My 7 year old still has accidents: Advice?

My daughter and her dad are very hard sleepers. Dad had accidents until late teens. My daughter is 8 and sometimes still has accidents. It’s not a punishable offense. We keep a thick mattress pad on her bed to protect the mattress. She wore pull ups/overnights until she outgrew them. Some kids just don’t wake up at night, regardless of the limit you put on their liquid intake. Bedwetting doesn’t have to mean there is something wrong with them.

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Have her sugar test my nephew did same he was diabetic

Could be stress. Sounds difficult all around at this point and I’m sure she feels it. Maybe change the approach to lots of love, attention and praise for it; not rewards. Gluck

I was a bed wetter til I was a teen. I tried everything. My son has learned that caffeine has this affect on him and sticks to water and Sprite or decaf tea. Once in a while he has a Pepsi or tea with caffeine and has an accident that night. Allow her to be responsible and help clean up the mess, talk about it without shaming. Try to figure it out together. I was told red hots or cinnamon candies were good for my bladder and ate those whenever I could. Have patience and try different things.

We took a stern approach at first and it didn’t work. I spoke with her pediatrician and she actually told me follow my child’s lead and not push or punish the issue too much. It actually made things harder to show disappointment. We then took a kind approach to accidents… just like we did when she learned to dribble a soccer ball or ride a bike, it’s muscle memory and takes practice. My oldest (7 yo) was a late potty trainer (3 yo) and just this past summer has come out of good nights. When we decided to get rid of the good nights we used hospital bed pads under her every night. If she he had an accident I wouldn’t make a big deal about it and just reassure he we will try again tonight. Positive praise did wonders for her verses making her feel like a failure for accidents. She was responsible for the clean up and changing her bedding. We cut off liquids after 5:30- no caffeine, milk or high electrolyte beverages. She could have minimal water if she needed it. Eventually after a couple of weeks of letting her listen to her body and figure it out we had huge successes. We still have the occasional accident but I think it’s be expected.

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I would have her tested for diabetes. All 3 of my boys went through this.

My oldest was not “night trained” until around ten. We tried so many things. We finally put him (at his request) on a pill that basically dehydrates you at night. He went off every so often to see if his bladder had matured enough. Eventually it worked. Sometimes, bodies are just not developed enough to make it through the night.

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Get her pull-ups and have her wear them until she stops needing them. Stop fussing at her. Reward other good behaviours. It may be physical. It may be attention-seeking (in which case, everything you’re doing is rewarding it). It will be affecting her social life, if it hasn’t already – probably has, since her sisters are mad at her.

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I had this problem with my son. She will truly stop, when she ready. When she does have accidents. Don’t get mad at her. Just have her change. When she does go, do not give her a reward. Just tell her good job and praise her. Do not put her in a pull up. My son had accidents until he was about 8, when he fully stopped. He had a small bladder. Peed a lot. And it was the one thing he could control. He also couldn’t hold it so I had to get a doctor’s note for his teachers, basically saying when he says he has to go, he needs to go now he can not wait until whenever lol

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My nine year old still wets the bed every night.

Is she peeing only while sleeping?? Maybe I read it yo fast i did it through adults years i had no control over it at all it was so hard on me but there was nothing I could do about it i wouldn’t know until the morning sometimes don’t take her things away coz of that

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My daughter is the same way. Have her checked by a doctor for a UTI. When I notice she is having frequent accidents, it usually ends up because she has a UTI. She is almost 7 and still in pull ups at night. I got tired of washing sheets every single day!

Sad be nice to her make them to try no drink an dhiur before bed and bathroom before bed if you go to bed before her wake her up go bathroom , keep doing what your doing my daughter did it and is now ,7 and does not wet the bed no more

Switch to showers instead of baths if you haven’t already done that. sitting in soapy bath water can irritate the urinary tract and vulva causing burning when urinating. Also try to put her on a schedule, get her used to going potty every hour. When I was a kid I always unnecessarily held my pee, don’t know why, but my dad was physically abusive so it could have been a stress thing. Try not to use negative reinforcement if you can avoid it. Most of all best of luck, my daughter had an aversion to pooping for two years, no fun

My daughter is 7 and is having this issue she used to wake up at night and now she just sleeps so my only option is to wake her up at night to have her use the bathroom I tried alarms and they don’t wake her up she has some daily accidents but she has adhd so she forgets or is so into what she is doing and waits last minute I just stay on top of her and make sure she uses the bathroom every hr to hr and a half during the day then wake her up In the middle of the night to see if that does anything to have her remember

My grandson did this until 8. My daughter woke him up every night about midnight or when she woke up in the middle off the night and took him to the bathroom.

