My 8-year-old has been waking up at night and is unable to fall back to sleep: Thoughts?

My 9-year-old daughter has recently taken to waking in the middle of the night and cannot go back to sleep. Some nights she is up till it’s light outside. She cries from frustration because she clearly wants to sleep. We have tried a calming bedtime routine, counting backward, praying, but from a sporadic few times, it has become every night. What do I do? Her daytime concentration is diminishing.


Check with your doctor first, but I recommend melatonin.


U say 8 years old then 9?

Melatonin saved my kids sleep!

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Give her an I pad. She’ll pass out.


White noise machine
Cutting screen time 2 hours before bed time


See your doctor. Sleep apnea can happen in children.

Talk to her doctor. It’s likely she may need a sleep aid or to find the root of the problem which could be other health related things.

Before I tried melatonin I went to the Health food store and tried other options. The only problem we had with those is my girls would pee the bed because they slept so hard.

I finally now give them melatonin but there bladders may be more developed now too.

I believe I tried mother’s milk or something similar. Health food store has other alternatives

Dont just start drugging your child. Melatonin is NOT meant to be a used all the time type of drug. Once you start taking it your body stops producing it naturally. Talk to her Dr like you should do first instead of just giving her a pill or taking adivce from internet moms :woman_shrugging: She could have a legit medical condition.


Magnesium roll on or spray along with lavender essential oil on bottom of her feet

Melatonin. My oldest would never sleep if she didn’t have melatonin

Lavender pillow spray, hot milk and honey , reading, audiobook, classical radio in the background, maybe a night light if its being scared of the dark ? I used to be the same ! ( still am, terrible at falling asleep and then staying asleep) ask if they have any worried and write a letter of all the issues and then burn it’s so the “worries go away” ask about school if anything is going on then ? Are they having naps when they come home from school ? If so reduce how long. Kids meditation discs.

I use to leave on the tv for my oldest child. We had no ipad, cell phone or melatonin was really not a household word. But we notice it was something in her diet. Watch her sugar intake or caffeine intake. Friends daughter was diagnose with gluten problem at five.

Has she been checked for a tongue tie? It can cause sleep apnea like symptoms causing them to wake startled
Also anxiety can cause sleeplessness and her constant waking could be causing more anxiety making it into a cycle

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My grandsons both have weight appropriate blankets. It has made a tremendous difference in their sleep. They love them.

I have lavender essential oils, lavender spray. Usually spray some on a pillow, put some in a spray bottle with water and spray some in the hair. My 10’year old has the same problem and a nice hot cup of chamomile sleepy time tea has helped her a lot.

I recomened melatonin my daughter legit can’t sleep without it due to her health issues!

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My oldest daughter is a night owl. If I put her to sleep too early she wakes up at night. My youngest daughter is a early bird and goes to bed before anyone else. It could be as simple as finding the right bedtime for her. We love essential oils (only Young Living or DoTerra) to help. But I do think you should bring it up to her pediatrician and get medical advice just in case it’s a medical issue!

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I would say anxiety. Puberty may be on the horizon and causing hormone changes that can affect sleep greatly. Definitely see doc.

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Talk to your pediatrician, but in the meantime, try some herbal teas. And like others have said limit screen time. Maybe turn some music on while she sleeps. YouTube some calming sleep music or theta waves.

Weighted blankets, lavender lotion or oils, sleepy time tea and limit screen time before bed. A trip to the doctor might be in order as well. Could be something physical or even mental health wise or it could simply be stress.

Puberty can mess with kids sleep pretty badly too. People might think “but they’re too young”, no, they really not. Puberty isn’t just periods and wet dreams, it’s a change in hormones and can start a couple years before the more obvious signs.


So I just started using this app called “Insight Timer” for meditation at the request of my therapist for anxiety. It’s for meditation and there are some for sleep. You can do it with her before bed and it walks you through it all. Theres different lengths. Listen to a few on your own first and then if you like it see if it helps? It helps me a lot.

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Talk to your GP she could have sleep issues that haven’t been diagnosed. It could be a form of anxiety, I suffered from this as a child and would do anything to sleep near my parents room around 8-9 years old…, I even slept on the stairs to hear my dad snoring… it was all caused by anxiety which needs to be dealt with professionally


Melatonin is a great natural sleep aid also but check with her pediatrician first. Lavender oils are soothing and relaxing too

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I have to let some of my kids so to bed later than the others. Ones that require more sleep go to bed at 8-8:30…my others go to bed anywhere between 9 and 10.

I had a thyroid issue that caused the same issues with me. Couldn’t sleep, awake most of the night, absolutely miserable because I was so tired. The pediatrician can do a simple blood test to check. I was about the same age.

If she is having that hard of a time, I would speak to her dr about it, especially if it’s affecting her daily life. She may need something to help her sleep.

My son has sleep apnea and wakes all during the night.

