My boyfriend doesn't want to watch our kids so I can work

I need advise please if you know me in real life please do not message my boyfriend or be rude.

My boyfriend of 6 years and I have 3 kids for the longest time I wasn’t allowed to get a job because he didn’t want me to. I got one when our oldest was 7 months old but he demanded I work 3rd shift since he worked 1st shift. I said okay and did as he wanted but I had to quit because I moved out of state. Well now we have 3 kids and he said I was the homemaker. Now he’s always arguing because he doesn’t have enough money to go out and do stuff. I told him I could get a job but that means he would have to watch the kids. He replied with you would have to work 3rd shift so he didn’t have to do anything but get the baby a bottle and change her diaper when he got up and then I would be home with them all day. Meaning I would never get sleep because I would be up with the kids all day he would get home I would cook dinner and then have to start getting ready for work. What do I do? I can’t work 3rd shift again I collapsed from exhaustion last time and that was with one kid. Since no one is willing to watch the kids for me to work or sleep. How do I go about this. He said I can’t baby sit because he doesn’t want extra kids at the house. I’m running out of options and I am tired of getting into arguments or being yelled at for this.

Okay your problem is your letting him tell you what you can and cannot do. You are not a piece of property. You honestly might be better off as a single mom if he is that controlling. You could get much farther and be less stressed. After my first marriage and being a single mom for a couple years, I can’t imagine a man trying to tell me what i can or can’t do or how to handle finances.

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