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It takes maturity to allow … really deep sleepers … to become triggered into not wetting the bed.
Patience and the relevant suggestions above will help.

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Seek 2nd 3rd or even 4th opinion to a urologist. There really could be a problem or it could just be she needs maturing. Use night time pull ups. We bought hospital bed pads that were washable it made cleaning up easier.

First make sure someone is not touching her younger kids do this when being abused then talk to children’s hospital and make them listen

I’d pop a nappy on her during the problem hours and just ignore it. This will create less embarrassment, less stress, less clean up, she won’t allow it to happen for attention because she won’t get it, positive or negative. She’ll either stop when she’s ready or she’ll find the nappies themselves embarrassing and try a little harder to make it to the toilet.
Keep on at the urologist too.
Good luck :crossed_fingers:


See if the doctor will do an MRI and check for a urethral diverticulum.

I had a similar situation with my now grown daughter. We finally had multiple issues checked. First off she wound up being diagnosed with asperger’s syndrome and she had a phobia with toilets. Second she had issues with her spintcher muscles causing a list of issues. Once we found all of this out we were able to work on solution. Hang in there. The answers will come.

I know a girl that had a problem to where the tube leading from her bladder to the outside was to small. She ended up having to have surgery. This girl kept having accidents all the time and that’s what the problem was.

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I would get her checked for T1D. Type 1 Diabetes. To rule it out atleast.

My sister wet the bed until 13, she was in the biggest size pullups they made. It was a mental thing she had to get past. Her body was not getting her up to use the bathroom at night

My best friends daughter wet the bed and had a uti all the time she went to Dr after dr all said she was fine then went back to her pediatrician and she decided to run a test for crohn’s and she had it.

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My daughter is 9 and has just this year stopped having accidents. I’d send extra clothes everyday to school and she was changing everyday. We had ultrasounds done and dr said everything is fine. At one point she was on a laxative because they said it was constipation. But she would go number 2 in the toilet. They weren’t listening that it was just pee. We tried everything. One kid at school said she always smelled like pee. And I think that stuck with her. But also, once she hit 9, she started going in the toilet. The only problem is that she can’t hold it. So when she has to go, she has to go. I’ve talked with her teachers and they agreed that if she has to go she is allowed to just get up and go. She will still wet the bed sometimes tho if she’s in a deep sleep. She’s always been since she was 6 months that kid that once she’s asleep, she’s asleep.

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As a child I had accidents, after many doctors and hospital visits it was found I had a tiny hole in my bladder it fixed itself but I do remember feeling ashamed of it as I had no idea and I have always suffered with UTI’s along with it and still do…get another opinion and make sure xxx

Growing up I had this problem I was 12 if I remember correctly when it stopped. There was nothing anyone could do or say that would help the situation. I remember getting hit, grounded, having to stay in wet clothes and siblings calling me names but even with all that my brain would not tell me when I needed to get up and go. So basically everything that I went through because of that problem only caused more insecurities and self esteem issues. Maybe just put a big kid pull up on or put a pad on the furniture if the doctors said there is nothing wrong then let it resolve its self it’s not her fault.


Try chiropractic. Sometimes if their spine is out of alignment it can cause bathroom issues.


