t know. Try limiting his fluid intake towards the end of the day and make him wee before bed and assure him it’s not a punishable offence and try work with him to practise not weeing the bed. Xx

I had to take my daughter to a urologist and a clinical psychologist for urology.
Soooooo helpful and really took the stress out of potty training.

I honestly wouldn’t punish for accidents. That just puts more pressure on the kiddo.

I used potty charts. For each day, had when they get up, after each meal, before nap time or quiet time etc…
and with my youngest there were 3 columns, sat on potty, peed, pooped. She got to check mark each one that she did. ( helped with ownership) and I set up a system of rewards.
It started small: sit on the potty 3x, 3 days in a row ( we had a lot of work to do)
But we worked up to peeing and pooping in the potty for 5 days in a row.
We finally got to put a pee pad on the bed and she had her first dry night.
But it’s a process.

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When did it all start? I’ve scrolled through most comments looking to see if this was already asked…
My 6 year old son is doing the same pooping thing and it started when his daily routine was disrupted with the whole covid thing. It was pretty bad to a point til we started really working on a routine at home for school nd he got in sync with te class zoom calls and seeing all his buddies on line. My husband thought discipline would work (it didn’t, it made it worse)but it was just his body reacting to the emotions of his routine not being right. Now he’s back to normal and no more accidents. He was also getting to busy playing outside or distracted with video games with his big brothers. Good luck

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Try spending quality one on one time daily with him, both you and your s/o separately. He may just be wanting attention and that’s his way of getting it

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