My boyfriend changed his relationship status and left me without warning: Advice?

I am 10 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend of 1 year up and left me yesterday…he didn’t even say anything to me…he changed his fb relationship status to in a relationship with someone random and literally moved in with her…not even a word…I am lost…broken and need advice…how can I get him to realize we are about to be parents and I need him?


As a single father of two. Don’t bother with the guy. If he knows and left then that’s all you need to know about how he’d be as a father. Listen to these other women and worry about your kid first and foremost

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You don’t need him, let him move on, he will soon find out the grass ain’t greener on the other side. And once you have the baby you will feel differently about him, You will find someone that truly loves you, you deserve better.


He has shown you who he is and what he is about. There is nothing to talk to him about. Obviously he cares nothing about you or the baby. You must decide what your next move is. Talk to and confide in someone who has your best interests at heart. Leave him alone. He isnt worth the frustration. Move forward in your life. Much peace and love ☆


If he can leave you pregnant without even having a conversation let him be and move on it will be best for you and baby no “man” does something like that. He will just do it again


He showed you who he is really is; you didn’t need words for that.
He WILL help. Child support is all the help you need from that guy.


You don’t need him. He’s the one who’s going to miss out the most. Focus on yourself and your child.


You don’t. He made his decision, let him sleep in the mess he made. And you, you my dear look nowhere but forward.


You don’t need him. I used to think that way. My son is now almost 18 and we made it. U will too. It will be hard at 1st but u will find a way to make it all work out. Moving on is really scary but that will pass to. U got this.

Do not go chasing him try to tell/show what he will be missing out on, he knows and he knew what he was doing when he walked out not just from your relationship but yalls life it sounds. You are 10 weeks into your pregnancy, try your best to focus on you and baby and prepare yourself as best you can for being a single mom. You can do without him…from this post doesn’t sound like he would have been involved/ present anyways with the way he just up and left and walked into a whole another life. I am sorry you’re having to deal with this but you are strong and you can do this for you and your baby

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He’s obviously been cheating if he already had someone n moved in right away, why would you ever want someone back that could disregard your feeling, leave you without saying a word and already be with someone else, your emotions will be all over the place but he’s defo not a good person from what you have said, your baby will give you the strength you need to move on n realise ur better if without him x


Honey he made his choice. Best thing you can do is pull up your big girl pants and move on. Hope you have some friends and family for support. God bless and good luck.

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But you don’t need him. You want him. You can’t force someone to be with you because you got a child on the way. Have your child file for support and full custody and if he’s willing to co parent with you then let him. But he obviously has been in this other relationship. He didn’t just wake up an decide to move in with another woman. Best wishes whatever you do.

Never beg someone to stay with you. You can’t make someone love you. He is obviously a slime and you deserve better. He can’t just move in with someone unless he knew her a while. Concentrate on your baby and meanwhile see a lawyer for child support payments and help until after the baby comes. You will find someone better. Don’t settle for less. People treat you how you let them treat you.


Sounds like my ex husband… Left me when I was pregnant for my daughter and two weeks later married another woman.


Makes me wonder if he’s abandoned others who he got pregnant?
A man who don’t take care of his children by other women won’t help take care of yours.
Be strong for yourself and your baby and move on.

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Take this as a sign an don’t worry about getting him back
Baby this your blessing to get out before your baby get older and it’s get harder to leave
Not saying he can’t be a dad still but you don’t got to be together to be parents


If he left you after you broke him you are pregnant than he is telling you he’s out. A year isn’t that long and he’s a sick to just not say anything about his life plans. You can read between the lines. He’s not going to be the partner you need so you ask him what he’s thinking about visitation and child support and you start preparing for your baby.

Pregnant…boyfriend…he didn’t wanna be a daddy…file for custody immediately, and child support. DO NOT TAKE.HIM BACK!!! MOVE ON!!!

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You don’t need him. Why would you want someone like that around your baby?

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You don’t need him. No woman needs a “man” that is going to up and walk out on her without so much as a single word.

You and that baby will be better off without him. If you’re worried about doing it on your own financially, there are assistance programs for single parents and since he doesn’t want to support his child on his own, a judge will make him.

He can be a parent without being with you. It’s really really low he left the way he did. He made his choice though so now you need to take care of yourself and child.

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You don’t need him trust me. You will regret it if you take him back. Worry about your child and yourself. Show your child how strong you can be because they will learn from you. Lean on your loved ones. He’s showed you who he is and what he is capable of.


