My 8-month-old will not sleep unless he is swaddled: Advice?

My 8 month old son will not sleep unless he is swaddled. How can I break him of it? And he will only go to sleep if he is eating from a bottle. How can I stop this also? If he doesn’t have a bottle, he screams his little head off. :disappointed:


My son is 2 years and 5 months, he still sleeps with his bottle, also battling with it. But i jst let him sleep with it,less hassles


He is 8 months old he needs a bottle to go to bed , feed him something before bed and why is it a problem to swaddle him before bed , this is how babies sleep :roll_eyes:

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NO, do NOT “just let him sleep with it”! It is VERY bad for tooth development! You could try a pacifier so he has something in his mouth, and as far as the swaddle, why do you want to stop that? My youngest is almost 7 and is just in the last year not wanting to be tightly snuggled in.


he’s only 8 months old. Give him the bottle. As for the swaddling try a sleep sack. It’s like swaddling but his arms are out.

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There is nothing wrong with any of these things. Its how you have comforted him. Its ok for a child to prefer routine. Enjoy it while you can


Still swaddling my seven month old too, and trying to break the habit. As for sleeping with bottle I did that with my first baby and regret it so did not do with my newest baby! Good luck mama!

Don’t let him sleep with the bottle in his mouth, your pediatrician should’ve spoken on that as to the future damage it can present to his teeth… Slowly ween him off the swaddle also… Crying is normal it’ll strengthen his lungs & your tolerance as well as your ability to distinguish between I’m hurt cry and I just want my way cry later in his life :blush:

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It’s never ok to let your baby sleep with a bottle especially milk/juice bc it will rot their teeth and a habit hard to break as they get older. However we are talking about an 8 month old. Maybe feed until the baby goes to sleep and replace with pacifer. Also, why is swaddling a bad thing? It seems like your baby is very sensory driven and may prefer that compression as well.

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I swaddled my babes until they were almost one. They broke out of it of it on their own. I really don’t mind the swaddling. It helps them feel warm, safe and secure. As for bottles to bed, i wouldn’t recommend it. Instead feed him before laying him down to sleep.

Dont let him sleep with the bottle but let him be helped to sleep with it. As for the swaddling just tuck him in tight with a blankey til it becomes a habit for him. He may struggle at first but u gotta help him along

Just do what he wants!!! It’s all about making him happy. Don’t you think?


Theres a couple ways to swaddle them to wear you ease them off of it. Start by leaving one arm out. Do that for a week and then swaddle with both arms out and try for another week and then try tightly tucking them in. My daughter would only sleep when she was swaddled, but she now prefers to sleep on her belly. When’s shes on her back she has to be swaddled or she wont sleep. You might try a different sleeping position.

May daughter is almost 3 and still loves to be swaddled lol we don’t swaddle her very often but if we would she would let us 100% of the time

Try… once your baby goes to sleep, unwrap him. That way he’s asleep and won’t realize he isn’t swaddled
It will be a process of getting him used to the process.
And going to sleep with a bottle.
My oldest son did this and I would rock my screaming baby until he fell asleep. It was a long 2-2.5 weeks but after that as soon as we started rocking he was good to go to sleep with out a bottle. (I rocked him to sleep until 3 years old)
Honestly it’s what you are comfortable with.
Some moms don’t like their baby’s crying it out (In their crib alone or cuddling with mama) or Wearing themselves out. Some moms are ok with it.
I was.
Whatever your comfort is in is what you should try.
You’re his mom and you know what could work.
After reading these comments it’s sad that all these people are so judgmental about what you choose to do.
Just do what is best for you and your baby, mama!

Water only in the bottle and baby will probably ween himself that’s what all 8 of mine did as for the swaddling I love swaddling mine to sleep so I continued till 2 or when they were done with it themselves!

And just an observation… she said he wouldn’t go to sleep unless he was swaddled and drinking from a bottle…
this does not necessarily mean he’s in his crib with a bottle! If he’s swaddled how would he hold his bottle?
Maybe she’s holding her swaddled baby while he eats a bottle then lays him in his bed!
Mothers attacking other mothers is not advice…


I swaddled my son and give him a bottle of milk until 12 months of age ^^ he’s now 17 months and the best sleeper! No swaddles or bottles anymore of course

Swaddling is fine at that age. Bottle in the crib is not. Give him a pacifier.

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If he falls asleep with a bottle let him I would just get a wet rag ready so you can wipe his gums down. My kids never woke up when I would wipe their gums down. As for swaddled idk my kids hated being swaddled. He’s still a baby my daughter only would sleep when she had her night time bottle and at 12 months we cold turkey quit bottles and survived. She falls asleep just fine now and she’s 2.

Give him his bottle and swaddle if that’s what make him happy!!! He’s only 8 months old…


Just go with it, when he is old enough to talk back u rather have him being a 8 month old baby again.