I’d say try a warm bedtime bath let her sit in it for a little while then give her melatonin let her lay in bed and watch a movie that will have her laying still.

My daughter has been doing the samething. But I think the reason my daughter is thrown of sleeping schedule is cause she is getting over from being sick…

Lavender oil. Real 100%. Or sleepy time blend. At Wal-Mart. By pharmacy. Put on temples and or pillow.

And sleepy time tea. I makes me very tired. And im smoke weed. Lol this stuff works i tell

Try a cognitive swing. Very inexpensive.

Is she 8 or 9 lol… I honestly think someone makes these up, but just incase your child might need a small dose of melatonin it’s a natural hormone that puts you to sleep, to much your always sleepy… to little you don’t sleep enough easily fixed either via the doctor or over The counter x

Melatonin is awesome!

Lavender oil in a diffuser at bedtime…lavender in a bath…melatonin…but talk to a doctor first.

It sounds like its mental. I’ve had issues with my 9 and 8 year old. 9 year old has random fears of the world ending and can’t sleep because he freaks himself out. 8 year old randomly wakes up in the middle of the night and wants to chat instead of back to sleep, she doesn’t fall back asleep unless she’s in our bed. I started giving them Melatonin 3 mg. It cut down 85%-90% of the wake ups and freak outs. Pediatrician gave us the go ahead. Also, stopping kindle/xbox/tv use time an hr before bed and having them read. Good luck!

I would definitely take her to a doctor. My 13 year old son takes melatonin every night and it works great for him.

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See her pediatrician first then go from there, although melatonin is good she should be checked by a MD before starting meds.


Dr first and foremost. Could be something bothering her, stress or something at school. Melatonin is good, but I’d see a Dr. first just to rule out anything serious being wrong.

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See a doctor like everyone else is recommending. However you may can try a weighted blanket they make them for kids now, worth a shot🤷‍♀️

Melatonin works for some but not others my niece used it and it helped her so I tried my son on iy who had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep and it caused him to have night terrors and although he would stay asleep most of the night the dreams he would have made him affraid to go to sleep sometimes we stopped the melatonin and his dreams / night terrors stopped we found limited tv before bed a shower with lavender hung in there and a air purifier and lavender sleepytime tea help him

You need to consult & have her seen by a physician. Could be a medical issue. In the meantime, decrease any electronic activity before bed. It could be something bothering your child they have not informed you about, sleep disorder, etc… Try comforting activities before sleep, warm bath with calming baby wash in water, read a chapter together from a good classic book, etc…

I also have dream catchers over my bed and a crucifix on the wall next to my bed…have had sleep issues for a few years and all this helps…

Physical! Take her to a sleep specialist, she may have a sleep disorder.

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My son has ADHD and we use melatonin to help him sleep and it’s all natural it’s something your body produces anyway

Lavender bath. A lavender small pillow to lay next to her pillow.

Melatonin is a supplement. Your body naturally produces it and they have it for kids and I’ve seen great reviews but like others seeing the doctor a sleep study may need to be done to help determine if other things are the cause.

I strongly believe you should get her to a doctor. Something also might be going on in school that she is afraid to talk about.


Place a bible under her pillow. I remember when I was a child my grandmother and my mom would put one under my pillow and I would sleep so sound. A definitely take her to do a sleep study. Prayers for you and your little one.


Dr. first, but melatonin and chamomile tea. Baths can also help.

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Id take her to a sleep study and find out what’s going on.

She needs to see a psychiatrist ASAP

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My son was doing this it turned out his tonsils needed to be removed it was messing with his airway and disrupting his sleep

There are essentials from doterra that would probably help

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Could be diet…Cut out sugar.

Have you thought about seing a dr ?

Lavender bath before bed and lavender sleepy time lotion

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Try a weighted blanket. But check the poundage for her weight.

Can try melatonin. My 10 year old has troubles getting to sleep and staying asleep. Started him on melatonin and its been great.

Take note be of the food that she eats too much sugar or caffeine

Buy some OTC melatonin

I would maybe see about seeing a sleep specialist. She could have sleep apnea, or night terrors or any number of things wrong. In the meantime, don’t stop praying. God answers prayer, but not always on your schedule


Melatonin works good

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Have you tried Melatonin ? I’ve heard good things about it


Doctor visit could be a medical reason.

I would try melatonin!! I had to take 1 a night for years because I couldn’t fall asleep

Vick’s it’s smoothing

We have to do Meatonin

Possibly narcolepsy. See a doctor who can refer you to a sleep specialist. (no, narcolepsy is not just suddenly falling asleep. It covers a lot of things.)

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I would ask her doctor before using melatonin, just to be sure.


Night time sleep aid. Melatonin causes nightmares. Read the dosage chart of course, first…i think you may need to be 12

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Does she say what is bothering her?

