My boyfriend constantly tells his family my business: Advice?

My boyfriend tells his family everything! We have only been together a few months and things I have specifically asked him to keep quiet about, he hasn’t. These things that are MY business…so I feel like I can’t tell him anything and need to keep it real surface and basic with him. Is there a future here or no?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My boyfriend constantly tells his family my business: Advice?

He isn’t to be trusted, get rid of him


I had a boyfriend like that once… RUN.

You don’t have control over other people’s attitudes and behaviors. If asking him to not share your business hasn’t worked, you can stop telling him things you aren’t comfortable having repeated.

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The fact that he has continued to do it even when you have asked him not to means he doesn’t respect you. End things and move on! Trust me, you will be avoiding much heart ache in the future!!!

If he can be confided in then bail out.
What my wife and I do or say stays between us. Not everything has to be public knowledge especially if you ask him not to say anything.
Find yourself someone who you can trust with your secrets.


Just go now. He does not respect you if he can’t follow that simple ass request and it’s only been a few months.

Perhaps he should have your bank card numbers and even your social so that when those calls come in from Nigerian Prince’s or people who want to extend your car warranty he can promptly give out your info

Leave and if you can’t trust you have nothing

Nope. He’ll tell them about your arguments too and they’ll hate you. And that’s what you’ll have to deal with. I’d run :running_woman:


If he doesn’t respect your boundaries now, I don’t think he ever will. Just my opinion though.

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If you can’t confide in him, you shouldn’t be with him.


If your asking facebook, you know the answer…

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If it’s only been a few months then why be with him? He has shown you his true colors!

Nope no future . Run!


I love peoples answers on this group. Blanket answers like RUN and Dump him.

He’s a person too. What did you tell him and ask him not to say?

Could it trigger him to feel some type of way and need to talk about it with someone else?

Does it directly effect him?

Like he’s got feelings and emotions too. Maybe he was feeling some type of way about it and needed to talk it through with someone else.

I swear the whole “well if he don’t act the way I want him to I just leave” mentality will only lead you to misery and anguish.

Talk to him. Find out why he needed to say something.

Ask yourself how he would feel about you going onto Facebook and posting a question about it to thousands of unknown people. Or how you would feel if he did the same thing. Cmon it really ain’t that difficult.


Yeah, he doesn’t respect your boundaries. At all. Let him know that you find his lack of respect shameful and leave.

Not if you brought up his inability to adhere to boundaries and he’s refused todo better. I’d just break and tell him he’s untrustworthy and unable to respect relationship boundaries.

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Time to get rid of him. Can’t be trusted.


No future…
If he loves and respects you he’s not going to talk ur business to anyone
He’s not going to make u look bad ever :heart:


No telling who else he tells your business to.

He has revealed himself - and you ask us ?? Really ??

If u can’t trust him u have no relationship

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No, believe me, it gets worse.

Future not looking good.

You really are thick ain’t you you shack up with someone you tell him stuff he blabs to family and you ask if he can be trusted or you have a future together :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


So did mine…until I shut that bs down.

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Don’t tell him ANYTHING. He sounds like a jerk - tell him GOODBYE and that is all.

No, I would move on…

No respect to you at all. Leave asap.

If he can’t respect your boundaries now, in the honeymoon phase, he won’t do it when you’re more established. It sounds to me that you need to find someone who is more respectful and trying to “change” him will only lead to more resentments. We don’t find people to mold into who we want them to be. We find people who should compliment us and he doesn’t sound like the one.

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No future here if this continues with disregard for your feelings


Girl, you know the answer! You wanna have a life with no trust? You want his family knowing all your business? Get out a few months of lost time is this better than a life time.

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Don’t stay with a man like that. You’ll never be able to trust him.

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Nope. It will always be that way

No future. If you can’t trust your partner, you don’t need that partner.

He’s so immature. I don’t think it’s going to work out.:weary:


Don’t tell him nothing

Same reason I left my ex only he was relating to his freind,a female friend as that and that’s how she sabotaged things for us

hard pass, telling your secrets is disrespectful and a big red flag.

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No future. If you can’t trust him, there’s no future.