He let you know his true feelings toward you. It doesn’t make it easier but please don’t put yourself through the heartbreak of trying to chase him. It’s not worth it and you’re better off without him.


Good riddance to him! Take him for child support to help with your baby and say goodbye. Look into getting him for abandonment as well. Protect yourself and your baby!

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You don’t. You let him do his own thing. Never beg a man to stay. You put on your big girl pants and you make a future for you and your baby. You can let him know you’re pregnant and he’s the dad and he can be in the child’s life like a dad should be, and try to get him to parent with you, but honey!!! You have less than 9 months to get your baby ready for this world so there is no time to be worrying about a man who can’t even say bye! Go fix your crown and show the world you got this!


Seriously don’t look back. He made his decision and in the long run you will be better off without him. Someday you will find someone who loves you and that baby unconditionally.

He will still have to pay child support it’s the law. Just get that paperwork done and move on. Hopefully he will be a good father and want to be in his child’s life. You’ll be fine, just take care of you and your beautiful blessing on the way :sparkles:

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Girl he realizes but if he’s just gonna do that while your pregnant he’s gonna do it after and then it won’t just be your feelings hurt you don’t want va coward like that move on you got this and that is the best revenge to move on and be happy like he never existed. If you need the financial help take him for child support but be ready to have to give him access to said child

Believe it or not… it’s a blessing in disguise. I’m sorry you’re in the spot you are, but its best he’s gone. He’s shown his true colors.

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As my dad use to say especially about my ex. Boys makes babies real men raise children. He should you he’s boy trying to play a grown man. I had to chase my ex around to get child support out of him while his new wife and family would beat on my kids then claimed to child services I did it. The state i live in had enough of his shit and stripped his rights permanently. Girl move on and act like he doesn’t exist. He’s a boy not a man.

You don’t need him. And he doesn’t have to be with you to be a dad to his kid.

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Just remember what he did when he comes back around. (They always do). Stay strong and do not take him back. He’s not a trustworthy person.

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Girl. You do not need him.


You don’t “need” him, you like the idea of having him around. He will help, in the way of child support and visitation. He can’t just walk out on having a baby, he can and did leave you so move forward. He showed you who he is, a garbage person… you don’t want that for a relationship. Do the single parent gig and when the baby comes, get court ordered child support and if you want, get visitation set up there too so there’s no questions later.

You don’t. You move on the best you can. He obviously thought this through. Don’t even call him. Pretend he is non existent. You don’t want this kind of person in your life. Trust me when I say that I know it’s hard now, but everything happens for a reason. Take a deep breath and focus on moving forward.

Somebody who is willing to do that is not somebody you want to be with. Let him go so you can find somebody right for you, who will give you what you deserve


He’s obviously been with her for a while if he moved in with her and made it Facebook official. Move on, file for child support when baby is born.

You need to focus on yourself and the baby. If he did this without notice, then don’t expect him to help with the baby


Never be in a position where you “need” a man. Difference between wanting and needing. He doesn’t want you. Hiss loss.

You do NOT need him! How you’re treated when you’re pregnant says everything about their personality you need to know

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Don’t beg anyone to be with you he will just treat you like shit if you do

You do not need him. You need to focus on your baby and yourself.

Easy to say than done. Put im wishing you the best with your child. It is hard enough to be pregnant but imagine this. I hope you have a good community around to love on you and give you the support you need. Take one step at a time. You’re better off without him. I feel for you especially your child

So your going to be parents ,big deal. So much for thinking ahead,right.

If I were you write him off he doesn’t exist. Don’t contact him or anything.

You can’t get him to do anything. He’s shown you who he is.

Just leave it why would you want a dead beat like that :thinking:

Forget him you can do it alone

You need to realize you are about to embark on this journey solo. If you’re lucky he will help you out financially but I wouldn’t count on it. Maybe something to think of the next time you want to have a baby…

You don’t need him trust me. If he can betray like he did then why would you even want to stay with such a coldhearted person? Do you really want to deal with it after the baby is born? If you take him or beg for him back he’ll come back eventually once it stops working out with the other girl but I guarantee you he’ll keep doing it because he knows you’ll take him back each time. Once baby is born file child support asap. But trust me you don’t need no man who up and left you while you’re pregnant. And I’ll be honest but this boyfriend of yours don’t want no baggage aka the baby which is why he left. You barely even know him after a year trust me. You may think you know him cause of y’all being together for a year but I promise that u don’t . He showed you his true colors. Now show yourself how strong you can be and remember you’re doing this for your baby and yourself in the end. But do not take his lousy coldhearted loser butt back

Wait first does. he know??? Are u ok being a possible single parent?? ONCE your baby is born .don’t hesitate to give your baby YOUR last name for legal reasons… n pursue child support n never give him your child’s social security number…or come tax time he will claim him on his taxes…Theres a lot to think about…U need to put aside your emotions n think logically right now…Good Luck.