My daughter has had issues with uti from when we went to Italy and was 30 hours flights and transfers she was so scared of the toilet on the plane and the noise it made when you flushed it she refused to go and the whole 3 months we were there she suffered immensely with uti and bladder infections. Since we have been back she has still had a few bouts but slowly getting over it. If you can find a good urologist or paediatrician they will advise you what you need to do

I had this same problem when I was younger. At doctor visits it always showed I had a UTI (even when I really didn’t) My levels were always off. Never found out why or what caused it. Finally stopped at 10-11 years old. My body simply wouldn’t tell me to wake up. My mom tried everything also. What she didn’t do is punish me. My best advice, stop punishing her. My dad used to punish me, it’s a awful feeling to get punished for something you really can’t help. She is probably already upset with herself that she can’t stop it, much less getting into trouble for it.

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Some children wet themselves when they have been abused. Could be psychological.

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It can be brain development her brain isnt telling her body to get up and go. It happens sometimes.the miralax is so her bowels arent applying pressure on her bladder. Also there is a medication for this. My son was on it. Because he kept thinking he needed to go and then it became a habit. His bladder was having spasms. The medication worked and then when we stopped using it his bladder wasnt spasming and he didnt feel like he had to go all the time. I cant remember the name of the medication he was on.
Also make sure shes not stressed. I wouldn’t punish her for accidents. Is there something new going on like a new boyfriend a new routine etc. Because these things can cause stress on a child. Or cause behavioral changes such as peeing. When I was younger my bedroom was upstairs and the bathroom was downstairs. I was petrified of the dark so id pee on my floor and cover it up with anything. Id direct behavior fears stress etc and eliminate all those things. Maybe ask your doctor about a neurologists. It maybe signals in her brain not sending it to her bladder. Rule out medical things like everything you can think of. Also its not your fault you are not a failure momma. I know its hard on you but you sound like you are doing an amazing job :two_hearts:

You said miralx so she must be a stool hoarder? My son was. He eventually grew out of it . Took til he was about 12. I mixed his miralax with Gatorade.

I had a 14 year old that was doing the same exact thing…one adjustment at the chiropractor…one…never had an accident or wet the bed again.


The accidents are one thing ,but the fact she chooses to stay in dirty clothes or stay sitting on furniture and not say anything is a real concern. For night time there are alot of systems you can use such as a pad and bell. Theres alot more to it than just the bell going off when she starts to wet. Maybe at night just use pull ups for now and focus on the day time. If she is deliberately choosing to stay in soiked clothes there might be a bigger issue. Maybe seeing a child psychologist could help . The day time is the biggest issue to resolve for now with her age. If you truly think she is just being lazy maybe getting her to wash her clothes each time she does it will help with some responsibility. I was a bedwetter until I was nearly 10 and have a son who was the same…just leave it for now and focus on daytime and other underlying issues. All the best. X


I dont have any experience with the day time accidents. However my son had night time accidents until he was in 5th or 6th grade. We never made a big deal about it and he never got in trouble. We would double make his bed. Meaning we always made his bed with one set of sheets, placed a flannel backed table cloth on top of it then another fitted sheet. This way when he wet the bed, it was in his power to strip the bed, put the sheets in his hamper, change into dry jammies and climb back into bed. He didn’t have to wake us up. The next day he could ask me to help him wash his bedding so it didn’t stink up his room. Giving him this control actually seemed to help with his self esteem. He knew he was “too old” for accidents. We also did the other suggestions, limited fluids before bed, set timers, woke him up and had him go to the bathroom before we went to bed, woke him up earlier in the morning before he wet to go to the bathroom, and then back to bed. By the way, this was a family trait on my side of the family too.


My cousin did this but with both bowels and bladder. Her parents found out that she was being assaulted by a boy at school and she was doing this so he wouldn’t be attracted to her anymore. Obviously, this is very rare, but there could be something else bothering her.


I believe she may need to be tested for diabetes. Also she may need to speak to a child therapist if you find nothing internally wrong. In most child abuse cases bedwetting is common.
At 7 accidents at night may be more common, but not every night and during the day. She has complete comprehension of what shes doing.


Have you thought about having her tested to see if she’s on the autism spectrum. This is coming from the mother of a autistic child. Not saying that is what is the issue, but it may help.


You need to take her to a psychologist or therapist. Sounds like it’s more than just having accidents. Abuse will manifest in this way or Maybe something going on in her head.


