My baby has never slept through the night: Advice?

Sleep training. You’re welcome

It’s going to be hard but it will get better. Make a sleep schedule wake him up anytime you are awake keep him away as much as you can throughout the day before you put him to bed run a warm soothing bath for the baby they sell sleepy time bath stuff at target. Soothing lotion lavender nic clean diaper and PJs Swaddle blankets are a good thing if he’s to big make one the fabric stores sell soft fabric for these. Get a sound machine it works my boys love to hear wind noice I don’t know why :rofl: rub his back and put him to sleep in his crib leave the sound machine on and turn off all the lights. When you wake up wake him up rise and shine don’t let him nap 5 hrs before bed time . Babies feeding needs change throughout there growing stages sometimes they will not eat as much and then they will eat a whole lot when they are in a growing stage they eat a lot and sleep a lot don’t worry you can do this I worked at FedEx unloading trailers too when my baby was small I understand .

My baby was 2 years old before he slept through the night it was exhausting! I would suggest having someone else go to get him at night when he cries and put him back to sleep. They can just pat his back and not feed him anything and after a few nights he will not wake anymore. Make sure he is getting enough calories during the day.

Mines 4 years old and has never slept through the night since birth. 🤦 Only in the last few months starting to average 5 hours at a time