My 8-month-old is still spitting up: Thoughts?

My almost 8 month old is still spitting up every day. Could she be possibly gagging herself cause her hands are always in her mouth? I’m getting sick of bringing it up to her pediatrician cause they don’t worry about it cause she’s always gained weight. I have tried every suggestion the pediatrician gives me though and it doesn’t fully stop though it has slowed some since she’s been on solid foods.


Time to switch sometimes you gotta switch til you find the one who cares

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Her gag reflex is in front of her mouth that why she’s spitting up, if the doctors aren’t worried about it just try to relax

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My nephew had reflux. He had it until he was about two. Try to avoid acidic foods and see if that helps.

My son spit up til he was 18 months

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My daughter was spitting up terribly. It was acid reflux, she has been on reflux meds since she was 6 months old.

Our son had horrible acid reflux. He just was able to get off his meds in February and he turned 2 this past June

Doc told me at 7mon it was still normal

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Reflux, get her a second opinion


Get a second opinion

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Most babies do spit up. Try changing her formula to a sensitive one. Make sure she burps really good after a bottle

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Has you baby been checked for acid reflux? It’s more common than once thought. All three of my grands has problems and they used an antacid to help until they got old enough that it wasn’t a bother anymore

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My son when he was a baby didn’t stop spitting up till he was about 10 months 100%. He had bad acid reflux and the doctor kind of brushed it off because he had a healthy weight. It’s frustrating but it will definitely pass! What helped the most, I just made sure for least 20 min after eating he wasn’t doing anything else (especially laying down). Try switching formula if you feel strongly but it’s still normal.

9 months and my son still spits up due to reflux

My 9 Mo old granddaughter still spits up

My daughter is 8 months and still spits up

My daughter was the same way until we switched her to cows milk at 12 months. We constantly brought it up to our dr too and we were told it was reflux and she was put on meds that did nothing so I quit giving it to her. When she was 2 we decided to give her the pediasure sidekick shakes. Anywhere from 4-6 hours after she would drink it she would projectile vomit. I finally mentioned it to our dr and that’s when we discovered she was allergic to milk protein concentrate. It’s the main ingredient in formula and those shakes! She is now 9 and still gets really bloated whenever she eats anything with milk protein concentrate in it.

My 6 year old is allergic to milk and soy. She always got sick while she was on formula. Ask for testing.

Sounds like acid reflux… or an intolerance to whatever formula you’re using. If you’re breastfeeding, it could be something you’re eating/drinking that baby is allergic/intolerant to. Most common is milk or soy. Good luck mama.

My youngest had reflux & spit up alot. The doctors said he’d outgrow it & it got better after about a year

She could be having some acid reflux

Try keeping baby in sitting position for 20 minutes after eating or taking bottle

I’m sorry but if it’s not normal. I’d get a second opinion. Could be reflux, milk allergy, or other stuff people mentioned. That’s far from normal.

Could be reflux, my son had this issue we switched bottles and changed formula and started doing half bottle had him wait 15-30min then finished the bottle. Also making sure while feeding that they are in a more upright position rather then laying down. Also doing less bottles and much more solid foods will help as well

Our son puked after almost every feeding his whole first year… after trying all different formulas, positions, etc. He was just a puker, we thought. The day we switched him to cow’s milk, he has not vomited since. I guess no formula just sat right with him.

Praying for your baby🥰. My grandbaby had trouble too. His Dr tried him on every formula possible. He ended up lactose intolerant. He’s four and still can’t drink regular milk nor fat free, 1%, or 2%. His stomach can only tolerate lactose free. That’s what we all cook with whenever it cause for milk.

Raising my Grandson he did this too till formula stopped completely. Heard the same things from pediatrician…and spit up was not what I would call it he and I would both need to change clothes we both would be soaking wet.

My grandson went through that for a long time he was on a dairy /gluten free diet he eventually hit a point where he was re introduced to those foods and at 2 is fine now if your pediatrician isn’t doing anything please see a specialist, there’s a reason it’s happening and it could be any number of things that a Dr should advise you on

My grandson’s the same way. My daughter has tried almost every formula made. Even tried milk and they gave him some meds for reflux and that didn’t help him either.

My 4 month old apiys up on the daily also. He also always has his hands in his mouth which i think is part to do with it but his doctor thinks he also has acid reflux.

One of mine did too! If your baby doesn’t seem to have an upset tummy or anything and is still thriving, its probably ok. Good luck!

Take her to gi specialist could be stomach issues or she could be teething or could be she just like the attention from it

A lot of babies will spit up no matter what you do but as long as he’s gaining weight he’ll be ok.

They grow out of it my son was a reflux baby once you start the child on solid food it will go away

I had the same problem with my son, he was allergic to soy and dairy milk.