My daughter has/had the same. Take the stress off of both of you by listening to what the doctor said…she will grow out of it…its ok to use disposable underwear to bed. Absolutely set rules and boundaries. Wash and Change immediately if you have an accident, no sitting. If she ruins something because she chooses to sit on it make her clean it or earn money to replace it. My daughter washes her own bedding.


I don’t remember my siblings wetting themselves during the day, but they did wet the bed until they were getting close to teen years. Their dad also did it, so it was just something that ran in the family. Daytime wetting is the bigger issue here, and it almost sounds like she may need to see a psychologist as there seems to be a deeper issue than just laziness.


If she was doing well when younger, but now wetting herself, 1st have anything medical ruled out- another bladder infection, diabetes, or even abuse. If the pediatrician cant find anything physically wrong, then take her a counselor who specializes in pediatric patients. Something is causing her wetting, whether physical or emotional.


My nephew was potty trained and then all of a sudden not and had accidents every night. Turned out it was seizures. Found out a year into wetting the bed nightly that he was having absent seizures

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Bed wetting is not unusual for children into their teens. If she’s having urine accidents during the day I would say that’s normal too due to the history of frequent UTI. It doesn’t sound behavioral so rewarding/punishing is actually a really bad way to go about it, no different than a 2 year old potty training. I’d put her in big kid pull ups day and night and continue to work with the doctors and possibly a therapist. Bathroom accidents are NOT always a sign of abuse but can be a way of dealing with a stressor/some type of trauma


My 8yr old still wears pull ups to bed cause he wets nightly. But he has been day/nap trained shortly after he turned 2. His pediatrician said to wait it out since we tried limiting drinks 2 hours before bed,using the bathroom before bed,being woken up half way thru the night to try to go,rewards for not wetting and scolding when he did wet(not by us but bu others)

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My son had #2 accidents and I got to the point where I spanked him for it because I felt like he was doing it on purpose. His counselor then suggested that when he does it, hand him clothes and make him clean up his own mess. Whatever mess was made he had to clean up, and he stopped after awhile.


My youngest daughter had issues with it (only at night, though). We took her to a pediatric urologist and they put her on medication for it after we tried all the different behavior modifications and they didn’t help. She’s 15 now and she doesn’t have accidents anymore and she’s off all the meds (I should mention she has severe ADHD, anxiety and scoliosis)


I had to set an alarm in my sons bedroom for 1 am. He had to get up and shut it off then go potty. It worked for himand his older brother. One other thing is that bed wetting regression is a common problem with children that have been sexually abused. Take a look at who is around your child.


Honestly, it may just be a grow out of it type situation… :grimacing: My daughter had the same problem! She never wet the bed overnight, but she would have so many potty accidents because of whatever reason. We still don’t know why. Either she was too scared to ask, or didn’t want to stop what she was doing to go to the bathroom or whatever. She’d just pee herself and not tell anyone. Eventually she grew out of it around 4th grade (9-10 years of age). I don’t know how we stopped it either. We did all the same things minus the urologist. Rewards, punishments, make her clean it, make her go every so often, told her teachers, everything we could think of! At night, I’d have your daughter wear pull ups because that’s harder to control. But during the day, I’d try to pay attention to her drinking and just have her go often. Even if everyone has to stop so she goes.
Try explaining to her why having accidents is a bad thing. That she could smell bad and cause more infections and possibly get made fun of by her friends or other kids at school. We had this talk many times with my daughter and explained how we really don’t want to be the parents with the smelly kid that won’t go to the bathroom. You can try having her go to a therapist, we thought about it with our daughter due to potty accidents and abuse can go hand in hand… :grimacing: But thankfully it never came to that for us.
We brought it up to doctors all the time and they’d just say she’d grow out of it. Girls can be stubborn in that way.
I really hope you are able to get it figured out!!! Sending love, prayers, and luck your way. :heart::gift_heart::heart:

Another thought. One of my daughters started wetting herself when she was 7. About the same time her little sister was born. I put it down to sibling stuff. Far from the truth. She was having small seizures called “ absences”. After her seizures were controlled her day wetting stopped. Look into different physical areas.