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You can’t, unfortunately. Men do what they want and only what they want. Take him to court once the baby is born if you’re wanting him to help financially.

You don’t need him. No one needs someone like that. You’ll figure it out without him.


You’re better off without a fool like that

He wouldn’t hear another word from me. good riddance :put_litter_in_its_place:

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I’m so sorry. I’ve been through something similar as well. Was dating my middle son’s father for quite a while. Knew him since I was 16. The moment I told him you was going to be a dad, he disappeared. Turned out him and his woman were arguing and I just happen to be the rebound. To this day he doesn’t want anything to do with my son. Mom to Mom. It is going to be rough. We all know that. But you’re better off doing it without him if he’s going to act like that. I know you got this


Move on girl he doesn’t want you, he jst proved it to have a baby on the just concentrate on your babies well being.:baby:

You do not need him. He is trash end of story it’s gonna hurt for a bit but you’ll realize it soon that your better off without someone who could do that to you. No one deserves that

You don’t need him. Take care of yourself and your baby. Make sure this deadbeat dad pays his child support, but move on and someday a real man will come along. Please don’t waste your time or tears on this loser.

You don’t need him, like at all. My oldest bio father refused to believe I was even pregnant. Here we are 19 years later, and she has a wonderful non bio father, who CHOSE to raise her from 6 months old. He even wanted her included In the custody agreement with our other two when we got divorced 12 years ago. He and I are there for her for anything, along with his wife and my husband, and she doesn’t need the one who chose to walk away, for anything.
If he can not only cheat on you while you’re pregnant, but move in with a whole other woman at the drop of a hat……he’s a garbage person and you and your baby are better off without him.

Why do u even want him back? He is obviously a pos and doesn’t love u or your baby!

You don’t. 8 years, a 3yo and my kids dad left when I was 10w pregnant with our 2nd. I did everything myself and I feel all the better for it.

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You don’t need someone like that and you should never take him back or want him. You clearly know how he feels about you and the baby. He is a complete asshole. I know this is hard but you are better off without him

You don’t need him. You got this momma. You don’t need that crap bag a-hole. Let her have him. He ain’t with shizz.

You don’t need that in your life

Honestly, you don’t need someone who is more worried about updating his fb status instead of his child’s mother.

You can literally tell him that he’s going to be a dad whether he likes it or not. You don’t NEED him. Gove your baby the best life without worrying about someone abandoning them

While he’s in the honeymoon faze with his new victim have him sign over any parental rights, you’ll be glad you did

This is not a man. You will be repeatedly fighting these huge battles with this boy if you try to maintain this relationship. Children are better adjusted with one responsible parent than 2 that are constantly struggling emotionally, financially. Get paternity, custody, and child support handled and don’t look back. Karma will get him and SHE won’t be nice!

Honey, you don’t need any man that will leave you with his child still in your belly. Focus on you and your child and to hell with him.

You don’t. You don’t need anyone who couldn’t give you respect to end your relationship. Women need to learn begging a man to stay is no relationship. File for custody. Move on. Do you. Stay healthy for your child.

You don’t need him, he’s already sleeping with someone else. It’s time to move on. :frowning: Had my first baby on my own, you’ll be okay I promise.

Why would you want a man like that??? Clearly he had this all planned out and had no regard for you or your situation. You have options, so decide what YOU want to do and he can pound sand imo :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:

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This will be really hard for you to hear but you don’t need him. You can do it all on your own. There’s tons of women that had to do it on their own, and I’m one of them. And honestly you don’t want a man like that in your children’s life. If he can up and leave you right now then he’ll up and leave your kid too, and you don’t want that to happen.

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Dont beg him to stay, if you guys where his priority he wouldve stayed. Only thing it seems like you can do is just grieve this cause its a sh**y situation anyway, and sent him a text saying hes aloud to see the baby ect. dont exclude him because your hurt hes your baby father after all! X best wishes and congrats on your baby they grow so fast :face_holding_back_tears:

I would see it as a thank goodness and not put him on the BC

Do not take him back when the fool realises the grass isn’t much greener for long over there…

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Do not look back. This is a blessing, you just don’t know it right now. Get your support network and move forward, never backward.