I had to use a low dose melatonin with my 6 yr old. A few nights later he had a routine and only needs on occasion.


Melatonin is great for that. My son has autism and it helps him cuz he constantly wakes up at night


Give her a sleeping pill

Is she going to bed too early? Sometimes it’s just about adjusting their bedtime around their sleep schedule.

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Does she nap when she gets home from school? Cut the naps short or Maybe try without napping to sleep through the night? :woman_shrugging:t2: idk good luck

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What time do you put her to bed?

Maybe she doesn’t need a lot of hours to sleep like a regular kid. My kid quit napping at 15 mths. She wouldn’t sleep at night if she napped

I think besides seeing her Dr. to rule out anything medically it may be a good idea to talk with her teachers at school. Ask them if they notice her having a hard time with classmates. Is she being bullied or having a hard time with a certain subject that could be stressing her out. You can also ask if she can meet with the school guidance counselor. She may be going through something emotionally that shes not sure how to talk to you about it. I’ve got an 8yr old that had this same issue. Still dont know why it happens from time to time but it does.

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Try warm bath with lavender oil,

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Wonder if she’s having growing pains? At that age I ached and ached especially in my legs. Try a warm bath with Epsom salts, maybe the lavender kind it’s relaxing

Sleep hypnosis works for me and my 3yr old son😊

Omg stop telling her to give her child sleeping aids. Maybe there is something going on at school or an under lying medical issue. Take your child to the doctor.


Children don’t use their words. Have you noticed anything else different? More school work? Any arguing etc around her? Anyone’s picking on her?
My son has severe anxiety toppled by a sleeping disorder, panic attacks, OCD and some other issues. He would not fall sleep until maybe midnight or after and was always wide awake by 6am IF he slept that long. Most times he would sit straight up and stare at me, some nights not sleep at all. He saw a therapist for 4 years and also had a pysch. We started him on 1ml of liquid melatonin when he was 9 after years of me trying everything under the sun and I’ll be damned if that child didn’t slept 10 hours straight. We had to continue the melatonin after periods of stopping it because they said he just doesn’t make enough melatonin himself. He doesn’t have nightmares and will skip a few days but he will also ask for it if he’s struggling or had a big test ETC

My son never really slept, even as an infant so it’s been an ongoing issue but i also suffer from lack of sleep basically my entire life . no reason i could think of other than my severe anxiety.

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Do you think it might have to do with something at school? Maybe being bullied? I’d talk to her teacher/counselor first and rule that out.
Next, I’d put a call into her pediatrician.

Childrens melatonin. I take adults version and got the kids stuff for my son. Most grocery stores should carry it, and Amazon due as well

Lower the a/c it happens to my kids

If shes crying from frustration because she is tired and wants to sleep then its time to see her doctor. They will probably start with melatonin. If she has much screen time her melatonin production could be all messed up. Thats what tells your body to sleep. Both my six and eight year old take melatonin. 3mg for the six yr old and 5 mg for the eight yr old. It doesnt always work for my six yr old. You can get it at walmart over the counter in the pharmacy. It comes in a chewable or liquid form. She requires less sleep too. But its tremendously different than them taking nothing


Put her to bed later and try Melatonin.

Give her a Lavender bathbomb in warm tub of water, get a Lavender soap for relaxing. Plus turn on ocean sounds waves for her to relax and whale sounds. After the bath. Rub her down with Lavender Oil. When she falls asleep turn on night time music of flute music. She’ll soon be asleep. Good Luck. That’s my suggestion to you. Hugs :heart_eyes:

Does she breath out of her mouth? Does she snore? If yes to either then she can have sleep apnea or obstruction in throat. Take her to ears nose throat sp

Sounds like insomnia to me. My son has it and doesn’t sleep well at all and he’s 9. He’s had trouble sleeping since a very young age though so if he’s not tired I let him do whatever makes him comfortable until he falls asleep which sometimes is watch shows, play Xbox etc… it will come and go. I don’t recommend any medicine bc that’ll cause problems with relying on medicine and you don’t want that.

My 8 year old daughter did the same. She also had night terrors. A weighted blanket has helped immensely. As has pillow mist I get at Bath and Body works. It’s lavender and vanilla and it helps her. Keep trying and communicating with her and her teachers. Hang in there.

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Take her to see a doctor.
Go to her school ask if they notice anything different, odd or bullying going on.


Best thing…make her feel normal…let her be…keep talking to her when she’s awake…don’t make her sleep…let her go to sleep by herself…

Don’t give your kid melatonin unless the pediatrician gives you the ok. This is a matter to discuss with her doctor.

I’ve struggled with sleep since i was a child from a diabetic coma and probably 3 years ago i got a weighted blanket it has helped me alot. Not saying every night is great but i have more good than bad now wish i would have found them 20 years ago. Just a thought good luck momma.

I would suggest melatonin