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Please don’t feel discouraged! My oldest, now 15, was 12 before he was able to stay dry at night. We tried EVERYTHING–alarms (that he would sleep through), no drinks an hour before bed, waking him up to go to the bathroom… Nothing worked. He finally just outgrew it at 12. His bladder just was finally able to help him make it through the night. Every child is different, and I know it seems hopeless, but please know that she’ll be able to stay dry at night one day. It WILL happen. Hang in there, Mama! :hugs:


My daughter had accidents until about 8. Not consistently every night, but she’d go a few weeks where it would be every other night or so. It really just depended on how active she was during the day. If she was very active and keeping hydrated, it didn’t matter what time her fluid cut off was before bed (I even tried no fluids 3 hours before bed), she still would sleep through wetting the bed. She would just be exhausted. She also definitely has a small bladder like I do. Maybe a little TMI, but if I’m hydrating like I should (6-8 glasses) I use the restroom every hour to 2hours. The worse thing you can do is make her feel bad about it, she can’t help it. A few of my daughters friends wore pull-ups right until 8-9 years old. They were embarrassed to go to sleepovers because of it. Mine stopped wearing pull-ups at 3. The best thing you can do is Just be supportive, wake her up after a few hours of sleeping so she can empty her bladder and you can hopefully sleep better too.

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My now 9 year old boy just stopped around his 9th Birthday from wetting the bed every night. He was potty trained around 3 years but couldn’t hold it throughout the night. Eventually, he outgrew it.


These accidents are the only area a child has controll over. I agree she needs psychiatric evaluation. Had a similar situation with my daughter, she was being sexually abused by her half brother.


Many reasons this could be happening. I am sure not deliberate. Punishment not answer just causes more stress. My brother had this problem until high school. It takes a lot of patience but there are things to do to help besides punish. Wear adult protective garments to bed but present that it is to help her. Don’t let siblings humiliate her this is not a choice she is making

We just got my son to stop doing this and I’m not say its the same situation but with my son it was just pure laziness, he didnt want to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom so he just peed on his self

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Pull ups seem to make it worse… As far as bowels. See a pediatric GI dr… My son is 9 and he leaks because he is constipated to the point he has no idea he is doing it because the reserve area is stretched… They have put him on a liquid laxitive because miralax didn’t work


You need to seek out a pediatric urologist, this is not an issue that only you have experienced. More tests definitely need done besides an ultrasound given the UTI history.


This is called enuresis. I had this as a child too. It is very embarrassing and most of the time kids who have this are very self conscious about their bodies and being around others. It is a medical condition and is hereditary. Check to see if anyone else may have had this issue in your family. The child sleeps so deeply her body can’t tell her to wake up to use the bathroom at night. I agree with Kate Cronin.She can get better with training, stop fluids 1-2 hours before bed, and teach her to use the bathroom every 3-4 hours. Get her up to use the toilet before you go to bed. She will get used to the routine and will grow out of this bu puberty. She cannot help it, do not punish her. I know it’s tough for you as a mom, and it’s pretty annoying. Please try to put yourself in her shoes. I was bullied as a child and I remember having an accident in my sleeping bag at a sleep over birthday party when I was in fifth grade. Luckily it was at my own house and I was able to get away with it without notice. I will say that I also remember receiving a present from a classmate that still seems hurtful to me. She gave me a set of underwear for every day of the week, so inappropriate. It’s difficult to get over stuff like that. Good luck.

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I never thought I would need to see a dentist for my son’s bed wetting but that’s where we ended up and found our cure. He had his tongue untethered, his tonsils removed and wore a myobrace overnight for 18 months. He grew 6 inches in 3 months and turned out he wasn’t ADHD…just sleep deprived. His pallet wasn’t shaped correctly because of the tethered tongue and it was cutting off his airway when he slept. I learned a lot throughout the process. I would check with your dentist to see if she could be having the same issue.