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You definitely do not need a guy like this. NEVER ever settle. Let him walk away. Get a plan and rock out motherhood :heart_eyes:

Prayers for your boyfriend. Amene

You do not need him. You can get plenty of help. Do not ever chase a guy. You can do it.

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Sometimes you can’t, sometimes the best thing to do is grieve and concentrate on your baby.

He will come crawling back one day and by then you will have found a great man. Because you DESERVE better ! :purple_heart:

Why do you want someone with you that doesn’t want to be with you?

Your wrong. If he can up and leave you like that after finding out your pregnant you don’t need him. Can you imagine what your life will be like with someone who obviously doesn’t love you like you deserve. You really want to spend your life not trusting your partner? Keep him updated on the baby but for your peace of mind let him go.

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He did you a favor. Take him to court for child support and move on to someone who will love you. Take your time just worry about being a good mom


You don’t, in fact need him. You need you and you can’t let him take that from you. Reach out to resources in the community asap and get this ball rolling. This is horribly painful but you got this.


Wow… that’s alot. I would say that you DON’T need him, but your child does. Shame on him.


Don’t give the baby his last name and child support

Don’t bother! It will never work. ACEPT IT AN MOVE ON. U will be much happier. He’s trash

He wants you to feel broken. The more scared, insecure, unconfident, angry etc you feel the more control it gives him. Lift yourself up! Don’t show him that you think you need him. You can do this without him. He cut you out so cut him out. Don’t answer his calls, the door when he comes over, block him on social media, your phone etc. Show him the opposite than he wants. You can do this. Whatever you do don’t beg him or ask him for anything. He’s not going to be dependable so don’t even try. If you’re on public assistance you’ll have to file for child support. Leave it all to the courts. If youre not on assistance don’t bother applying for child support. He’s unlikely to pay it. CS enforcement in the US is a joke. It does more harm than good. Despite what society pushes on us we can really raise kids on our own. Believe in yourself! You & baby will be great.

He’s not a man… he’s a boy!

You dont need him. He is not a good boyfriend so how do you think he is going to be good dad? He has already walked out on his child. He is better off in your rear view mirror.

You don’t NEED him! You will find nothing but insecurity and pain if you chase him. If he would not be a danger to the child, have a dna test done and put him on child support. If he wouldn’t be a safe parent, don’t even put his behind on the birth certificate. Seek any resources in your area to prepare you. Go to local churches for help as well for getting the nursery ready etc and know that HE LOST OUT. Not you. You can do this Momma :heart: My prayers are with you. This is hard, but God is bigger and He loves you. Seek Jesus and watch His miracles unfold in your life :heart:


Here’s the thing; you don’t NEED him. You can handle this, it’s hard to navigate being a single mom, but it’s doable. Why would you want to rekindle a relationship with a man that’s already shown you that he’s not committed? He left you without so much as a word, you don’t want to be with a person like that. Go through your pregnancy; file custody/child support with the courts when baby is born and live your life. Focus on you and that baby.


You don’t need him. You want him. He doesn’t want you and made that clear. Also he knows your pregnant and still left, don’t beg something like that to come back to you. He will resent you and it will all be fake. Time to do you and focus on that baby your about to bring into this world. I promise you, there’s plenty of MEN not boys in this world that will want you and the baby. Give it time. Heal and do you! When time is right the time is right. Goodluck

You don’t need him, and I promise that even though it might seem hard at first, it’s the best thing for both you and baby at this point for you to try and accept the fact that he’s opted out of parenthood. Once baby is born, go for child support and leave it at that. Sorry you’re going through this.

He’s shown u he’s not a man yet. I would focus on the baby. I wouldn’t stress over him . Yet I would make it known he’s gonna help support the baby. U can do this without him. The baby would be better off without the sperm donor in and out of the life

You do not need him please do t say that you so if he just up and left you without saying a word then let him go her will want to come back wat h but please don’t let him back in .as hard as it may be or you think it may be you can do it I’m a single mom and I so most part of it all on my own can it be hard at times yes but I make it happen we do not need a man God made us women to be strong . Like I said if he walked out on you once he will walk out on you again that should show you as well he would not be a good father cause he also already walked out on his child. Please let him go u c. Find my h better. Stay strong keep your head up you can so it pray about it.