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You may have to listen to him scream. My son was 18 mos old ped said he needed to see a dentist. Took him to a ped dentist and ended up having to have all his teeth crowned in silver. Came out of the dentist threw the bottle out of the car window and he screamed, cried, and shook the crib for two weeks. He is now 40. We survived it. He has beautiful teeth. Good luck. Hope my story helped.


Give him baby food 15 minutes before you lay him down for the night

I think eventually he will outgrow his desire to be swaddled. At some point, my babies started rolling onto their tummy to sleep and they didn’t want to be swaddled to do that. My 5 and 3 year olds still sleep on their stomachs :joy:

As far as a bottle goes, it sounds like it’s soothing to him. Honestly I wouldn’t worry so much about breaking the habit this young. If he were nursing, he may comfort nurse for several more months. So with a bottle, it’s likely what he’s doing is totally normal. He’s used to his routine now :grinning: When he’s a toddler and begins using a cup during the day, he may still drink from a bottle to get to sleep for a couple months. And then before you know it, he’s forgotten the bottle and wants a sip of water from a cup at story time. They grow up quickly :heart: You’re doing a great job!

Swaddle that baby. Trust me you will miss it.

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You have set him up like this so give him a soother and put him to bed,he may cry for awhile but don’t change your new routine and he will eventually get it.

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My daughter didn’t go to sleep with drinking from the bottle as a comfort once she was about 10 months old hes still a wee one xx as for the swaddling my daughter stopped at 3 weeks but I’ll tell you what if I could be swaddled to bed shit id do it too lol. some little ones it’s a comfort my daughter’s 2 now and still loves to be swayed back and forth for nap time. They only get older is how I see it. You don’t have to to much to worry about. It’s not like he’s a year and a half still on formula. Any mom’s cutting you for what and how your doing let em be we all aren’t perfect and even they arent doing things right. but he’s still young take it easy mama x

The biggest joke I ever read “what to expect the first year” I read it front to back my third trimester the whole book 1 contradicts it’s self and 2 every child is completely different and that’s the biggest fact in that book.

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If he’s slept like that for his whole 8 months, it will be sooo hard to train him to sleep any other way. Maybe wait till hes older. Poor baby just wants to be a baby.


I transitioned my son out of his swaddle around 4 months when he started consistently rolling from back to belly. It’s my understanding it’s no longer considered safe after that point. We transitioned slowly though by first swaddling with one arm out and once he was used to that, we started using the nested bean zen sack. It’s lightly weighed in the center so it provides comfort similar to a swaddle but his arms are free in case he was to roll over. Hope this helps!

Give him water in his bottle.

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Weaning of a swaddle - first night, stick one arm out and repeat for a week. Then do the same with both arms out while still swaddled for a week. You might have to deal with some crying but self soothing is a good thing.

Put water only in the bottle at night

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Swaddle and I don’t think letting them fall asleep with the bottle in their mouth is the best idea but I know it’s happened to my kids plenty of times. I don’t really have any advice other than if they start to fall asleep take the bottle away.

Do not swaddle an 8 month old. They can roll over and smother because they can’t move their arms or legs :person_facepalming:. Give him a bottle to go to sleep with.

I personally just let my 8 month old nurse to sleep and be swaddled as its comfort things for him. They are going through a lot at this age with teeth and starting food and trying to learn to walk/crawl and mine is struggles with mommy’s outta the room anxiety. Sometimes we need to realize our kids are going through a lot to so sometimes its okay to let them have their comfort items.

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Magic Merlin sleep suit.

We used the zippadee zip to wean off the swaddle and was a lifesaver!

What the fuck lol just feed your baby when he’s hungry. When you had that baby you gave up sleep, alone time, sanity :rofl: welcome to motherhood :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep giving it to him…8 months and a few more months he wants his bottle

Let him alone. I never saw anyone go to school swaddled with a bottle in his mouth.


My baby is 17 most old, she still wants to be rocked to sleep with a bottle. She only gets it at bed time, I’ll let her decide when she’s done.

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Since when do we stop giving 8 month olds bottles?


I used a homemade blanket that’s a little like a weighted blanket and my son loves it. You could try that and then start using lighter blankets as time goes on? Might work :person_shrugging:

My baby girl was like this over her bottle, but not the swaddle instead she had to be right beside me. Let it run it course, soon he should grow out of the swaddle but for the bottle thing I would change to the next cup up for the day time an soon he should forget about bottles…

Swaddling is not something that’s easy to break. My daughter won’t be put down if she doesn’t have the comfort of a blanket around her. Could just start making it loser. As for the bottle. Give him a bottle of water. Milk on his teeth to sleep is bad for their teeth. Just put water in the bottle

My kids hated to be swaddled from the day they were born and my son does the same he falls asleep with his bottle but one he’s just about off I take the bottle and he rolls over and goes to sleep he’s 7 months

Put on belly. As for bottle. Hes only 8 months. Relax on that idea a little for now