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My daughter was diagnosed with dysfunctional voiding. She is 5 years old and hasn’t gone a night without wetting herself and has random accidents with recurring uti’s. We see a specialist in Chicago

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Sounds like she may have been sexually abused and is acting out …just putting that out there as had a similar situation and found out her grad father was abusing her

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Sometime punishment makes it worse I had a few grandkids the same way get her pull-ups for nights but if you are hard on her it makes it worse some kids just take longer

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My son had the same kind of accidents after a year or more of being accident free. His was caused by insomnia that had developed because of enlarged tonsils. This also caused him to choke or strangle several times throughout the day, mostly on air/nothing. I would talk to your family doctor and get referral to an ENT if they think that could be the cause. It’s amazing the symptoms that can stem from something you would never think could be connected. My son had his tonsils and adenoids taken out and hasn’t had an accident since. Hope this helps! Good luck to you!

In my case my son was 7 or 8 and was still setting the bed. Not every night but some nights. I asked him why he kept having accidents and he just kept saying “I forgot” , and sometimes he wouldn’t tell me so he wouldn’t get in trouble. He was later diagnosed as having adhd.

I peed the bed until I was like 10 years old, and actually needed surgery & had to take a nasal spray every night before bed. She simply can’t control it so punishing her won’t do anything.

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Please dont feel like a failure. All kids have their own issues and your obviously still learning to deal with them. You’re doing great. Its gonna get better.

Never punish a child for bed wetting! I’m sure she’s already ashamed/embarrassed of said actions. Sounds like an underlying issue if she’s having accidents in the day time.

I have the same issue with my daughter except her wetting is at night when she sleeps. She wears pull-ups just so she’s not wetting the bed. Haven’t figured out why she does it. Her dr recommended just keep working with her.

I have a daughter that when she was 3 she was potty trained. Welk she would go potty and a couple minutes later she would be wet. We had her checked and she had reflux. One urologists said not to worry about it. She would get upset if she went so decided to get a second opinion. They did what the call a coiding cystogram. Where she laid on a table and had to urinate on the table while they watched her on a camera. Well they found out when she went potty part came out and part went back up into the kidneys. She had surgery when she was 4 to repair the problem. She’s now 48 , has xrays every 5 to 6 years and has had no problem. Please get her checked. Save her and yourself a lot of stress. Will be praying you get the problem resolved.

I’m sending you the biggest mommy hug :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Reading through these comments you will find a solution that works for you and your little girl. Take advice from professionals and please don’t let these comments make anymore anxiety in your situation. I too have a daughter who took a little longer to potty train but we did it!!! Sending you much patience and another momma hug!!!

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She will outgrow this. Please don’t feel like a failure. My friends daughter was 10 when it stopped but it will eventually stop.

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If she is doing it during the day, I would have her evaluated by a psychiatrist. It sounds like she either has some mental block or has found she gets attention by doing it.

My daughter had the same problem. Went to many doctors with no solution and felt so frustrated. I finally had a doctor referred her to Le bonheur Hospital. They ran test and found out she has Reflux in her right kidney and her tubing for her kidney is different. They put her on medicine and she had to learn how to do a behavior learning. She could not tell when she had to go to the bathroom. Don’t give up. If she has this problem she will overcome it. My daughter did.v

I have dealt with all this with my 11 yr old daughter for years! Get her tested for sleep apnea. My daughter was just diagnosed and found out it can cause bedwetting. She has seen dozens of specialists and not one ever said anything until she saw a sleep specialist

My son is 7 and still has accidents at night and during g the day occasionally. The day accidents seem to occur when he is busy or having fun and doesn’t want to stop playing to take the time to go. We are currently have to remind him to go before he starts a game or goes outside and it seems to help him not to wet as often.

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If she achieved bowel and bladder control, but then lost it, I’d say there’s either a medical issue or a psychological/behavioral one. It certainly seems that managing the current situation is causing psych trauma and relationship issues. I’d get at least one more medical opinion, and if medical/physiological issues are addressed or ruled out with no improvement, I would consult a pediatric psychiatrist/psychologist. School age children who have accidents get bullied by peers, and it sounds like it’s causing relationship issues among siblings and the rest of the family. I would be concerned and take action to help her.

