My Boyfriend Asked For Another Girl's Only Fans

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"My boyfriend of 12 years has been asking a girl to get her only fans back. This girl has been an issue in our relationship previously. This girl we both know and lived in our small town. He recently moved in with me and I was looking on his computer and he had a other Facebook account so I hacked into it and found out he has been essentially begging for her to get her OF back. I also found pictures of a girl he told he loved when we broke up a few years ago for a month? On his computer and screen shots of him commenting on her bikini pictures. I addressed this and told him it makes me uncomfortable and I’m very hurt and he just flipped out at me and told me I was insecure and he’s not cheating on me? I feel stuck do I break up with him. He also refuses to delete her saying it be rude for him to. Why would he care what she thinks?"

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"Leave. Your not insecure. He is cheating and he is also acting like an A$$."

"Girl break up with him. There are men out there that will treat you the way you deserve. You don’t deserve that at all. I can only imagine how hurt you feel. But you have to choose you and happiness for yourself."

"Stop wasting your time on him… hes obviously interested in someone else. Time to move on"

"If you addressed with him what hurts you and he turned it on you, he is trash. It’s easier said than done but it’s probably time to get out."

"You housing the dude and you’re still the side chick"

"Re-read your own post but this time read it as if someone else wrote it, what advice would you give that person? RUN. End. Of. Story."

"Honey, please respect yourself and love yourself enough to walk away from him. He is not ready for a relationship with you and you cannot make him want to. Those relationships suck."

"He cares more how she feels than how you feel. Think about it."

"If he is worried about hurting someone else’s feelings, over you, when you’ve been together 12 years, leave."

"Why you wasting anymore of your time thinking about him?! Be done with the user."

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