My 9 wk olds exposure to thirdhand smoke

Please post if you have time, thanks :slight_smile:

Am I overreacting? I just had a little boy that’s now 9 weeks old. Myself, my son and my partner (let’s call him Henry) recently moved in with his parents. About a week after moving in, I came across an article about thirdhand smoke exposure in babies and toddlers (it’s really scary to me as a first time mom and something I never knew about) that can harm them and cause cancer, asthma, changes in DNA, low white blood cell count that stays even well into adulthood, an increased risk of adolescent smoking later in life and pre-diabetes. Anyway Henry’s parents smoke heavily including in our “room”. We’re currently staying in the basement which is also Henry’s dad’s workshop. Henry’s dad is currently putting up walls around a small area of the basement to give us a space with privacy. My problem is that Henry’s dad keeps smoking in the basement where my child’s clothes and bassinet are exposed to smoke and constantly smell like cigarettes (we don’t have a dresser or anything to put his clothes in right now so we make things work). It pisses me off though because there’s a door in the basement that Henry’s dad could use to go outside to smoke while he’s where his grandchild is pretty much all the time. He does stop smoking when I come down with my son but the smoke lingers in the air and he doesn’t seem to get that. So now me and Henry are always fighting because he doesn’t take me seriously and says I’m overreacting and he thinks I just don’t like his dad which is ridiculous. I just want my kid to be safe and healthy, he’s everything to me. Please be kind💛