I fostered two kids who were not potty trained by 6 and 8 years old , punishing them and making them ashamed of their actions isn’t going to make it better, there may be a underlying issue that’s causing the problem, u need to look into it more because I’m sure she’s embarrassed by her problem and all of u making her feeling ashamed is making it worse!

I used depends with my son, I talked to his doctor. We had them sent to our home, wipes, gloves, and bed pads. It made a huge difference he didn’t like them. He stopped having accidents. More so when I found a teacher was bullying him.

I heard if you have her adjusted by a chiropractor that helps my uncle wet longer than that give it a try

Our middle son wet the bed until 8th grade due to behavioral/emotional disorders. We had him wear pull-ups at night and have a plastic bed cover until he was completely potty trained

I would say see another urologist and get a second opinion. If they’ve done bloodwork and the second opinion clears then at this point she needs to see a child psychologist. Best of luck

I peed the bed till i was in 2nd grade. It happens. My son was in 7th grade. Not 1 health issue for eother of us. My daughter never wet the ned or had accidents. Shell put grow it. Swimming in a pool would cause poop accidents maybe the chlorine in the water. It just takes some longer to have complete control. Patience everyone is soo quick to think something is wrong, it happens

My son had accidents until he was 13 and it just stopped. He doctor told us he would grow out of it and he did.

My son did until he was 9. I took the shame and anxiety out of it and he stopped. But it was so sad and I felt so bad for him.

My youngest son was a bed wetter u til he was about 12. We tried taking him to the bathroom before we went to bed, limiting his liquids in the evening and the alarm system, which he slept through! Took him to a urologist and he put him on DDAVP nasal spray. It worked amazingly well. The dr eventually weaned him off and he stayed dry from then on. We never punished him, ever. He couldn’t help it and wanted to be dry more than anything. My pediatrician said it’s more a laundry problem than a health problem and he was right.

Get a 2nd opinion. A relative of mine had bed-wetting (soaking head to toe) past the age of 7. Turns out her urethra never fully developed and would back up into her bladder, causing the accidents, even after no liquids at night and waking her at 11pm to empty her bladder. A day after surgery, she never had another accident.

If medical tests keep failing, I suggest seeking a counselor. She may be having issues that she isn’t comfortable talking about to you. (Not meant in a negative context). And mama, you are NOT failing!!! You have done what you know to do & that’s the best you can do!!! Do t give up, you’ve got this.

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I agree with those that said… Don’t punish the child. Please don’t embarrass the child either. These are detrimental to the child’s self worth.

My daughter was the same way. She wore pull ups every night and tried pantries every so often until she finally just out grew it and quit wetting the bed.

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My daughter did the same mainly night time but her urologist had me make her try to go every 2 hours it actually helped once we got her utis under control with a daily antibiotic. U could try it also after shes tried going successful or not have her jump up n down 10 times it helped my daughter hope it helps u as well

You are NOT a failure. If you were you would not have taken her to drs and had her seen. Your doing what you can. Time for a second opinion or maybe start ruling out some of what other people here suggested.

My son does this, he’s 7 also and our dr. put him on a med that he takes at bedtime and he hasn’t had an accident since!

Sounds like this is causing a lot of tension which will only make it 100 times worse. And to hear her siblings are starting to despise her for it is disheartening to hear.

I have the same problem with my youngest daughter, she is 7 going on 8 and I have tried everything.
I keep hearing she will grow out of it but sometimes it’s really hard especially when my other two kids never had this problem.
She is a heavy sleeper, I have tried to to wake her up and two to three hours during the night, no drinks before bed, go to the bathroom before bed and sometimes she’s dry but most the time she wakes up wet and wears pulls ups at night
Night time is the problem , I am hoping she will grow out of it but I feel like you deseperate that this issue will never end

If either side of your family has urological issues and she has had many uti’s then you should really seek out a second opinion I had these issues as a child and now I have stage 4 kidney disease and no bladder my problem was when I had to go I had to go right now there was no getting to the bathroom in time and I could not hold it ask them to look for ( UPJ)

I have an 8 year old that still wets at night.
She’s been cleared by drs. Basically same story accept no utis and not during the day.

So we buy her pull ups and life goes on. Eventually it will click. Just love her thru it