My baby passed meconium while in the womb: Advice?

Hey mama’s. I just gave birth today with a bit of a problem. My baby passed meconium while still inside me and unfortunately breathed it in too. I also had an infection they’re testing to see if I passed to him. I’ve been given as much/little info as possible from the pediatricians here. But I was wondering if other moms went through this and what they’re little babes recovery looked like.

Right now he has to stay in the nursery on a cpap(pretty sure) breathing machine. He’ll be there at least 48 hours when his culture comes back with the results. He’s breathing super fast but besides that isn’t doing too bad right now. Doctors obviously can’t give me any insight to how he’ll do so if anyone’s gone through this, I’d love to hear your experience with this. TIA


My daughter did the same thing except she didn’t breathe it in but they still kept an eye on her to make sure she was ok. Hope everything goes well.

My son did the exact same thing! They wound up keeping him a few days on IV antibiotics. Which was terrifying me! He is my first born. Fast forward 15 years later he is perfectly healthy with no breathing problems at all.

My niece was born a few years ago and did that. She was blue (and not breathing). She was flown a few hours away from her parents (mom had csection) and I got to be one of the first to see her since I was physically closest to her new location. They had her under a warming incubation type lighting and blanket system. She was the fiercest little girl ever. Made a full recovery and has zero issues from it all. I hope these words help comfort you. Best of luck to you and your baby boy :purple_heart:

My son did the same thing. They kept him in NICU for 7 days and treated with antibiotics. He’s 5 months old now and doing fantastic!

My son did the same thing, they kept an eye on him but his breathing and stuff was fine. They didnt put him on anything and let me take him home right away. Hes 7 now and healthy as can be.