If he can’t respect what you asked then how you think he’ll be later on down the road when things get tough? I don’t think you got a future with him


Naw…he sounds like a jerk.

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It’s your business, keep it to yourself! He has no respect for your wishes!


probably not - a lack of respect I’m afraid

Not compatible. He needs someone more open, and you need someone that respects your wishes.

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Get rid of him… that’s a no

I’d be done with him. He’s not respecting your boundaries, your relationship, or you - in general. It’s only been a few months. You learned from this. now move on, sis.


You cant share with him…wave goodbye.

My boys have this same problem and I’ll give you my answer from our household perspective. My husband and I don’t keep secrets from our boys. We tell them everything, from how we are doing financially, where we are on having our house paid off, what we are dealing with medically, small family spats going on between different family members, if we are stressed, overwhelmed, excited, sad, mad, upset, etc. There isn’t much we don’t share with one another. It’s made them exceptional listeners, we’ve built a level of communication within our home that isn’t like most in other households. Our boys also share things with us, because they’ve learned from a very young age that we are here to help them, but we can’t help them if we don’t know what’s going on. They tell us things about their friends, about their struggles in school, things going on with other students and teachers, they tell us if they are struggling mentally, physically, etc. Having these kinds of communication skills is something we wanted our boys to have. In a world where no one actually talks anymore, it was important for our boys to know that we had their backs regardless of the situation. We aren’t here to judge them, however, we are here to help them learn and grown and become productive members of society and if your parents don’t have your back, then who does? This is level of communication isn’t meant to be misunderstood as gossip, because gossip is hearing something you like about someone you don’t like and passing that information on. Our boys find it to be more of a red flag in girls they are dating that feel the need to keep secrets from the people that can help you through anything. Granted we might not do it for them, but we will help guide them through it because there will be a point in our lives, that we are no longer here to teach them. So take a moment and reflect on the entire situation. If it’s your business and you don’t want anyone to know, then only share it with you, your diary or your therapist. Just because a person shares the burdin with their family, there’s a good chance it’s not malicious in anyway and maybe you aren’t used to having a strong communication foundation with people you are close to. Yes, I understand boundaries, but at the same time, are you respecting his boundaries by trying to make him keep secrets when it’s something that is out of character for him? It takes two people on the same page to create a healthy relationship. If you aren’t used to being open and honest with things around the people you love and he is; that will definitely be a source of contention between the two of you. No one should have to change who they are to make the other person in the relationship happy. If you aren’t happy and you aren’t interested in growing and changing together then maybe it’s time to move on. If you aren’t interested in growing and changing together, then this is something that you can both work through, but it takes a wider view lens on the situation as a whole. Good luck dear.


You obviously can’t trust him. Leave girl

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No because you are clearly upset by this

He may mean no harm and is just proud of you or is really in love with you

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No future with him at all. He’s proven that he can’t be trusted move on.

There’s no trust there if you’re asking him to keep things to himself and he can’t. I would be seeing this as a red flag for sure

He can’t respect you, so it’s a no from me

Honey, you don’t even have a present with this guy. Get out before you get in too deep.

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I’m a guy and I’m telling you to run far and fast. Sounds like a momma’s boy. I have never heard of that working out for the woman. He is already doing things telling you he can’t be counted on.


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Don’t tell him anything?

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No run!!! Run!!! I’ve had one of thouse… he thought I was crazy for being so secretive lol. Sorry I don’t want your mom knowing about my traumatic past that I confided in you about. It gets worse Girl.


He musnt have a filter

Not saying there isn’t a future but if he’s going to tell everyone everything, it’ll be a messy future.

I personally believe noone should know your business. If I say something or confide in you, I expect it to stay between us.

This is especially true with my husband. He sees me at my worst and he shouldn’t tell anyone, not even family, what we discuss.

They should not know everything that is going on in your life. PRIVACY is important to me.

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Mum’s boy he will not change


Leave him …:it will only get worse

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There wouldn’t be one for me. I would have to be able to trust him with anything I tell him.

A few months ppffff piss off dingdong

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Nope, there’s no future. End relationship now, obviously doesn’t respect your wishes which should be a mutual respect on both sides.