My boyfriend's daughter is acting so bad

My boyfriend’s daughter is 6yrs old. So lately his daughter has been being SUPER disrespectful to my boyfriend. She talks to him very rude, or yells or screams at him even tries to hit him sometimes. What do I do? What can I say? My boyfriend does SO MUCH for her and I do love his kids but I HATE seeing the way she treats him! It makes me angry and even hurt! She tells him things like if she wants something to drink she will be like “get me it right now” or “get me something to drink do it right now” or “I don’t love you, I hate you, I wish you weren’t here, I wish you were in jail or somewhere far away” , “I don’t have to if I don’t want to”. If he takes her phone (his old phone he gave her) she will start SCREAMING like as if she’s hurt saying “give me my phone” “I want it” ect.
Today we went to go eat out but the place was packed when we got there so we went to leave to look for somewhere else we could eat and in the parking lot she started yelling at him “u lied dad you said we were going to eat take me to my mom’s your a liar” so I said sternly to her to stop talking to her dad like that or she can go back to her mom’s. We got in the car to go look for another place and she just kept saying things to him so we got to the next place but she didn’t want to get outta car so he went to get her out and she starts screaming let go of me leave me alone ect and people are looking over at us like he’s hurting her!! So I tell him let’s just go take her to her mom’s or go home. So on the way home she keeps talking crap to him while he’s driving Leaning in his ear yelling at him saying she’s telling her mom to call the cops and she dont love him she wish he was gone. At that point my boyfriend’s eyes were all teary eyed :frowning: he took the phone from her and she leans forward screaming for it and hitting him what can I do or say? I feel if I say something the mom is gonna have a problem with me cause that’s the kind of person she is even tho I have never said anything for the way she is. But this is making me so mad and hurt for him

First, try to talk to her. It may be something as simple as she saw a friend act this way at school and thought it was okay. But also if it started randomly then something might’ve happened. See if you guys can get through to her. Reprimand her, if you take the phone away and she acts out don’t give the phone back and tell her to go to her room until she’s calmed down. I would stop taking her out in public. Tell her until she learns how to behave nicely while out then you guys will just be staying home. It’ll be rough at first but once she gets it it’ll be better. If it still doesn’t stop talk to her mom. Maybe it’s happening there too. I would suggest therapy. Have a professional ask her the right questions and help you guys get her on the right track.