Could be acid reflux my grandbabies had it the dr gave em meds n it helped alot

Could be reflux my babies have it.

Is there something they don’t like the taste of? Put that on their hands to keep them out of their mouth to see if that’s why their throwing up

Or it cause be that it just need reg food less milk too

Change the milk that is what It was with my 2

Have you noticed a trend in when it happens?

My grandson did that. I suggested that mama slack off on giving milk and introduce more foods… he was just getting over full on milk . After 3 days of more food, less milk, he was fine. I’d say that if my doctor isn’t worried about it, and as long as he’s eating and gaining weight, then I wouldn’t be overly concerned. If it’s a huge concern, then I would seek a second opinion.

Have they checked for acid reflux?? People shouldn’t throw up everyday…so the fact that your doctor is dismissive is a red flag to me. I would get a second opinion for peace of mind!


My now 16 month old was doing the same thing up until a year old, she had acid reflux. Its really frustrating bc my dr said same thing to me shes gaining weight so not to worry. Anywho what we found to work is mylicon gas drops before every bottle, burp her a ton while feeding, make sure not lying flat with bottle and lessen the amount she drinks in one sitting. She was also on enfamil ar formula.


If your Dr is not taking the time to hear your concerns and help you feel more comfortable, then you need a new Dr.
Most likely it’s reflux or could be a milk allergy. Either way, new Dr.


My youngest sone threw up 30 minutes after every bottle. Then as he got older it was every couple of days or after he ate chocolate. When he was almost 2 he had an ear infection that we were giving him antibiotics every 3 weeks. I took him to an ENT got tubes put in and it hasnt happened again. He is now 11 years old.

My daughter is the same age and does the same thing. Doctor said it could take up to a year for the muscle to the stomach to develop properly to keep things down with some babies. She does have a dairy sensitivity also, so she’s dairy free, but once she started eating baby food it’s improved a lot. We still have to keep her upright after a bottle for a good 30 minutes, and we wait at least an hour before we have her on her stomach otherwise she’ll spit up. For sure my daughter sticking her fingers in her mouth chokes her and makes her spit up sometimes too.

It’s reflux and usually disappear by the time they’re a year old. Same situation with my son, and miraculously when he turned 1, it quit. If they keep doing it after 1, then bring it up with the pediatrician again.

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As long as baby is gaining weight it’s fine. The flap in the esophagus has not strengthened enough to keep all food down yet. Some babies it takes longer. My son and his pediatrician’s son had this very same thing. It’s just really annoying but will eventually stop pretty soon.

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It’s not really acid reflux unless it’s bothers her when she pukes or she’s in pain or she’s losing weight or it’s projectile vomit. That’s when pediatrician’s start worrying about it being acid reflux. There may also be food allergies at play here too.

My step-son had pyloric stenosis, daughter had acid reflux. I agree with people who are saying your doctor should be listening to your concerns. If you are upset and doctor isn’t listening, it’s time for a new doctor.

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My youngest pyloric muscle didn’t develop all the way. He had projectile vomiting every day. The dr put him on med,cant remember the name, it was 29 yrs ago, but after a week all the vomiting stopped

My 13 has same issue for years. Finally they realized he had a dairy sensitivity. We cute out dairy and boom so much better

Have her/him checked for acid reflux. If they have it there throw up will be slimy. When they was just on formula would look like cottage cheese. My daughter was born with it. Didn’t take our pediatrician long to figure it out!!! Telling you this from experience. Hope it helps

My daughter did until she was over nine months old. My doctor said that her GERD is a result of the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) – the muscle at the bot- tom of the esophagus – not closing properly. When it doesn’t close, food, liquids and stomach acid can move back up into the esophagus. The causes of GERD are uncertain. A hiatal hernia may be a contributing factor. At a little over nine months she stopped

I suggest you might visit a Pediatric Gastroenterologist. A swallow study might be in order to determine if the problem is structural in nature. There’s also a chance it related to an intolerance or allergies. Your child could be gagging themselves, but it could also be that the child has issues with swallowing thin liquids.

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May try taking longer to feed her…talk to her between bites, small sips of liquid as she eats. However, as she gets older, if this persists, see a pediatric gastrointerologist , she may have acid reflux…my daughter did and we did not realize it until she was in 6th grade.

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The doctor doesn’t worry about it bc it’s normal and will resolve itself probably by a year old. I don’t understand what the big deal is? If she’s gaining weight and happy? My son is 9 almost 10 months old and spits up every day as well. Like you said, much less now that he’s on solid foods but still every day.

Make sure she isn’t Lactose intolerant. My daughter got sick everyday tills she was 10 months old and they didn’t even notice till I keep asking about regular bowel movements.

My youngest had acid reflux until she was a year old. Spit up everyday! Yes, can be hard…especially worrying about them being ok and laundry pile up! But it will get better! :purple_heart:

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Both of my kids spit up until they were off formula and on whole milk. I switched my second child to whole milk earlier than normal knowing my oldest’s history. At about 10 months old I did half formula half whole milk and by 11 months I had her off formula.

If she is teething; this causes excess saliva formation. Laying flat or reclining back can cause it to pool, and them gag, and vomit. Also make sure she sits up after she eats or takes a bottle. Their digestive system is still not matured enough to handle a lot of food or liquids.

My grandmother put paper towel rolls on my brother’s arms to see what he was doing. That should briefly see if she is gagging herself…

Or acid reflux…

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My nephew was like that i got him some myochorite i think spelled it wrong but call your pharmacist they know what im saying a couple of drops will stop all of that.

My son was too. He had a penny in his throat. Was there a while. Corroded also. Chest x-ray finally found the cause of the constant spitting up.

Could also be pyloric stenosis…simple fix with surgery…my youngest boy did that when he was little

M youngest did that n had a dairy n soy allergy but we caught it at 3 weeks cuz he was really fussy too.

2 of mine had acid reflux they finally put my daughter in medicine at 10 months old because she was stiffening her body like she was in pain. My son just outgrew it at 9 months old.

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My oldest spit/threw up till he was 2.5. Turns out he was “allergic” to anything with sugar in it in sippy cup/bottle. He would drink it too fast and he has spd (didn’t know till he was 7) and thus was unable to feel when he was hungry of full leading to drinking to much. Too much too fast = gas and he couldn’t sort it out and thus would cover me in whatever he drank… completely covered head to toe, needed a new outfit for both of us.

Could it possibly be lactose intolerance. I had that problem with my child when she was a baby

Reflux and if your doc is not listening to you look for a new one,

You said spitting up my son upchucked past that age kept gaining weight and acted just fine…Maybe try smaller meals several times a day. I wouldn’t worry about it…

Ppl drove me crazy w their comments my baby girl had every burp w a little spit up. I listen to my dr…and ignored everyone. She was healthy and growing. And shes fine now 28. Ignore every one

My older spit up until she walked the doctor was right about this one

My daughter was a fountain when she was a baby. It wasn’t until she started on solids she stopped spitting up like a fountain.

Possible acid reflux and a milk allergy. Also, try Dr. Brown bottles

Is she on soy or dairy.? If she’s on dairy she could be lactose intolerant. Try soy milk or formula.

Mine did that until I put her on a cup never again did she spit up and no more bottle

My son spit up a lot even on soy formula. Switched him to milk and it stopped.

Give the baby some probiotics. Open a capsule and put it on your finger to suck 3-4 times a day. Makes all the difference in their little world and yours!

I would get a second opinion, could be several things causing it

It’s the milk some children has grown out of this.

Ask her doctor if she could have pyloric stenosis.

Get second opinion if dr not listening to you.

Could be a vertebra out, my son had the same problem one treatment with chiropractor fixed it.

She/he needs to not lay down during or right after a bottle

Try small amounts of water in between feedings.

Go to a pediatric Gastro- intestinal doctor.


There r beads u can buy on amazon that controls this

My son was 6 weeks old. I feed him and a volcano came back out at you. I called numerous times to get apportionment. Finally told the receptionist I wanted her ssn and full name if she didn’t get me an appointment. I feed him in the doctor office it came back up full force. He said nope that’s not right and he lost 4 pounds in 3 day holiday. They hospitalized him traced fluids down his body. Stomach muscle between stomach and intestines was enlarged so the made a little cut then he ate like a horse ever since. Sounds like yours is ganging herself fingers in the mouth. Had a cousin used that trick to get out of school. Tell her fingers go on the table not in the mouth. Maybe give her a baby spoon or something to hold on to keep fingers busy while she eats. 8 months french fries, hot dogs cut length wise like sticks. Green beans all should be good for her to eat. If you think acid reflux try putting bed at an angle head higher than foot. you can roll a blanket up put under mattress.

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Maybe switch doctors


Reflux. Find another pediatrician.

Could be acid reflux…

Lactose intolerant is my guess

I would get a new dr

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Do you mix cereal in her bottle

Can also be teething

Try lactose milk or goat milk

My doc said the muscle to the stomach was not developed yet. It could take a year. We also found out later that she was lactose intolerant. When she was crawling, all I had to do was follow the puke spots on the floor and I knew where to find her. She was always crabby. Found out later, she must have always had a belly ache. Her bowel movement’s we’re always very loose and smelled like silage. Oh what fun we had​:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

Lactose intolerant??? Maybe try soy milk… my youngest (he is 6 years old now) did this & that was his issue, though he has outgrown it & now can drink what he wants.